I have a problem using Skype features in Outlook.com...

The following solutions can help if you have a problem with Skype instant messaging or the Skype web plugin in Outlook.com.

To make Skype calls and video calls directly from Outlook.com, make sure you have installed the Skype web plugin* correctly before you begin.

*The Skype-Outlook.com integration (including the Skype web plugin) is currently available in selected markets, only. We’re working hard to make it fully available as soon as possible

Problem Solution
How do I find out if Skype instant messaging is available to me in Outlook.com? In your Outlook.com account, click the messaging icon and check if you can see the Skype icon at the bottom of the Messaging panel.

Important: You need to link your Skype and Microsoft accounts to be able to use Skype features in Outlook.com.
I can’t use Skype features in Outlook.com even after merging my Skype and Microsoft accounts. There are several possible reasons for this issue:
  • Using Skype features in Outlook.com might not be available to you as the Skype-Outlook.com integration is currently available in selected markets, only. In this case, we recommend that you try again later.
  • You might have a temporary problem with connecting to Skype in Outlook.com. Simply restart your internet browser, and then try using Skype in Outlook.com again.
  • If you have several Microsoft accounts, you might have linked the wrong Microsoft account with your Skype account. However, you can easily unlink the accounts, and then link the Skype and Microsoft accounts you want.
The Skype web plugin is not starting after I click the video or voice call button. Make sure you’ve installed the Skype web plugin correctly and that you use a supported internet browser.

To reinstall the plugin:
  1. Uninstall it from your computer.
  2. Then sign in to your Outlook.com account and click the video or voice call button in the Messaging panel. When prompted, install the Skype web plugin again.
A contact is available on Skype but they don’t appear available in Outlook.com. Check if you can see the Skype icon at the bottom of the Messaging panel in Outlook.com. If you can see it but still can’t use Skype, try refreshing the webpage. Then try using Skype in Outlook.com again.

If the issue persists, visit the Skype Community for more assistance.

To enjoy all the great Skype features, install the latest version of Skype on your device and start using it.

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