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    Feeling Happy emoticon? Or having a Facepalm emoticon moment? Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Use Skype emoticons to liven up your instant message conversations, or add them to your mood message to let your friends know how you’re feeling.

    You can select the emoticon you want to use from the Expression picker in the IM window (by selecting the smiley in the chat window) or use the keyboard shortcut – a set of characters or a specific word in brackets. If you hover over an emoticon in the palette, you’ll see its keyboard shortcut. Additionally, for emoticons with gray dots, you can personalize it before sending. Right click (desktop) or tap and hold (mobile) the emoticon:
    emoticon customizer updated

    There are loads of emoticons, GIFs, stickers, and Mojis to choose from.

    All visible emoticons


    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Smile emoticon Smile :) :-) :=) (smile)
    Sad emoticon Sad :( :-( :=( (sad) :< :-<
    Laugh emoticon Laugh :D :-D :=D :d :-d :=d (laugh) :> :-> (lol) (LOL)
    Cool emoticon Cool (cool) 8-) 8=) B-) B=)
    heart eyes emoticon Heart eyes (hearteyes) 
    Star eyes emoticon Star eyes (stareyes)
    Like emoticon Like (like)
    Unamused emoticon Unamused (unamused)
    Crying With Laughter (cwl) (cryingwithlaughter)
    XD smiley emoticon Grinning with Closed Eyes (xd)
    Happy Face emoticon Happy Face (happyface)
    Happy Eyes emoticon Happy Eyes (happyeyes)
    Pensive emoticon Pensive (pensive)
    Weary emoticon Weary (weary)
    Hysterical emoticon Hysterical (hysterical)
    Flushed emoticon Flushed (flushed)
    Sweat grinning emoticon Sweat Grinning (sweatgrinning)
    Smile Eyes emoticon Smile Eyes (smileeyes)
    Face Without Mouth emoticon Face Without Mouth (blankface)
    Surprised emoticon Surprised :o :-o :=o (surprised)
    Wink emoticon Wink ;) ;-) ;=) (wink)
    Upside down face emoticon Upside Down Face (upsidedownface)
    Disappointed emoticon Disappointed (disappointed)
    Cry emoticon Crying ;( ;-( ;=( (cry) :'(
    Loudly crying emoticon Loudly Crying (loudlycrying)
    Cold emoticon Cold Shivering (shivering) (cold) (freezing)
    Sweating emoticon Sweating (:| (sweat)
    Speechless emoticon Speechless :| :-| :=| (speechless)
    Expressionless emoticon Expressionless (expressionless)
    Cheeky emoticon Cheeky :P :-P :=P :p :-p :=p (tongueout)
    Winking tongue out emoticon Winking Tongue Out (winktongueout)
    Blush emoticon Blushing :$ :-$ :=$ (blush)
    Relieved emoticon Relieved (relieved) (whew)
    In love emoticon In love (inlove) (love) :] :-]
    Kiss emoticon Kiss (kiss) :* :-* :=* (xo)
    Wondering emoticon Wondering :^) (wonder)
    Sleepy emoticon Sleepy |-) I-) I=) (snooze) (sleepy)
    Dull emoticon Dull |-( |( |=( (dull)
    Yawn emoticon Yawn (yawn)
    Vomiting emoticon Vomiting (puke) :& :-& :=& +o(
    Doh! emoticon Doh! (doh)
    Angry face emoticon Angry Face (angryface)
    Angry emoticon Angry (angry) :@ :-@ :=@ x( x-( X( X-( x=( X=( ;@ ;-@
    It wasn't me emoticon It wasn't me! (wasntme) (wm)
    Worried emoticon Worried (worry) :S :s :-s :-S :=s :=S (worried)
    Fearful emoticon Fearful (fearful)
    Screaming with fear emoticon Screaming With Fear (screamingfear)
    Confused emoticon Confused (confused)
    Very confused emoticon Very confused (very confused)
    Mmmm emoticon Mmmmm... (mm) (mmm) (mmmm)
    Nerdy emoticon Nerdy (nerd) 8-| B-| 8| B| 8=| B=| (nerdy)
    Love earth emoticon Love Earth (loveearth)
    Rainbow smiley emoticon Rainbow smile (rainbowsmile)
    My lips are sealed emoticon My lips are sealed :x :-x :# :-# :=x :=X :=# (lipssealed)
    Devil emoticon Devil (devil)
    Angel emoticon Angel (angel)
    Envy emoticon Envy (envy)
    Make-up emoticon Make-up (makeup) (kate)
