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    Feeling Happy emoticon? Or having a Facepalm emoticon moment? Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Use Skype emoticons to liven up your instant message conversations, or add them to your mood message to let your friends know how you’re feeling.

    You can select the emoticon you want to use from the Expression picker in the IM window (by selecting the smiley in the chat window) or use the keyboard shortcut – a set of characters or a specific word in brackets. If you hover over an emoticon in the palette, you’ll see its keyboard shortcut. Additionally, for emoticons with gray dots, you can personalize it before sending. Right click (desktop) or tap and hold (mobile) the emoticon:
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    There are loads of emoticons, GIFs, and Stickers to choose from.

    All visible emoticons


    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Laugh emoticon Laugh :D :-D :=D :d :-d :=d (laugh) :> :-> (lol) (LOL)
    Grinning face with big eyes emoticon Grinning face with big eyes (grinningfacewithbigeyes)
    Happy Eyes emoticon Happy Eyes (happyeyes)
    Beaming face with smiling eyes emoticon Beaming face with smiling eyes (beamingfacewithsmilingeyes)
    XD smiley emoticon Grinning with Closed Eyes (xd)
    Sweat grinning emoticon Sweat Grinning (sweatgrinning)
    Roll on the floor laughing emoticon Rolling on the floor laughing (rofl) (rotfl)
    Crying With Laughter (cwl) (cryingwithlaughter)
    Smile emoticon Smile :) :-) :=) (smile)
    Upside down face emoticon Upside Down Face (upsidedownface)
    Wink emoticon Wink ;) ;-) ;=) (wink)
    Smile Eyes emoticon Smile Eyes (smileeyes)
    Angel emoticon Angel (angel)
    In love emoticon In love (inlove) (love) :] :-]
    heart eyes emoticon Heart eyes (hearteyes)
    Star eyes emoticon Star eyes (stareyes)
    Kiss emoticon Kiss (kiss) :* :-* :=* (xo)
    Kissing face with smiling eyes emoticon Kissing face with smiling eyes (kissingfacewithsmilingeyes)
    Cheeky emoticon Cheeky :P :-P :=P :p :-p :=p (tongueout)
    Face with tongue emoticon Face with tongue (facewithtongue)
    Winking tongue out emoticon Winking Tongue Out (winktongueout)
    Zany face emoticon Zany face (zanyface)
    Money mouth face emoticon Money mouth face (moneymouthface)
    Hugging face emoticon Hugging face (huggingface)
    Giggle emoticon Giggle (chuckle) (giggle)
    My lips are sealed emoticon My lips are sealed :x :-x :# :-# :=x :=X :=# (lipssealed)
    Thinking emoticon Thinking (think) :-? :? :=? *-)
    Zipper mouth face emoticon Zipper mouth face (zippermouthface)
    Wondering emoticon Wondering :^) (wonder)
    Speechless emoticon Speechless :| :-| :=| (speechless)
    Expressionless emoticon Expressionless (expressionless)
    Face Without Mouth emoticon Face Without Mouth (blankface)
    Smirking emoticon Smirking (smirk)
    Unamused emoticon Unamused (unamused)
    It wasn't me emoticon It wasn't me! (wasntme) (wm)
    Grimacing face emoticon Grimacing face (grimacingface)
    Lying face emoticon Lying face (lyingface)
    Dream emoticon Dreaming (dream)
    Pensive emoticon Pensive (pensive)
    Sleepy emoticon Sleepy |-) I-) I=) (snooze) (sleepy)
    Face with medical mask emoticon Face with medical mask (facewithmedicalmask)
    ill emoticon Ill (ill)
    Face with head bandage emoticon Face with head bandage (facewithheadbandage)
    Nauseated face emoticon Nauseated face (nauseatedface)
    Vomiting emoticon Vomiting (puke) :& :-& :=& +o(
    Hotface emoticon Hotface (hotface)
    Cold emoticon Cold Shivering (shivering) (cold) (freezing)
    Woozy face emoticon Woozy face (woozyface)
    Exploding head emoticon Exploding head (explodinghead)
    Face with cowboy hat emoticon Face with cowboy hat (facewithcowboyhat) (cowboyhatface)
    Party emoticon Party (party)
    Cool emoticon Cool (cool) 8-) 8=) B-) B=)
    Nerdy emoticon Nerdy (nerd) 8-| B-| 8| B| 8=| B=| (nerdy)
    Face with monocle emoticon Face with monocle (facewithmonocle)
    Confused emoticon Confused (confused)
    Sad emoticon Sad :( :-( :=( (sad) :< :-<
    Frowning face emoticon Frowning face (frowningface)
    Hushed face emoticon Hushed face (hushedface)
    Surprised emoticon Surprised :o :-o :=o (surprised)
    Flushed emoticon Flushed (flushed)
    Pleading face emoticon Pleading face (pleadingface)
    Frowning face with open mouth emoticon Frowning face with open mouth (frowningfacewithopenmouth)
    Anguished face emoticon Anguished face (anguishedface)
    Fearful emoticon Fearful (fearful)
    Anxious face with sweat emoticon Anxious face with sweat (anxiousfacewithsweat)
    Sad but relieved face emoticon Sad but relieved face (sadbutrelievedface)
    Cry emoticon Crying ;( ;-( ;=( (cry) :'(
    Loudly crying emoticon Loudly Crying (loudlycrying)
    Screaming with fear emoticon Screaming With Fear (screamingfear)
    Very confused emoticon Very confused (veryconfused)
    Disappointed emoticon Disappointed (disappointed)
    Sweating emoticon Sweating (:| (sweat)
    Weary emoticon Weary (weary)
    Tired face emoticon Tired face (tiredface)
    Yawning face emoticon Yawning face (yawningface)
    Face with steam from nose emoticon Face with steam from nose (facewithsteamfromnose)
    Angry face emoticon Angry Face (angryface)
    Angry emoticon Angry (angry) :@ :-@ :=@ x( x-( X( X-( x=( X=( ;@ ;-@
    Swearing emoticon Swearing (swear)
    Devil emoticon Devil (devil)
    Angry face with horns emoticon Angry face with horns (angryfacewithhorns)
    Skull emoticon Skull (skull)
    Skull and crossbones emoticon Skull and crossbones (skullandbones)
    Clown face emoticon Clown face (clownface)
    Ogre emoticon Ogre (ogre)
    Goblin emoticon Goblin (goblin)
    Ghost emoticon Ghost (ghost)
    Alien emoticon Alien (alien)
    Alien monster emoticon Alien monster (alienmonster)
    Smile robot emoticon Smile robot (smilerobot)
    Smile cat emoticon Smile cat (smilecat)
    Cat with tears of joy emoticon Cat with tears of joy (catwithtearsofjoy)
    Heart eyes cat emoticon Heart eyes cat (hearteyescat)
    Cat with wry smile emoticon Cat with wry smile (catwithwrysmile)
    Kissing cat emoticon Kissing cat (kissingcat)
    Weary cat emoticon Weary cat (wearycat)
    Sad cat emoticon Sad cat (sadcat)
    Pouting cat emoticon Pouting cat (poutingcat)
    Monkey see no evil emoticon Monkey see no evil (seenoevil)
    Monkey hear no evil emoticon Monkey hear no evil (hearnoevil)
    Monkey speak no evil emoticon Monkey speak no evil (speaknoevil)
    Kissing lips emoticon Kissing lips (lips)
    Love letter emoticon Love letter (loveletter)
    Heart with arrow emoticon Heart with arrow (heartwitharrow)
    Heart with ribbon emoticon Heart with ribbon (heartwithribbon)
    Sparkling heart emoticon Sparkling Heart (sparklingheart)
    Growing heart emoticon Growing Heart (growingheart)
    Beating heart emoticon Beating heart (beatingheart)
    Revolving hearts emoticon Revolving hearts (revolvinghearts)
    Two hearts emoticon Two Hearts (twohearts)
    Heart button emoticon Heart button (heartbutton)
    Heart exclamation emoticon Heart exclamation (heartexclamation)
    Broken heart emoticon Broken heart (brokenheart)
    Heart emoticon Heart (heart) <3
    Orange heart emoticon Orange Heart (orangeheart)
    Yellow heart emoticon Yellow Heart (yellowheart)
    Green heart emoticon Green Heart (greenheart)
    Blue heart emoticon Blue Heart (blueheart)
    Purple heart emoticon Purple Heart (purpleheart)
    Brown heart emoticon Brown heart (heartbrown) (brownheart)
    Black heart emoticon Black Heart (blackheart) (heartblack)
    White heart emoticon White heart (heartwhite) (whiteheart)
    Hundred points emoticon Hundred points (hundredpoints)
    Anger symbol emoticon Anger symbol (angersymbol)
    Explosion emoticon Explosion (bang)
    Dizzy symbol emoticon Dizzy symbol (dizzysymbol)
    Droplets emoticon Droplets (droplets)
    Hole emoticon Hole (hole)
    Bomb emoticon Bomb (bomb) (explosion) (explode) @=
    Speech bubble emoticon Speech Bubble (speechbubble)
    Eye speech bubble emoticon Eye speech bubble (eyespeechbubble) (eyeinspeechbubble)
    Left speech bubble emoticon Left speech bubble (leftspeechbubble)
    Angry speech bubble emoticon Angry speech bubble (angryspeechbubble)
    Thought bubble emoticon Thought bubble (thoughtbubble)
    Zzz emoticon Zzz (zzz)
    Ukraine heart emoticon Ukraine heart (ukraineheart)

