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    What is the Skype web plugin and how do I install it?

    With the Skype web plugin, you can enjoy free Skype calls and calls to landlines and mobile devices with your Skype contacts in Skype for Web, Outlook.com, Office 365 or any Skype application in your web browser.

    The Skype web plugin allows you to make one-to-one calls and group voice and video calls. However, we have begun to roll out plugin-free calling on Skype, which allows you to do all of these without downloading or installing an app or plugin. This capability is in Preview and currently only available on Skype for Web, Skype on Outlook.com, and Skype on OneDrive.com when using Microsoft's Edge browser.

    The following calling scenarios are plugin-free:

    • All Skype one-to-one group calls from and to Edge browsers.
    • All Skype one-to-one calls from Edge – Skype for Windows 7.17 or later, or Skype for Mac 7.19 or later is required.

    The Skype web plugin works in the following browsers:

    On Windows desktop: Internet Explorer 9 and higher, Firefox and Chrome.

    On Mac OS: Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

    If you use several internet browsers on your computer, you only need to install the Skype web plugin for one and it will be available for other supported browsers as well.

    If your browser doesn’t support add-ons, or you can't install the web plugin for any reason, you can still send instant messages to your Skype contacts using Skype for Web. However, the Skype voice and video call options won’t be available.

    The Skype web plugin is not supported on Windows RT, Linux and Chromebooks.

    There are two easy ways to install the Skype web plugin.  When you first open Skype for Web you will receive a prompt:

    Or when you first open the Skype application on Outlook.com, Office 365 or receive a Skype call, you'll be asked to install the plugin:

    To install the Skype web plugin:

    1. Select Run.
    2. Click Allow to permit the Skype web plugin to run.
    3. You're ready to make free Skype calls

    You’ll receive the “Setup is complete” message. Simply click Close and start enjoying free Skype calls and instant messaging.

    If you’re making a call from Skype to a contact who is using Skype in their web browser, they’ll first need to complete the Skype web plugin setup process to receive your call, if they haven’t done so already.

    If the Skype web plugin setup takes longer than a minute, your call may drop out. If that happens, simply start the call again to let your contact complete the web plugin installation.

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