    Thinking emoticon Thinking (think) :-? :? :=? *-)
    Roll on the floor laughing emoticon Rolling on the floor laughing (rofl) (rotfl)
    Happy emoticon Happy (happy)
    Smirking emoticon Smirking (smirk)
    Nodding emoticon Nodding (nod)
    Shake emoticon Shake (shake)
    Waiting emoticon Waiting (waiting) (forever) (impatience)
    Emo emoticon Emo (emo)
    Don't talk to me emoticon Don't talk to me (donttalk) (donttalktome)
    Idea emoticon Idea (idea) :i :I *-:)
    Talk emoticon Talking (talk)
    Swearing emoticon Swearing (swear)
    Evil grin emoticon Evil Grin ]:) >:) (evilgrin) (evil) (grin) (eg)
    Banging head on wall emoticon Banging head on wall (headbang) (banghead)
    Global learning emoticon Global Learning (learn)
    Listening to headphones emoticon Listening to headphones (headphones)
    Morning after party emoticon Morning after party (morningafter) (hungover)
    Selfie emoticon Selfie (selfie)
    Spoiler alert emoticon Spoiler alert (shock)
    Talk too much emoticon Talking too much

    (ttm) (bla)

    Dream emoticon Dreaming (dream)
    ill emoticon Ill (ill)
    Tired emoticon Tired (tired)
    Party emoticon Party (party)
    Bandit emoticon Bandit (bandit)
    Blessing emoticon Blessing (nazar)
    Movember emoticon Movember (movember)
    (mo) (November) (moustache) 
    (bowman) :{
    Smile woman emoticon Smile Woman (smilewoman)
    Smile man emoticon Smile Man (smileman)
    Smile girl emoticon Smile Girl (smilegirl)
    Smile boy emoticon Smile Boy (smileboy)
    Smile baby emoticon Smile Baby (smilebaby)
    Mystery Skype emoticon Mystery Skype (mysteryskype)
    Day of the dead female emoticon Day of the dead (female) (dotdfemale) (dotdf)
    Day of the dead male emoticon Day of the dead (male) (dotdmale) (dotdm)
    Selfie Diwali emoticon Selfie Diwali (selfiediwali)
    Diwali selfie emoticon Diwali Selfie (diwaliselfie)
    Steve Aoki emoticon Steve Aoki (steveaoki)
    Aoki jump emoticon Aoki jump (aokijump)
    Cake throw emoticon Cake throw (cakethrow)
    Kolony emoticon Kolony (kolony)
    Joy emoticon Joy (joy)
    Anger emoticon Anger (anger)
    Sadness emoticon Sadness (sadness) 
    Disgust emoticon Disgust (disgust)
    Fear emoticon Fear (fear)
    Heston facepalm emoticon Heston Facepalm (hestonfacepalm)
    Heston Blumenthal emoticon Heston Blumenthal (heston)
    Storm trooper emoticon Storm trooper (stormtrooper)
    Kylo Ren emoticon Kylo Ren (kyloren)
    Captain Phasma emoticon Captain Phasma (captainphasma)
    malthe emoticon malthe (malthe)
    Lady Vampire emoticon Lady Vampire (ladyvamp) (ladyvampire)
    Vampire emoticon Vampire (vampire)
    Ghost emoticon Ghost (ghost)
    Skull emoticon Skull (skull)
    Pumpkin emoticon Pumpkin (pumpkin) (halloween)
    Santa emoticon Santa (santa) (xmas) (christmas)
    Xmas crying with laughter Xmas crying with laughter (xmascwl)
    Festive party emoticon Festive party (festiveparty) (partyxmas)
    Holiday spirit emoticon Holiday spirit (holidayspirit) (crazyxmas) (crazychristmas)
    Surprised Rudolf emoticon Surprised Rudolf (rudolfsurprise) (rudolphsurprise)
    Rudolf idea emoticon Rudolf idea (rudolfidea) (rudolphidea)
    Xmas cry emoticon Xmas Cry (xmascry) (xmascrying)
    Xmas sarcastic emoticon Xmas Sarcastic (xmassarcastic)

    Personalized emoticons

    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Smile monkey emoticon Smile monkey (smilemonkey)
    Sad monkey emoticon Sad monkey (sadmonkey)
    Laugh monkey emoticon Laugh monkey (laughmonkey)
    Cool monkey emoticon Cool monkey (coolmonkey)
    Heart eyes monkey emoticon Heart eyes monkey (hearteyesmonkey)
    Smile robot emoticon Smile robot (smilerobot)
    Sad robot emoticon Sad robot (sadrobot)
    Laugh robot emoticon Laugh robot (laughrobot)
    Cool robot emoticon Cool robot (coolrobot)
    Heart eyes robot emoticon Heart eyes robot (hearteyesrobot)