    Skype Unique
    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Like emoticon Like (like)
    Happy Face emoticon Happy Face (happyface)
    Hysterical emoticon Hysterical (hysterical)
    Blush emoticon Blushing :$ :-$ :=$ (blush)
    Relieved emoticon Relieved (relieved) (whew)
    Dull emoticon Dull |-( |( |=( (dull)
    Yawn emoticon Yawn (yawn)
    Doh! emoticon Doh! (doh)
    Worried emoticon Worried (worry) :S :s :-s :-S :=s :=S (worried)
    Mmmm emoticon Mmmmm... (mm) (mmm) (mmmm)
    Love earth emoticon Love Earth (loveearth)
    Rainbow smiley emoticon Rainbow smile (rainbowsmile)
    Envy emoticon Envy (envy)
    Make-up emoticon Make-up (makeup) (kate)
    Happy emoticon Happy (happy)
    Nodding emoticon Nodding (nod)
    Shake emoticon Shake (shake)
    Waiting emoticon Waiting (waiting) (forever) (impatience)
    Emo emoticon Emo (emo)
    Don't talk to me emoticon Don't talk to me (donttalk) (donttalktome)
    Idea emoticon Idea (idea) :i :I *-:)
    Talk emoticon Talking (talk)
    Evil grin emoticon Evil Grin ]:) >:) (evilgrin) (evil) (grin) (eg)
    Banging head on wall emoticon Banging head on wall (headbang) (banghead)
    Global learning emoticon Global Learning (learn)
    Listening to headphones emoticon Listening to headphones (headphones)
    Morning after party emoticon Morning after party (morningafter) (hungover)
    Selfie emoticon Selfie (selfie)
    Spoiler alert emoticon Spoiler alert (shock)
    Spoiler alert emoticon Spoiler alert (llsshock)
    Talk too much emoticon Talking too much

    (ttm) (bla)

