I'm having a connection problem... (Windows desktop)

So, you're on a call and the video is pixellated, or the call just keeps dropping. Sounds like you've got a problem with your connection. Don't worry, let's take a look at what could be causing the problem.

Before we get started, make sure you and your friend are using the latest version of Skype.

The two steps below contains some things for you to check. Work through each area one by one to make sure that you check everything you need to. Let's take a look:

If there's a problem with your internet connection, it's likely to cause problems when you try to make a call. There are three types of problem:

  1. Your connection might not be quick enough to support the call you're making. If you're making a video call, think about making an audo call as this will put less of a strain on your connection.
  2. If a different application is downloading or uploading content, this could reduce the quality of your Skype call. Learn more about the bandwidth that Skype needs to use.
  3. If your call keeps dropping, there might be an issue with the reliability of your connection. Make sure that if you're using Wi-Fi, that you move to a location where you have full signal or alternatively, connect to your router with an ethernet cable. If your internet connection consistently drops, we suggest speaking to your internet service provider.
  4. In some locations, Skype is blocked by certain internet service providers. Unfortunately there is very little Skype can do about this situation. The best course of action would be for you to speak to your ISP and ask why they are blocking Skype and request that they unblock our site.

OK, those are the main issues that can occur with the internet connection itself. Now, let's take a look at your Windows connection settings.

There are several Windows settings that can effect your connection. Let's take a look:

  1. Firstly, make sure that your version of Windows is up-to-date
  2. Firewalls can also effect your connection. Make sure that Skype isn't blocked in your firewall settings. Learn more about firewall settings in Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  3. Your Internet Explorer settings can also cause a problem. It's really easy to reset these settings. Simply go to Internet Explorer support and click the Fix it link.

If you can't find an answer through any of the categories above, why not ask your question in our community?

Remember, if everything looks OK here, your friend may have an issue with their connection. Suggest that they take a look at this guide as well.

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