    Smile cat emoticon Smile cat (smilecat)
    Sad cat emoticon Sad cat (sadcat)
    Laugh cat emoticon Laugh cat (laughcat)
    Cool cat emoticon Cool cat (coolcat)
    Heart eyes cat emoticon Heart eyes cat (hearteyescat)
    Smile koala emoticon Smile koala (smilekoala)
    Sad koala emoticon Sad koala (sadkoala)
    Laugh koala emoticon Laugh koala (laughkoala)
    Cool koala emoticon Cool koala (coolkoala)
    Heart eyes koala emoticon Heart eyes koala (hearteyeskoala)
    smile dog emoticon Smile dog (smiledog)
    Sad dog emoticon Sad dog (saddog)
    Laugh dog emoticon Laugh dog (laughdog)
    Cool dog emoticon Cool dog (cooldog)
    Heart eyes dog emoticon Heart eyes dog (hearteyesdog)
    Red Ribbon emoticon Red Ribbon (redribbon)
    Yellow Ribbon emoticon Yellow Ribbon (yellowribbon)
    Purple Ribbon emoticon Purple Ribbon (purpleribbon)
    Pink Ribbon emoticon Pink Ribbon (pinkribbon)
    Green Ribbon emoticon Green Ribbon (greenribbon)
    Blue Ribbon emoticon Blue Ribbon (blueribbon)
    Black Ribbon emoticon Black Ribbon (blackribbon)
    Orange Ribbon emoticon Orange Ribbon (orangeribbon)
    Orange heart emoticon Orange Heart (orangeheart)
    Yellow heart emoticon Yellow Heart (yellowheart)
    Purple heart emoticon Purple Heart (purpleheart)
    Black heart emoticon Black Heart (blackheart)
    Green heart emoticon Green Heart (greenheart)
    Blue heart emoticon Blue Heart (blueheart)
    Black Broken Heart emoticon Black Broken Heart (blackbrokenheart)
    Blue Broken Heart emoticon Blue Broken Heart (bluebrokenheart)
    Green Broken Heart emoticon Green Broken Heart (greenbrokenheart)
    Orange Broken Heart emoticon Orange Broken Heart (orangebrokenheart)
    Purple Broken Heart emoticon Purple Broken Heart (purplebrokenheart)
    Yellow Broken Heart emoticon Yellow Broken Heart (yellowbrokenheart)

    Hand Gestures

    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Hi emoticon Hi (wave) (hi) (HI) (bye) (BYE)
    High five emoticon High five (highfive) (hifive)(h5)
    Clapping emoticon Clapping (clap)
    Sarcastic emoticon Sarcastic (sarcastic) (sarcasm) (slowclap)
    Giggle emoticon Giggle (chuckle) (giggle)
    Facepalm emoticon Facepalm (facepalm) (fail)
    Rock emoticon Rock (rock)
    Fingers crossed emoticon Fingers crossed (yn) (fingers) (fingerscrossed) (crossedfingers)
    Listening emoticon Listening (listening)
    Wait emoticon Wait (wait)
    Relieved emoticon Relieved (whew) (phew)
    Too much information emoticon Too much information (tmi)
    Call emoticon Call (call)
    Punch emoticon Punch (punch) *| *-|
    Talk to the hand emoticon Talk to the hand (talktothehand)
    Whistle emoticon Whistle (whistle) (seeti)
    Slap emoticon Slap (slap) (thappad)
    Lalala emoticon Lalala (lalala) (notlistening)
    Yes emoticon Yes (y) (Y) (yes)
    No emoticon No (n) (no)
    handshake emoticon Handshake (handshake)
    Fist bump emoticon Fist bump (fistbump) =ƎE= p#d
    Poke emoticon Poke (poke) (nudge)
    Hands celebrating emoticon Hands celebrating (celebrate) (celebration) (handsinair) (hia)
    Heart hands emoticon Heart hands (hearthands)
    Victory emoticon Victory sign (victory)
    No worries emoticon No worries (noworries)
    Ok emoticon OK (ok) (OK) (okay)
    Praying emoticon Praying (pray) (praying) _/\\_ (namaste)
    Muscle emoticon Muscle (flex) (muscle)
    Nature's call emoticon Nature's call (ek) (EK) (naturescall)
    Vulcan salute emoticon Vulcan salute (vulcansalute)
    Index pointing up emoticon Index Pointing Up (pointupindex) (pointupindexfinger)
    backhand index pointing down emoticon Backhand Index Pointing Down (pointdownindex) (pointdownindexfinger)
    Backhand index pointing left emoticon Backhand Index Pointing Left (pointleftindex) (pointleftindexfinger)
    Backhand Index Pointing Right emoticon Backhand Index Pointing Right (pointrightindex) (pointrightindexfinger)