    Tired emoticon Tired (tired)
    Bandit emoticon Bandit (bandit)
    Blessing emoticon Blessing (nazar)
    Movember emoticon Movember (movember)
    (mo) (November) (moustache) 
    (bowman) :{
    Mystery Skype emoticon Mystery Skype (mysteryskype)
    Day of the dead female emoticon Day of the dead (female) (dotdfemale) (dotdf)
    Day of the dead male emoticon Day of the dead (male) (dotdmale) (dotdm)
    Selfie Diwali emoticon Selfie Diwali (selfiediwali)
    Diwali selfie emoticon Diwali Selfie (diwaliselfie)
    Steve Aoki emoticon Steve Aoki (steveaoki)
    Aoki jump emoticon Aoki jump (aokijump)
    Cake throw emoticon Cake throw (cakethrow)
    Kolony emoticon Kolony (kolony)
    Joy emoticon Joy (joy)
    Anger emoticon Anger (anger)
    Sadness emoticon Sadness (sadness) 
    Disgust emoticon Disgust (disgust)
    Fear emoticon Fear (fear)
    Heston facepalm emoticon Heston Facepalm (hestonfacepalm)
    Heston Blumenthal emoticon Heston Blumenthal (heston)
    Storm trooper emoticon Storm trooper (stormtrooper)
    Kylo Ren emoticon Kylo Ren (kyloren)
    Captain Phasma emoticon Captain Phasma (captainphasma)
    malthe emoticon Smiling man with glasses (malthe)
    Lady Vampire emoticon Lady Vampire (ladyvamp) (ladyvampire)
    Vampire emoticon Vampire (vampire)
    Pumpkin emoticon Pumpkin (pumpkin) (halloween)
    Santa emoticon Santa (santa) (xmas) (christmas)
    Xmas crying with laughter Xmas crying with laughter (xmascwl)
    Festive party emoticon Festive party (festiveparty) (partyxmas)
    Holiday spirit emoticon Holiday spirit (holidayspirit) (crazyxmas) (crazychristmas)
    Surprised Rudolf emoticon Surprised Rudolf (rudolfsurprise) (rudolphsurprise)
    Rudolf idea emoticon Rudolf idea (rudolfidea) (rudolphidea)
    Xmas sarcastic emoticon Xmas Sarcastic (xmassarcastic)
    Xmas cry emoticon Xmas Cry (xmascry) (xmascrying)

    Hand Gestures

    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Waving hand emoticon Waving hand (wavinghand)
    Raised back of hand emoticon Raised back of hand (raisedbackofhand)
    Hand with fingers splayed emoticon Hand with fingers splayed (handwithfingerssplayed)
    Raised hand emoticon Raised hand (raisedhand)
    Vulcan salute emoticon Vulcan salute (vulcansalute)
    Ok emoticon OK (ok) (OK) (okay)
    Pinching hand emoticon Pinching hand (pinchinghand)
    Victory emoticon Victory sign (victory)
    Crossed fingers emoticon Crossed fingers (crossedfingers)
    Love you gesture emoticon Love you gesture (loveyougesture)
    Sign of the horns emoticon Sign of the horns (signofthehorns)
    Call me hand emoticon Call me hand (callmehand)
    Backhand index pointing left emoticon Backhand Index Pointing Left (pointleftindex) (pointleftindexfinger)
    Backhand Index Pointing Right emoticon Backhand Index Pointing Right (pointrightindex) (pointrightindexfinger)
    Backhand Index Pointing Down emoticon Back hand index pointing up (backhandindexpointingup)
    Middle finger emoticon Middle finger (middlefinger)
    backhand index pointing down emoticon Backhand Index Pointing Down (pointdownindex) (pointdownindexfinger)
    Index pointing up emoticon Index Pointing Up (pointupindex) (pointupindexfinger)
    Yes emoticon Yes (y) (Y) (yes)
    No emoticon No (n) (no)
    On coming fist emoticon On coming fist (oncomingfist)
    Left facing fist emoticon Left facing fist (leftfacingfist)
    Right facing fist emoticon Right facing fist (rightfacingfist)
    Clapping hands emoticon Clapping hands (applause) (clappinghands)
    Hands celebrating emoticon Hands celebrating (celebrate) (celebration) (handsinair) (hia)
    Open hands emoticon Open hands (openhands)
    Palms up together emoticon Palms up together (palmsuptogether)
    handshake emoticon Handshake (handshake)
    Praying emoticon Praying (pray) (praying) (namaste)
    Writing hand emoticon Writing hand (writinghand)
    Nail polish emoticon Nail polish (nailpolish)
    Selfie emoticon Selfie (selfie)
    Muscle emoticon Muscle (flex) (muscle)
    Mechanical arm emoticon Mechanical arm (mechanicalarm)
    Mechanical leg emoticon Mechanical leg (mechanicalleg)
    Leg emoticon Leg (leg)
    Foot emoticon Foot (foot)
    Ear emoticon Ear (ear)
    Ear with hearing aid emoticon Ear with hearing aid (earwithhearingaid)
    Nose emoticon Nose (nose)
    Brain emoticon Brain (brain)
    Tooth emoticon Tooth (tooth)
    Bone emoticon Bone (bone)
    Eyes emoticon Eyes (eyes)
    Eye emoticon Eye (eye)
    Tongue emoticon Tongue (tongue)
    Mouth emoticon Mouth (mouth)
    Ukraine handshake emoticon Ukraine handshake (ukrainehandshake)
    Ukraine pray emoticon Ukraine pray (ukrainepray)

    Skype Unique
    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Hi emoticon Hi (wave) (hi) (HI) (bye) (BYE)
    High five emoticon High five (highfive) (hifive)(h5)
    Clapping emoticon Clapping (clap)
    Sarcastic emoticon Sarcastic (sarcastic) (sarcasm) (slowclap)
    Facepalm emoticon Facepalm (facepalm) (fail)
    Rock emoticon Rock (rock)
    Fingers crossed emoticon Fingers crossed (yn) (fingers) (fingerscrossed) (crossedfingers)
    Listening emoticon Listening (listening)
    Wait emoticon Wait (wait)
    Relieved emoticon Relieved (whew) (phew)
    Too much information emoticon Too much information (tmi)
    Call emoticon Call (call)
    Punch emoticon Punch (punch) *| *-|
    Talk to the hand emoticon Talk to the hand (talktothehand)
    Whistle emoticon Whistle (whistle) (seeti)
    Slap emoticon Slap (slap) (thappad)
    Lalala emoticon Lalala (lalala) (notlistening)
    Poke emoticon Poke (poke) (nudge)
    Woman of the year emoticon Woman of the year (woty)
    Glass ceiling emoticon Glass ceiling (glassceiling)
    Dead yes emoticon Dead yes (deadyes)
    Xmas yes emoticon Xmas yes (xmasyes)
    Drop the mic emoticon Drop the mic (dropthemic)


