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    Why is the desktop version of Skype not displayed correctly (Windows 8 or above)?

    If you’re using the desktop version of Skype on your Windows 8 device and you’ve set the display sizing settings to a non-standard scale (such as 110%), this may cause an unclear, pixelated application view and graphics issues. To resolve this problem, follow these steps:

    Results for ‘display’ shown and Settings selected on the right side of the screen.

    The Custom sizing options option selected in the Display window.

    The Use Windows XP style scaling option selected in the Custom sizing options window.

    1. In the Windows Start screen, type “display” to open the search bar.
    2. Tap or click the Settings charm on the right, then select the Display tile on the left side of the screen. The Display settings window opens in the desktop view.
    3. Select Custom sizing options.
    4. Make sure that the Use Windows XP style scaling option is unchecked, select OK, then tap or click Apply. You’ll need to sign out and sign in again for these changes to be applied.

    This displays the desktop version of Skype zoomed in and resolves the graphics issues. However, the window can look slightly blurry.

    If the issue persists, you can visit the Skype Community to get help from our experts.

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