    Woman of the year emoticon Woman of the year (woty)
    Glass ceiling emoticon Glass ceiling (glassceiling)
    Dead yes Dead yes (deadyes)
    Xmas yes emoticon Xmas yes (xmasyes)
    Drop the mic emoticon Drop the mic (dropthemic)


    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Woman shrug emoticon Woman shrug (womanshrug) (wshrug) (fshrug)
    Man shrug emoticon Man shrug (manshrug) (mshrug)
    Super mum emoticon Super mum (hero)
    Man super hero emoticon Man Super Hero (mansuperhero)
    Woman pregnant emoticon Woman pregnant (womanpregnant)
    Breastfeeding emoticon Breastfeeding (breastfeeding)
    Bottle feeding emoticon Bottle feeding (bottlefeeding)
    Man bottle feeding emoticon Man bottle feeding (manbottlefeeding)
    Woman holding baby emoticon Woman holding baby (womanholdingbaby)
    Man holding baby emoticon Man holding baby (manholdingbaby)
    Busy day emoticon Busy day (busyday)
    Man busy day emoticon Man Busy Day (manbusyday)
    Woman blow kiss emoticon Woman blow kiss (womanblowkiss)
    Man blow kiss emoticon Man blow kiss (manblowkiss)
    Mum and daughter emoticon Mum and daughter (mumanddaughter) (womanandgirl)
    Family emoticon Family (family)
    Family woman woman child emoticon Family Woman Woman Child (familywomanwomanchild)
    Family man man child emoticon Family Man Man Child (familymanmanchild)
    Woman mechanic emoticon Woman Mechanic (womanmechanic)
    Man mechanic emoticon Man Mechanic (manmechanic)
    Woman farmer emoticon Woman farmer (womanfarmer)
    Man farmer emoticon Man farmer (manfarmer)
    Man hiker emoticon Man Hiker (manhiker)
    Woman hiker emoticon Woman Hiker (womanhiker)
    Man recycling Emoticon Man Recycling (manrecycling)
    Woman recycling emoticon Woman Recycling (womanrecycling)
    Woman pilot emoticon Woman pilot (womanpilot)
    Man pilot emoticon Man pilot (manpilot)
    Woman VR player emoticon Woman VR player (womanvrplayer)
    Man VR player emoticon Man VR player (manvrplayer)
    Woman welder emoticon Woman welder (womanwelder)
    Man welder emoticon Man welder (manwelder)
    Woman artist emoticon Woman artist (womanartist)
    Man artist emoticon Man artist (manartist)
    Woman firefighter emoticon Woman firefighter (womanfirefighter)
    Man firefighter emoticon Man firefighter (manfirefighter)
    Woman health worker emoticon Woman health worker (womanhealthworker)
    Man health worker emoticon Man health worker (manhealthworker)
    Woman graduate emoticon Woman graduate (womangraduate)
    Man graduate emoticon Man graduate (mangraduate)
    Office worker female emoticon Office Worker Female (officeworkerfemale)
    Office worker male emoticon Office Worker Male (officeworkermale)
    Woman gamer emoticon Woman gamer (womangamer)
    Man gamer emoticon Man gamer (mangamer)
    Woman chef emoticon Woman chef (womanchef)
    Man chef emoticon Man chef (manchef)
    Woman teacher emoticon Woman teacher (womanteacher)
    Man teacher emoticon Man teacher (manteacher)
    Woman police officer emoticon Woman police officer (womanpoliceofficer)
    Man police officer emoticon Man police officer (manpoliceofficer)
    Woman astronaut emoticon Woman astronaut (womanastronaut)
    Man astronaut emoticon Man astronaut (manastronaut)
    Woman judge emoticon Woman judge (womanjudge)
    Man judge emoticon Man judge (manjudge)
    Woman scientist emoticon Woman scientist (womanscientist)
    Man scientist emoticon Man Scientist (manscientist)
    Woman developer emoticon Woman writing code (womandeveloper)
    Man techie emoticon Man Techie (mantechie)
    woman award emoticon Woman receiving award (womanaward)
    Man award emoticon Man Award (manaward)
    Woman sign love emoticon Woman sign love (womansignlove)
    Man sign love emoticon Man sign love (mansignlove)