    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Smile baby emoticon Smile Baby (smilebaby)
    Smile boy emoticon Smile Boy (smileboy)
    Smile girl emoticon Smile Girl (smilegirl)
    Smile man emoticon Smile Man (smileman)
    Smile woman emoticon Smile Woman (smilewoman)
    Woman curly hair emoticon Woman curly hair (womancurlyhair)
    Woman white hair emoticon Woman white hair (womanwhitehair)
    Person white hair emoticon Person white hair (personwhitehair)
    Woman blond hair emoticon Woman blond hair (womanblondhair)
    Man blond hair emoticon Man blond hair (manblondhair)
    Dancing gran emoticon Dancing gran (gran)
    Person frowning emoticon Person frowning (frowning)
    Man frowning emoticon Man frowning (manfrowning)
    Woman frowning emoticon Woman frowning (womanfrowning)
    Pouting face emoticon Pouting face (poutingface)
    Man pouting emoticon Man pouting (manpouting)
    Woman pouting emoticon Woman pouting (womanpouting)
    Face with no good gesture emoticon Face with no good gesture (facewithnogoodgesture)
    Man gesturing no emoticon Man gesturing no (mangesturingnotok)
    Woman gesturing no emoticon Woman gesturing no (womangesturingno)
    Person gesturing ok emoticon Person gesturing ok (persongesturingok)
    Man gesturing OK emoticon Man gesturing OK (mangesturingok)
    Woman gesturing OK emoticon Woman gesturing OK (womangesturingok)
    Person tipping hand emoticon Person tipping hand (persontippinghand)
    Man tipping hand emoticon Man tipping hand (mantippinghand)
    Woman tipping hand emoticon Woman tipping hand (womantippinghand)
    Person raising hand emoticon Person raising hand (happypersonraisingonehand)
    Man raising hand emoticon Man raising hand (manraisinghand)
    Woman raising hand emoticon Woman raising hand (womanraisinghand)
    Deaf person emoticon Deaf person (persondeaf)
    Man deaf emoticon Man deaf (mandeaf)
    Woman deaf emoticon Woman deaf (womandeaf)
    Person bowing emoticon Person bowing (bowing)
    Bowing emoticon Bowing (bow)
    Thanks emoticon Thanks (thanks)
    Person facepalming emoticon Person facepalming (personfacepalming)
    Man facepalming emoticon Man facepalming (manfacepalming)
    Woman facepalming emoticon Woman facepalming (womanfacepalming)
    Woman shrug emoticon Woman shrug (womanshrug) (wshrug) (fshrug)
    Man shrug emoticon Man shrug (manshrug) (mshrug)
    Man health worker emoticon Man health worker (manhealthworker)
    Woman health worker emoticon Woman health worker (womanhealthworker)
    Man graduate emoticon Man graduate (mangraduate)
    Woman graduate emoticon Woman graduate (womangraduate)
    Man teacher emoticon Man teacher (manteacher)
    Woman teacher emoticon Woman teacher (womanteacher)
    Man judge emoticon Man judge (manjudge)
    Woman judge emoticon Woman judge (womanjudge)
    Man farmer emoticon Man farmer (manfarmer)
    Woman farmer emoticon Woman farmer (womanfarmer)
    Man chef emoticon Man chef (manchef)
    Woman chef emoticon Woman chef (womanchef)
    Man mechanic emoticon Man Mechanic (manmechanic)
    Woman mechanic emoticon Woman Mechanic (womanmechanic)
    Man welder emoticon Man welder (manwelder)
    Woman welder emoticon Woman welder (womanwelder)
    Office worker male emoticon Office Worker Male (officeworkermale)
    Office worker female emoticon Office Worker Female (officeworkerfemale)
    Man scientist emoticon Man Scientist (manscientist)
    Woman scientist emoticon Woman scientist (womanscientist)
    Man techie emoticon Man writing code (mantechie) (mandeveloper)
    Woman developer emoticon Woman writing code (womantechie) (womandeveloper)
    Man singer emoticon Man singer (mansinger)
    Woman singer emoticon Woman singer (womansinger)
    Man artist emoticon Man artist (manartist)
    Woman artist emoticon Woman artist (womanartist)
    Man pilot emoticon Man pilot (manpilot)
    Woman pilot emoticon Woman pilot (womanpilot)
    Man astronaut emoticon Man astronaut (manastronaut)
    Woman astronaut emoticon Woman astronaut (womanastronaut)
    Man firefighter emoticon Man firefighter (manfirefighter)
    Woman firefighter emoticon Woman firefighter (womanfirefighter)
    Man police officer emoticon Man police officer (manpoliceofficer)
    Woman police officer emoticon Woman police officer (womanpoliceofficer)
    Detective emoticon Detective (detective)
    Man detective emoticon Man detective (mandetective)
    Woman detective emoticon Woman detective (womandetective)
    Man guard emoticon Man guard (manguard)
    Woman guard emoticon Woman guard (womanguard)
    Ninja emoticon Ninja (ninja)
    Construction worker emoticon Construction worker (constructionworker)
    Man construction worker emoticon Man construction worker (manconstructionworker)
    Woman construction worker emoticon Woman construction worker (womanconstructionworker)
    Prince emoticon Prince (prince)
    Princess emoticon Princess (princess)
    Person wearing turban emoticon Person wearing turban (personwearingturban)
    Man wearing turban emoticon Man wearing turban (man_wearing_turban)
    Woman wearing turban emoticon Woman wearing turban (womanwearingturban)
    Man with Chinese cap emoticon Man with chinese cap (man_with_chinese_cap)
    Woman with head scarf emoticon Woman with head scarf (woman_with_head_scarf)
    Man in tuxedo emoticon Man in tuxedo (manintuxedo)
    Woman with veil emoticon Woman with veil (womanwithveil)
    Woman pregnant emoticon Woman pregnant (womanpregnant)
    Breastfeeding emoticon Breastfeeding (breastfeeding)
    Woman holding baby emoticon Woman holding baby (womanholdingbaby)
    Man holding baby emoticon Man holding baby (manholdingbaby)
    Baby angel emoticon Baby angel (babyangel) (cupid)
    Santa emoticon Santa (santa) (xmas) (christmas)
    Mrs claus emoticon Mrs claus (mother_christmas)
    Man super hero emoticon Man superhero (mansuperhero)
    Super mum emoticon Woman superhero (hero) (womansuperhero)
    Supervillain emoticon Supervillain (supervillain)
    Man supervillain emoticon Man supervillain (mansupervillain)
    Woman supervillain emoticon Woman supervillain (womansupervillain)
    Mage emoticon Mage (mage) (wizard)
    Woman mage emoticon Woman mage (womanmage) (sorceress)
    Fairy emoticon Fairy (fairy)
    Man fairy emoticon Man fairy (manfairy)
    Woman fairy emoticon Woman fairy (womanfairy)
    Lady Vampire emoticon Lady Vampire (ladyvamp) (ladyvampire)
    Hammer Dracula emoticon Hammer Dracula (dracula)
    Merperson emoticon Merperson (merperson)
    Merman emoticon Merman (merman)
    Mermaid emoticon Mermaid (mermaid)
    Elf emoticon Elf (elf)
    Man elf emoticon Man elf (manelf)
    woman elf emoticon woman elf (womanelf)
    Genie emoticon Genie (genie)
    Man genie emoticon Man genie (mangenie)
    Woman genie emoticon Woman genie (womangenie)
    Zombie emoticon Zombie (zombie)
    Person getting massage emoticon Person getting massage (persongettingfacemassage) (facemassage)
    Man getting massage emoticon Man getting massage (mangettingfacemassage)
    Getting haircut emoticon Getting haircut (persongettinghaircut)
    Man getting haircut emoticon Man getting haircut (mangettinghaircut)
    Woman getting haircut emoticon Woman getting haircut (womangettinghaircut)
    Pedestrian emoticon Pedestrian (pedestrian)
    Man walking emoticon Man walking (manwalking) (manpedestrian)
    Woman walking emoticon Woman walking (womanwalking) (womanpedestrian)
    Standing emoticon Standing (standing) (nonbinarystanding)
    Man standing emoticon Man standing (manstanding)
    Woman standing emoticon Woman standing (womanstanding)
    Person kneeling emoticon Person kneeling (personkneeling)
    Man kneeling emoticon Man kneeling (mankneeling)
    Woman kneeling emoticon Woman kneeling (womankneeling)
    Person with probing cane emoticon Person with probing cane (personwithprobingcane)
    Man probing cane emoticon Man probing cane (manprobingcane)
    Woman probing cane emoticon Woman probing cane (womanprobingcane)
    Person in motorized wheelchair emoticon Person in motorized wheelchair (personinmotorizedwheelchair)
    Man in motorized wheelchair emoticon Man in motorized wheelchair (maninmotorizedwheelchair)
    Woman in motorized wheelchair emoticon Woman in motorized wheelchair (womaninmotorizedwheelchair)
    Man in manual wheelchair emoticon Man in manual wheelchair (maninmanualwheelchair)
    Woman in manual wheelchair emoticon Woman in manual wheelchair (womaninmanualwheelchair)
    Runner emoticon Runner (runner)
    Got to run emoticon Got to run (gottarun) (gtr) (run)
    Running emoticon Running (running)
    Woman dancing emoticon Woman dancing (womandancing)
    Dancing emoticon Dancing (dance) \o/ \:D/ \:d/
    Man in suit levitating emoticon Man in suit levitating (maninsuitlevitating)
    Persons with bunny ears emoticon Persons with bunny ears (people_with_bunny_ears)
    Men with bunny ears emoticon Men with bunny ears (men_with_bunny_ears)
    Women with bunny ears emoticon Women with bunny ears (women_with_bunny_ears)
    Person steam room emoticon Person steam room (steam_room)
    Man in steamy room emoticon Man in steamy room (man_steam_room)
    Woman steam room emoticon Woman steam room (woman_steam_room)
    Person climbing emoticon Person climbing (climber)
    Man climbing emoticon Man climbing (manclimbing)
    Woman climbing emoticon Woman climbing (womanclimbing)
    Woman fencer emoticon Woman fencer (womanfencer)
    Horse racing emoticon Horse racing (horseracing)
    Skier emoticon Skier (skier)
    Snowboarder emoticon Snowboarder (snowboarder)
    Person golfing emoticon Person golfing (golfer)
    Man golfing emoticon Man golfing (mangolfing)
    Woman golfer emoticon Woman golfer (womangolfer)
    Person surfing emoticon Person surfing (personsurfing)
    Man surfer emoticon Man surfer (mansurfer) (msurfer)
    Woman surfer emoticon Woman surfer (womansurfer) (wsurfer) (fsurfer)
    Man rowing boat emoticon Man rowing boat (manrowingboat)
    Woman rowing boat emoticon Woman rowing boat (womanrowingboat)
    Man swimming emoticon Man swimming (manswimming)
    Woman swimmer emoticon Woman swimmer (womanswimmer)
    Person bouncing ball emoticon Person bouncing ball (bouncingball)
    Man bouncing ball emoticon Man bouncing ball (manbouncingball)
    Woman bouncing ball emoticon Woman bouncing ball (womanbouncingball)
    Person lifting weights emoticon Person lifting weights (weightlifter)
    Man lifting weights emoticon Man lifting weights (manliftingweights)
    Woman weight lifter emoticon Woman weight lifter (womanweightlifter)
    Person biking emoticon Person biking (1f6b4_personbiking)
    Bicycle emoticon Bicycle (bike) (bicycle) (sander)
    Woman riding bike emoticon Woman riding bike (womanridingbike)
    Man mountain biking emoticon Man mountain biking (manmountainbiking)
    Woman mountain biking emoticon Woman mountain biking (womanmountainbiking)
    Person cartwheeling emoticon Person cartwheeling (personcartwheeling)
    Man cartwheeling emoticon Man cartwheeling (mancartwheeling)
    Woman cartwheeling emoticon Woman cartwheeling (womancartwheeling)
    Men wrestling emoticon Men wrestling (menwrestling)
    Woman wrestling emoticon Woman wrestling (womanwrestling)
    Man playing water polo emoticon Man playing water polo (manplayingwaterpolo)
    Woman playing water polo emoticon Woman playing water polo (womanplayingwaterpolo)
    Man playing handball emoticon Man playing handball (manplayinghandball)
    Woman playing handball emoticon Woman playing handball (womanplayinghandball)
    Man juggling emoticon Man juggling (manjuggling)
    Woman juggling emoticon Woman juggling (womanjuggling)
    Person in lotus position emoticon Person in lotus position (lotusposition)
    Man in lotus position emoticon Man in lotus position (maninlotusposition)
    Yoga emoticon Yoga (yoga)
    Woman bath emoticon Woman bath (womanbath)
    Person in bed emoticon Person in bed (personinbed)
    Couple holding hands emoticon Couple holding hands (holdinghands) (coupleholdinghands) (nonbinarynonbinaryholdinghands)
    Woman woman holding hands emoticon Woman woman holding hands (womanwomanholdinghands)
    Man woman holding hands emoticon Man woman holding hands (manwomanholdinghands)
    Man man holding hands emoticon Man man holding hands (manmanholdinghands)
    Couple kiss emoticon Couple kiss (kissing) (couplekissing) (nonbinarynonbinarykiss)
    Man woman kiss emoticon Man woman kiss (manwomankiss)
    Woman woman kiss emoticon Woman woman kiss (womanwomankiss) (womanwomankissing)
    Man man kiss emoticon Man man kiss (manmankiss) (manmankissing)
    Couple with heart emoticon Couple with heart (coupleheart) (nonbinarynonbinaryheart)
    Male woman heart emoticon Male woman heart (manwomanheart)
    Woman woman heart emoticon Woman woman heart (womanwomanheart)
    Man man heart emoticon Man man heart (manmanheart)
    Family emoticon Family (family)
    Family man woman girl emoticon Family man woman girl (familymanwomangirl)
    Family man woman girl boy emoticon Family man woman girl boy (familymanwomangirlboy)
    Family man woman boy boy emoticon Family man woman boy boy (familymanwomanboyboy)
    Family man woman girl girl emoticon Family man woman girl girl (familymanwomangirlgirl)
    Family man man boy emoticon Family man man boy (familymanmanboy)
    Family man man girl emoticon Family man man girl (familymanmangirl)
    Family man man girl boy emoticon Family man man girl boy (familymanmangirlboy)
    Family woman woman boy emoticon Family woman woman boy (familywomanwomanboy)
    Family woman woman girl emoticon Family woman woman girl (familywomanwomangirl)
    Family woman woman girl boy emoticon Family woman woman girl boy (familywomanwomangirlboy)
    Family woman woman boy boy emoticon Family woman woman boy boy (familywomanwomanboyboy)
    Family woman woman girl girl emoticon Family woman woman girl girl (familywomanwomangirlgirl)
    Family man boy emoticon Family man boy (familymanboy)
    Family man boy boy emoticon Family man boy boy (familymanboyboy)
    Family man girl emoticon Family man girl (familymangirl)
    Family man girl boy emoticon Family man girl boy (familymangirlboy)
    Family man girl girl emoticon Family man girl girl (familymangirlgirl)
    Family woman boy emoticon Family woman boy (familywomanboy)
    Family woman boy boy emoticon Family woman boy boy (familywomanboyboy)
    Mum and daughter emoticon Mum and daughter (mumanddaughter) (womanandgirl)
    Family woman girl boy emoticon Family woman girl boy (familywomangirlboy)
    Family woman girl girl emoticon Family woman girl girl (familywomangirlgirl)
    Speaking head emoticon Speaking head (speakingheadinsilhouette)
    Busts in Silhouette emoticon Busts in Silhouette (bustsinsilhouette)
    Bust in Silhouette emoticon Bust in Silhouette (bustinsilhouette)
    Footprints emoticon Footprints (footprints)