    Love cat (female) emoticon Love cat (female) (womanholdingcat)
    Love cat (male) emoticon Love cat (male) (manholdingcat)
    Love dog (female) emoticon Love dog (female) (womanholdingdog)
    Love dog (male) Love dog (male) (manholdingdog)
    Cheerleader emoticon Cheerleader (cheerleader)
    Keep fit emoticon Keep fit (skip) (skippingrope)
    Synchronized swimming emoticon Synchronized swimming (synchswim)
    Suryan Namaskar emoticon Suryan Namaskar (suryannamaskar)
    Yoga emoticon Yoga (yoga)
    Trampoline emoticon Trampoline (trampoline)
    muscle and fat guy emoticon Muscle and fat guy (muscleman)
    Podium emoticon Podium (winner)
    Running emoticon Running (running)
    Woman playing basketball emoticon Woman playing basketball (womanslamdunk)
    Basketball emoticon Basketball (slamdunk)
    Woman fencer emoticon Woman fencer (womanfencer)
    Woman riding bike emoticon Woman riding bike (womanridingbike)
    Bicycle emoticon Bicycle (bike) (bicycle) (sander)
    Woman motorbike emoticon Woman Motorbike (womanmotorbike)
    Man motorbike emoticon Man Motorbike (manmotorbike)
    Woman playing football emoticon Woman playing football (womanfootball)
    Bartlett emoticon Man playing football (football) (bartlett)
    pull shot emoticon Pull shot (pullshot) (shot) (chauka)
    Bowled emoticon Bowled (bowled) (out) (wicket)
    Falling in love emoticon Falling in love (fallinlove)
    Tennis fail emoticon Tennis fail (tennisfail)
    Target emoticon Archery (target)
    Football fail emoticon Football fail (footballfail)
    Skate emoticon Skate (skate)
    Man taking a photo emoticon Man taking a photo (zilmer) (priidu)
    A man and his dog emoticon A man and his dog (toivo)
    Granny scooter emoticon Granny scooter (grannyscooter)
    Forever love emoticon Forever love (foreverlove)
    Dancing gran emoticon Dancing gran (gran)
    Dancing emoticon Dancing (dance) \\o/ \\:d/
    Disco dancer emoticon Disco dancer (disco) (discodancer)
    Bhangra emoticon Bhangra (bhangra)
    Mariachi love emoticon Mariachi love (mariachilove)
    Skipping emoticon Skipping (skipping)
    Man skipping emoticon Man Skipping (manskipping)
    Thanks emoticon Thanks (thanks)
    Bowing emoticon Bowing (bow)
    Woman emoticon Woman (woman) (female) (girl)
    Man emoticon Man (man) (male) (boy)
    Got to run emoticon Got to run (gottarun) (gtr) (run)
    Computer rage emoticon Computer rage (computerrage) (typingrage)
    TV binge zombie emoticon TV binge zombie (tvbinge)
    Bolly love emoticon In love pose (bollylove)
    Girl shopping (shopping) (shopper)
    No! emoticon No! (nahi) (naa)
    Slipper emoticon Slipper (chappal) (slipper)
    Promise emoticon Promise (promise) (kasamse)
    Ninja emoticon Ninja (ninja)
    Sorry emoticon Sorry (kaanpakadna) (sorry) (maafi)
    Witch emoticon Witch (witch)
    Zombie emoticon Zombie (zombie)
    Zombie emoticon Mummy walk (mummywalk)
    Zombie wave emoticon Zombie wave (zombiewave)
    Stop emoticon Stop (stop)
    Dad time emoticon Dad time (dadtime)
    Woman bath emoticon Woman bath (womanbath)
    Mom-melo emoticon Mom-mello (hotchocolate)
    Feeling sweet! emoticon Feeling sweet! (cupcake)
    Kissing lips emoticon Kissing lips (lips)
    Jane Goodall emoticon Jane Goodall (janegoodall)
    Frost wizard emoticon Frost Wizard (dedmoroz) (frostwizard)
    Auld emoticon auld (auld)
    Lang emoticon lang (lang)
    syne emoticon syne (syne)
    Xmas woman emoticon Xmas woman (xmaswoman)
    Xmas man emoticon Xmas man (xmasman)
    Ant-man emoticon Ant-Man (antman)
    Wasp emoticon Wasp (amwasp)
    Ant-Man Ghost emoticon Ghost (amghost)
    Hank Pym emoticon Hank Pym (hankpym)
    Flying ant emoticon Flying Ant (amflyingant)
    Truck riding emoticon Truck riding (amtruck)
    Wasp grow emoticon Wasp grow (amwaspgrow)
    L3-37 emoticon L3-37 (l3-37) (l337)