    Skype Unique
    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Bottle feeding emoticon Bottle feeding (bottlefeeding)
    Man bottle feeding emoticon Man bottle feeding (manbottlefeeding)
    Busy day emoticon Busy day (busyday)
    Man busy day emoticon Man Busy Day (manbusyday)
    Woman blow kiss emoticon Woman blow kiss (womanblowkiss)
    Man blow kiss emoticon Man blow kiss (manblowkiss)
    woman award emoticon Woman receiving award (womanaward)
    Man award emoticon Man Award (manaward)
    Woman sign love emoticon Woman sign love (womansignlove)
    Man sign love emoticon Man sign love (mansignlove)
    Love cat (female) emoticon Love cat (female) (womanholdingcat)
    Love cat (male) emoticon Love cat (male) (manholdingcat)
    Love dog (female) emoticon Love dog (female) (womanholdingdog)
    Love dog (male) Love dog (male) (manholdingdog)
    Cheerleader emoticon Cheerleader (cheerleader)
    Keep fit emoticon Keep fit (skip) (skippingrope)
    Synchronized swimming emoticon Synchronized swimming (synchswim)
    Suryan Namaskar emoticon Suryan Namaskar (suryannamaskar)
    Trampoline emoticon Trampoline (trampoline)
    muscle and fat guy emoticon Muscle and fat guy (muscleman)
    Podium emoticon Podium (winner)
    Woman playing basketball emoticon Woman playing basketball (womanslamdunk)
    Basketball emoticon Basketball (slamdunk)
    Skate emoticon Skate (skate)
    Woman motorbike emoticon Woman Motorbike (womanmotorbike)
    Man motorbike emoticon Man Motorbike (manmotorbike)
    Woman playing football emoticon Woman playing football (womanfootball)
    Bartlett emoticon Man playing football (football) (bartlett)
    pull shot emoticon Pull shot (pullshot) (shot) (chauka)
    Bowled emoticon Bowled (bowled) (out) (wicket)
    Falling in love emoticon Falling in love (fallinlove)
    Tennis fail emoticon Tennis fail (tennisfail)
    Target emoticon Archery (target)
    Football fail emoticon Football fail (footballfail)
    Man taking a photo emoticon Man taking a photo (zilmer) (priidu)
    A man and his dog emoticon A man and his dog (toivo)
    Granny scooter emoticon Granny scooter (grannyscooter)
    Forever love emoticon Forever love (foreverlove)
    Disco dancer emoticon Disco dancer (disco) (discodancer)
    Bhangra emoticon Bhangra (bhangra)
    Mariachi love emoticon Mariachi love (mariachilove)
    Skipping emoticon Skipping (skipping)
    Man skipping emoticon Man Skipping (manskipping)
    Woman emoticon Woman (woman) (female) (girl)
    Man emoticon Man (man) (male) (boy)
    Computer rage emoticon Computer rage (computerrage) (typingrage)
    TV binge zombie emoticon TV binge zombie (tvbinge)
    Bolly love emoticon In love pose (bollylove)
    Girl shopping (shopping) (shopper)
    No! emoticon No! (nahi) (naa)
    Slipper emoticon Slipper (chappal) (slipper)
    Promise emoticon Promise (promise) (kasamse)
    Sorry emoticon Sorry (kaanpakadna) (sorry) (maafi)
    Witch emoticon Witch (witch)
    Zombie emoticon Mummy walk (mummywalk)
    Zombie wave emoticon Zombie wave (zombiewave)
    Stop emoticon Stop (stop)
    Dad time emoticon Dad time (dadtime)
    Mom-melo emoticon Mom-mello (hotchocolate)
    Feeling sweet! emoticon Feeling sweet! (cupcake)
    Jane Goodall emoticon Jane Goodall (janegoodall)
    Frost wizard emoticon Frost Wizard (dedmoroz) (frostwizard)
    Auld emoticon auld (auld)
    Lang emoticon lang (lang)
    syne emoticon syne (syne)
    Xmas woman emoticon Xmas woman (xmaswoman)
    Xmas man emoticon Xmas man (xmasman)
    Ant-man emoticon Ant-Man (antman)
    Wasp emoticon Wasp (amwasp)
    Ant-Man Ghost emoticon Ghost (amghost)
    Hank Pym emoticon Hank Pym (hankpym)
    Flying ant emoticon Flying Ant (amflyingant)
    Truck riding emoticon Truck riding (amtruck)
    Wasp grow emoticon Wasp grow (amwaspgrow)
    L3-37 emoticon L3-37 (l3-37) (l337)
    Lando emoticon Lando (lando)
    Enfys Nest emoticon Enfys Nest (enfysnest)
    Qi'ra emoticon Qi'ra (qi'ra) (qira)
    Beckett emoticon Beckett (beckett)
    Solo emoticon Solo (solo)
    Chewie emoticon Chewie (chewie)

    Animals and Nature

    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Monkey emoticon Monkey (monkey) (ape)
    Gorilla emoticon Gorilla (gorilla)
    Orangutan scratching emoticon Orangutan scratch (orangutanscratch) (orangutanscratching)
    Dog emoticon Dog (dog) :o3 (&)
    Guidedog emoticon Guidedog (guidedog)
    Service Dog emoticon Service Dog (servicedog)
    Poodle emoticon Poodle (poodle)
    Wolf Face emoticon Wolf Face (wolfface)
    Fox hug emoticon Fox hug (foxhug)
    Cat emoticon Cat (cat) (@) (meow) (kitty)
    Lion emoticon Lion (lion)
    Tiger emoticon Tiger face (tigerface)
    Tiger emoticon Tiger (tiger)
    Leopard emoticon Leopard (leopard)
    Horse Face emoticon Horse Face (horseface)
    Horse emoticon Horse (horse)
    Unicorn head emoticon Unicorn head (unicornhead)
    Zebra emoticon Zebra (zebra)
    Reindeer emoticon Reindeer (reindeer)
    Cow Face emoticon Cow Face (cowface)
    Ox emoticon Ox (ox)
    Water Buffalo emoticon Water Buffalo (waterbuffalo)
    Cow emoticon Cow (cow)
    Pig Face Emoticon Pig Face (pigface)
    Pig emoticon Pig (pig)
    Boar emoticon Boar (boar)
    Pig Nose emoticon Pig Nose (pignose) (snout)
    Ram emoticon Ram (Ram)
    Lamb emoticon Spring lamb (lamb)
    Goat emoticon Goat (goat)
    Camel emoticon Camel (camel)
    Two humped Camel emoticon Two humped Camel (twohumpcamel)
    Llama emoticon Llama (llama)
    Giraffe emoticon Giraffe (giraffe)
    elephant emoticon Elephant (elephant)
    Rhinoceros emoticon Rhinoceros (rhino)
    Hippopotamus emoticon Hippopotamus (hippo)
    Mouse Face emoticon Mouse Face (mouseface)
    Mouse emoticon Mouse (mouse)
    Rat emoticon Rat (rat)
    Hamster Face emoticon Hamster Face (hamsterface)
    Bunny hug emoticon Bunny hug (bunnyhug)
    bunny emoticon Bunny (bunny) (lovebunny) (rabbit)
    Chipmunk emoticon Chipmunk (chipmunk)
    Hedgehog hug emoticon Hedgehog hug (hedgehoghug)
    Bat smile emoticon Bat smile (batsmile) (bat)
    Bear Face emoticon Bear Face (bearface)
    Koala emoticon Koala (koala)
    Panda emoticon Panda (panda)
    Sloth emoticon Sloth (sloth)
    Otter emoticon Otter (otter)
    Skunk emoticon Skunk (skunk)
    Kangaroo emoticon Kangaroo (kangaroo)
    Badger emoticon Badger (badger)
    Paw Prints emoticon Paw Prints (pawprints)
    Turkey emoticon Turkey (turkeybird)
    Chicken emoticon Chicken (chicken)
    Rooster emoticon Rooster (rooster)
    Hatching Chick emoticon Hatching Chick (hatchingchick)
    Baby Chick emoticon Baby Chick (babychick)
    Front Facing Baby Chick emoticon Front Facing Baby Chick (frontfacingbabychick)
    Bird emoticon Bird (bird)
    Dancing penguin emoticon Dancing Penguin (penguin) (dancingpenguin) (penguindance)
    Dove emoticon Dove (dove) (doveofpeace)
    Eagle emoticon Eagle (eagle)
    Duck emoticon Duck (duck)
    Swan emoticon Swan (swan)
    Owl emoticon Owl (owl)
    Flamingo emoticon Flamingo (flamingo)
    Peacock emoticon Peacock (peacock)
    Parrot emoticon Parrot (parrot)
    Frog Face emoticon Frog Face (frogface)
    Crocodile emoticon Crocodile (crocodile)
    Tortoise emoticon Tortoise (tortoise)
    Lizard emoticon Lizard (lizard)
    Snake emoticon Snake (snake)
    Dragon Face emoticon Dragon Face (dragonface)
    Dragon emoticon Dragon (dragon)
    Dinosaur emoticon Dinosaur (dinosaur)
    Spouting Whale emoticon Spouting Whale (spoutingwhale)
    Whale emoticon Whale (whale)
    Dolphin emoticon Dolphin (dolphin)
    Fish emoticon Fish (fish)
    Tropical fish emoticon Tropical fish (tropicalfish)
    Blowfish emoticon Blowfish (puffer)
    Shark emoticon Shark (shark) (jaws)
    Octopus emoticon Octopus (octopus)
    Spiralshell emoticon Spiralshell (spiralshell) (shell) (seashell)
    snail emoticon Snail (snail) (sn) (SN)
    Butterfly emoticon Butterfly (butterfly)
    Bug emoticon bug (bug)
    Ant emoticon Ant (ant)
    Bee emoticon Bee (bee)
    Ladybird emoticon Ladybird (ladybird) (ladybug)
    Cricket emoticon Cricket (cricket)
    Spider emoticon Spider (spider)
    Web emoticon Web (web) (cobweb) (spiderweb)
    Scorpion emoticon Scorpion (scorpion)
    Mosquito emoticon Mosquito (mosquito)
    Microbe emoticon Microbe (microbe) (virus)
    Bouquet emoticon Bouquet (bouquet)
    Cherry blossom emoticon Cherry blossom (cherryblossom)
    White Flower emoticon White Flower (whiteflower)
    Rosette emoticon Rosette (rosette)
    Rose emoticon Rose (rose)
    Wilted flower emoticon Wilted flower (wiltedflower) (w)
    Hibiscus emoticon Hibiscus (hibiscus)
    Sunflower emoticon Sunflower (sunflower)
    Flower emoticon Flower (flower)
    Tulip emoticon Tulip (tulip)
    Seedling emoticon Seedling (seedling)
    Evergreen tree emoticon Evergreen tree (evergreentree)
    Deciduous tree emoticon Deciduous tree (deciduoustree) (treedeciduous)
    Cactus emoticon Cactus (cactus)
    Sheaf of rice emoticon Sheaf of rice (earofrice)
    Herb emoticon Herb (herb)
    Shamrock emoticon Shamrock (shamrock)
    Good luck emoticon Goodluck (goodluck)
    Maple leaf emoticon Maple leaf (mapleleaf)
    Fallen leaf emoticon Fallen leaf (fallenleaf)
    Falling leaf emoticon Falling leaf (fallingleaf)