    Lando emoticon Lando (lando)
    Enfys Nest emoticon Enfys Nest (enfysnest)
    Qi'ra emoticon Qi'ra (qi'ra) (qira)
    Beckett emoticon Beckett (beckett)
    Solo emoticon Solo (solo)
    Chewie emoticon Chewie (chewie)


    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Dancing penguin emoticon Dancing Penguin (penguin) (dancingpenguin) (penguindance)
    Penguin kiss emoticon Penguin kiss (penguinkiss)
    Hug emoticon Hug (hug) (bear)
    Monkey emoticon Monkey (monkey) (ape)
    Cat emoticon Cat (cat) (@) (meow) (kitty)
    Dog emoticon Dog (dog) :o3 (&)
    Koala emoticon Koala (koala)
    raccoon emoticon Raccoon (raccoon)
    Panda emoticon Panda (panda)
    Octopus emoticon Octopus (octopus)
    Fish emoticon Fish (fish)
    Whale emoticon Whale (whale)
    Dolphin emoticon Dolphin (dolphin)
    Seal emoticon Seal (seal)
    Bee emoticon Bee (bee)
    Butterfly emoticon Butterfly (butterfly)
    Unicorn head emoticon Unicorn head (unicornhead)
    Tortoise emoticon Tortoise (tortoise)
    elephant emoticon Elephant (elephant)
    Spider emoticon Spider (spider)
    Lizard emoticon Lizard (lizard)
    Snake emoticon Snake (snake)
    Hedgehog hug emoticon Hedgehog hug (hedgehoghug)
    Bunny hug emoticon Bunny hug (bunnyhug)
    Fox hug emoticon Fox hug (foxhug)
    Tiger emoticon Tiger (tiger)
    Lion emoticon Lion (lion)
    Unicorn emoticon Unicorn (unicorn)
    Pig emoticon Pig (pig)
    Stingray emoticon Stingray (stingray)
    Orangutan scratching emoticon Orangutan scratch (orangutanscratch)
    Orangutan wave emoticon Orangutan wave (orangutanwave)
    Monkey giggle emoticon Monkey giggle (monkeygiggle)
    See no evil monkey emoticon See No Evil Monkey (seenoevil)
    Hear no evil monkey emoticon Hear No Evil Monkey (hearnoevil)
    Speak no evil monkey emoticon Speak No Evil Monkey (speaknoevil)
    Snow angel emoticon Snow Angel (snowangel)
    Skiing toy emoticon Skiing Toy (matreshka) (skiingtoy)
    Polar bear emoticon Polar bear (polarbear) (polarbearhug)
    Moving home emoticon Moving home (movinghome)
    Bug emoticon bug (bug)
    Cricket emoticon Cricket (cricket)
    Sloth emoticon Sloth (sloth)
    snail emoticon Snail (snail) (sn) (SN)
    Donkey emoticon Donkey (donkey) (gadha)
    Love bite emoticon Love bites (lovebites)
    Angry red emoticon Angry Red (red)
    Dancing hen emoticon Dancing hen (hendance)
    Rock chick emoticon Rock chick (rockchick)
    Lamb emoticon Spring lamb (lamb)
    Hedgehog emoticon Hedgehog (hedgehog)
    Squirrel emoticon Squirrel (squirrel) (heidy)
    bunny emoticon Bunny (bunny) (lovebunny) (rabbit)
    Acorn emoticon Acorn (acorn)
    Hungry cat emoticon Hungry cat (hungrycat)
    Ganesh emoticon Ganesh (ganesh)
    Bat smile emoticon Bat smile (batsmile) (bat)
    Bat cry emoticon Bat cry (batcry)
    Werewolf howl emoticon Werewolf howl (werewolfhowl)
    Snegovik emoticon snegovik (snegovik) (snowbuddie)
    Reindeer emoticon Reindeer (reindeer)
    Ginger keep fit emoticon Ginger keep fit (gingerkeepfit)
    Year of the Monkey emoticon Year of the Monkey (yotm) (mokeyyear)
    Year of the fire rooster emoticon Year of the fire rooster (yotfr)
    Year of the dog emoticon Year of the dog (yotd)
    Year of the pig emoticon Year of the pig (yotp)
    Porg emoticon Porg (porg)
    Porg surprised emoticon Porg surprised (porgsurprised)
    Chewbacca emoticon Chewbacca (chewbacca)
    Chewie emoticon Chewie (chewie)


    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Sun emoticon Sun (sun)
    Raining emoticon Raining (rain) (london) (st)
    Snowflake emoticon Snowflake (snowflake)
    Fire emoticon Fire (fire)
    Rainbow emoticon Rainbow (rainbow)
    Star emoticon Star (star) (*)
    Heart emoticon Heart (heart) <3
    Broken heart emoticon Broken heart (brokenheart)
    Xmas heart emoticon Xmas Heart (xmasheart)
    Sparkling heart emoticon Sparkling Heart (sparklingheart)
    Growing heart emoticon Growing Heart (growingheart)
    Two hearts emoticon Two Hearts (twohearts)
    I heart you emoticon I heart you (iheartu)
    Cactus love emoticon Cactus love (cactuslove)
    Avocado love emoticon Avocado love (avocadolove)
    Great pear emoticon Great pear (greatpear)
    Coffee emoticon Coffee (coffee)
    Red wine emoticon Red wine (redwine)
    Drink emoticon Drink (drink)
    Beer emoticon Beer (beer) (bricklayers)
    Champagne emoticon Champagne (champagne)(sparkling)
    Cheers emoticon Cheers (cheers)
    Tea emoticon Tea (chai) (tea)
    apple emoticon Apple (apple)
    Orange emoticon Orange (orange)
    Lemon emoticon Lemon (lemon)
    Banana emoticon Banana (banana)
    Watermelon emoticon Watermelon (watermelon)
    Grapes emoticon Grapes (grapes)
    Strawberry emoticon Strawberry (strawberry)
    Cherries emoticon Cherries (cherries)
    Peach emoticon Peach (peach)
    Pineapple emoticon Pineapple (pineapple)
    Eggplant emoticon Eggplant (aubergine)(eggplant)
    Croissant emoticon Croissant (croissant)
    Cheese emoticon Cheese (cheese) (stink)
    Chicken leg emoticon Chicken leg (chickenleg)
    Burgers emoticon Burger (burger)
    Fries emoticon Fries (fries)
    Pizza emoticon Pizza (pi) (pizza)
    Noodles emoticon Noodles (noodles)
    Ice cream emoticon Ice cream (icecream)
    Cake slice emoticon Cake slice (cakeslice)
    Cake emoticon Cake (cake)
    Cookies emoticon Cookies (cookies)
    Pie emoticon Pie (pie)
    Sweet emoticon Sweet (laddu)
    Tandoori chicken emoticon Tandoori chicken (tandoori)(tandoorichicken)
    Turkey emoticon Dancing Thanksgiving turkey (turkey) (turkeydance)
    Car emoticon Car (car) (au)
    Truck emoticon Truck (truck)
    Ambulance emoticon Ambulance (ambulance)
    Police car emoticon Police car (policecar)
    Taxi emoticon Taxi (taxi)
    Xmas car emoticon Xmas Car (xmascar)
    Scooter emoticon Scooter (scooter)
    Push bike emoticon Push bike (pushbike)
    Motorbike emoticon Motorbike (motorbike)
    Steam train emoticon Steam train (steamtrain) (train)
    Rickshaw emoticon Rickshaw (rickshaw)(rikshaw) (ricksha) 
    Plane emoticon Plane (plane)
    Rocket launch emoticon Rocket launch (launch) (rocket) (shuttle)
    Millennium Falcon emoticon Millennium Falcon (millenniumfalcon)
    X-wing emoticon X-wing (xwing)
    TIE fighter emoticon TIE fighter (tiefighter)
    BB-8 emoticon BB-8 (bb8)
    BB-9E emoticon BB-9E (bb9e)
    Island emoticon Island (island) (ip)
    Desert emoticon Desert (desert)
    Christmas tree emoticon Christmas Tree (xmastree)
    Paris love emoticon Paris love (parislove)
    Statue of liberty emoticon Statue of Liberty (statueofliberty)
    Red Square emoticon Red Square (redsquare) (noviygod)
    House emoticon House (house) (home)
    Gift emoticon Gift (gift)
    Love gift emoticon Love gift (lovegift)
    Ring emoticon Ring (ring)
    Soccer Ball emoticon Soccer Ball (soccerball)
    Basketball emoticon Basketball (basketball)
    American football emoticon American Football (americanfootball)
    American football emoticon Football Eyes (footballeyes)
    Baseball emoticon Baseball (baseball)
    Tennis Ball emoticon Tennis Ball (tennisball)
    Rugby Ball emoticon Rugby Ball (rugbyball)
    Pool Eight Ball emoticon Pool Eight Ball (eightball)
    Bowling Ball emoticon Bowling Ball (bowlingball)
    Flag in hole emoticon Flag In Hole (flaginhole) (golfball)
    Lacrosse emoticon Lacrosse (lacrosse)
    Trophy emoticon Trophy (trophy)
    Gold medal emoticon Gold medal (goldmedal)
    Silver medal emoticon Silver medal (silvermedal)
    Bronze medal emoticon Bronze medal (bronzemedal)
    Yellow Ribbon emoticon Yellow Ribbon (yellowribbon)
    Bell emoticon Bell (bell) (ghanta)
    Fool emoticon Fool (dhakkan) (fool)
    Key emoticon Key (key) (success)
    Working from home emoticon Working from home (wfh) (@h) (@H)
    letsmeet emoticon Letsmeet (letsmeet)
    Computer emoticon Computer (computer)
    Phone emoticon Phone (mp) (ph) (phone)
    Who's this emoticon Who's this!? (whosthis)
    Can't unsee emoticon Can't unsee that (unsee)
    Be right back emoticon Be right back (brb) (berightback)
    Holdon emoticon Hold on (holdon) (hourglass)
    Can you talk emoticon Can you talk (canyoutalk)
    Time emoticon Time (time) (clock)
    Games emoticon Games (games)
    Movie emoticon Movie (film) (movie)
    Camera emoticon Camera (camera)
    Tubelight emoticon Tubelight (tubelight)
    Web heart emoticon Web heart (webheart)
    Evergreen tree emoticon Evergreen tree (evergreentree)
    Deciduous tree emoticon Deciduous tree (deciduoustree) (treedeciduous)
    Seedling emoticon Seedling (seedling)
    Wind turbine emoticon Wind turbine (windturbine)
    Falling leaf emoticon Falling leaf (fallingleaf)
    Flower emoticon Flower (flower)
    Sunflower emoticon Sunflower (sunflower)
    Cherry blossom emoticon Cherry blossom (cherryblossom)
    Tulip emoticon Tulip (tulip)
    Rose emoticon Rose (rose)
    Wilted flower emoticon Wilted flower (wiltedflower) (w)
    Mistletoe emoticon Mistletoe (mistletoe)
    Good luck emoticon Goodluck (goodluck)
    Umbrella emoticon Umbrella (umbrella)
    Recycle emoticon Recycle (recycle)
    Tumbleweed emoticon Tumbleweed (tumbleweed)
    Speech bubble emoticon Speech Bubble (speechbubble)
    You have mail emoticon You have mail (mail)
    Love letter emoticon Love letter (loveletter)
    Cash emoticon Cash (cash) ($)
    Diamond emoticon Diamond (diamond)
    Bomb emoticon Bomb (bomb) (explosion) (explode) @=
    Music emoticon Music (music)
    What's going on emoticon What's going on? (whatsgoingon) (!!?)
    Confusion emoticon Confusion (golmaal)
    What! emoticon What! (kya)
    Oye emoticon Oye (oye)
    Abe emoticon Abe (abe) (abey)
    Mum heart emoticon Mum heart (mumheart) (momheart)
    Confidential emoticon Confidential (confidential)
    Piggy bank emoticon Piggy bank (piggybank)
    Sparkler emoticon Sparkler (sparkler)
    Fireworks emoticon Fireworks (fireworks)
    Holi emoticon Holi (holi) (rang)
    Eid emoticon Eid (eid)
    Tealight emoticon Tealight (diwali) (diya)
    Dreidel emoticon Dreidel (dreidel)
    Hanukkah emoticon Hanukkah (hanukkah) (menorah)
    Checkmark emoticon Checkmark (checkmark)
    Crossmark emoticon Crossmark (crossmark)


    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Microsoft Access emoticon access (access)
    Bing emoticon bing (bing)
    Drunk emoticon drunk (drunk)
    Microsoft Excel emoticon excel (excel)
    Finger emoticon finger (finger)
    Groupme emoticon groupme (groupme)
    Internet Explorer emoticon internetexplorer (internetexplorer)
    LLS shock llsshock (llsshock)
    Microsoft emoticon microsoft (microsoft)
    Mooning emoticon mooning (mooning)
    Neil emoticon neil (neil)
    Oliver emoticon oliver (oliver)
    Microsoft OneDrive emoticon onedrive (onedrive)
    Microsoft OneNote emoticon onenote (onenote)
    On the loo emoticon ontheloo (ontheloo)
    Microsoft Outlook emoticon outlook (outlook)
    Pool party emoticon poolparty (poolparty)
    Poop emoticon poop (poop)
    Microsoft PowerPoint emoticon powerpoint (powerpoint)
    Microsoft Publisher emoticon publisher (publisher)
    Santa mooning emoticon santamooning (santamooning)
    SharePoint emoticon sharepoint (sharepoint)
    Sheep emoticon sheep (sheep)
    Skill emoticon Peter (peter)
    Skype emoticon skype (skype)
    Skype for Business emoticon skypebiz (skypebiz)
    Smoke emoticon smoke (smoke)
    Tauri emoticon tauri (tauri)
    Windows 10 emoticon win10 (win10)
    Microsoft Word emoticon word (word)
    WTF emoticon wtf (wtf)
    Xbox logo emoticon xbox (xbox)