    Skype Unique
    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Penguin kiss emoticon Penguin kiss (penguinkiss)
    Hug emoticon Hug (hug) (bear)
    raccoon emoticon Raccoon (raccoon)
    Seal emoticon Seal (seal)
    Unicorn emoticon Unicorn (unicorn)
    Stingray emoticon Stingray (stingray)
    Orangutan wave emoticon Orangutan wave (orangutanwave)
    Monkey giggle emoticon Monkey giggle (monkeygiggle)
    See no evil monkey emoticon Monkey See No Evil (seenoevil)
    Hear no evil monkey emoticon Monkey Hear No Evil (hearnoevil)
    Speak no evil monkey emoticon Monkey Speak No Evil (speaknoevil)
    Smile monkey emoticon Smile monkey (smilemonkey)
    Heart eyes monkey emoticon Heart eyes monkey (hearteyesmonkey)
    Sad monkey emoticon Sad monkey (sadmonkey)
    Laugh monkey emoticon Laugh monkey (laughmonkey)
    Cool monkey emoticon Cool monkey (coolmonkey)
    Polar bear emoticon Polar bear (polarbear) (polarbearhug)
    Moving home emoticon Moving home (movinghome)
    Donkey emoticon Donkey (donkey) (gadha)
    Love bite emoticon Love bites (lovebites)
    Angry red emoticon Angry Red (red)
    Dancing hen emoticon Dancing hen (hendance)
    Rock chick emoticon Rock chick (rockchick)
    Hedgehog emoticon Hedgehog (hedgehog)
    Squirrel emoticon Squirrel (squirrel) (heidy)
    Acorn emoticon Acorn (acorn)
    Hungry cat emoticon Hungry cat (hungrycat)
    Ganesh emoticon Ganesh (ganesh)
    Bat cry emoticon Bat cry (batcry)
    Werewolf howl emoticon Werewolf howl (werewolfhowl)
    Snow angel emoticon Snow Angel (snowangel)
    Snegovik emoticon Snow buddie (snegovik) (snowbuddie)
    Ginger keep fit emoticon Ginger keep fit (gingerkeepfit)
    Year of the Monkey emoticon Year of the Monkey (yotm) (monkeyyear)
    Year of the fire rooster emoticon Year of the fire rooster (yotfr)
    Year of the dog emoticon Year of the dog (yotd)
    Year of the pig emoticon Year of the pig (yotp)
    Year of the rat emoticon Year of the rat (yotr)
    Porg emoticon Porg (porg)
    Porg surprised emoticon Porg surprised (porgsurprised)
    Chewbacca emoticon Chewbacca (chewbacca)
    Shrimp emoticon Shrimp (shrimp)
    Squid emoticon Squid (squid)
    Lobster emoticon Lobster (lobster)
    Crab emoticon Crab (crab)
    Turtle emoticon Turtle (turtle)


    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Grapes emoticon Grapes (grapes)
    Melon emoticon Melon (melon) (cantaloupe)
    Watermelon emoticon Watermelon (watermelon)
    Orange emoticon Orange (orange)
    Lemon emoticon Lemon (lemon)
    Banana emoticon Banana (banana)
    Pineapple emoticon Pineapple (pineapple)
    Mango emoticon Mango (mango)
    apple emoticon Apple (apple)
    Green apple emoticon Green apple (greenapple)
    Pear emoticon Pear (pear)
    Peach emoticon Peach (peach)
    Cherries emoticon Cherries (cherries)
    Strawberry emoticon Strawberry (strawberry)
    Kiwi fruit emoticon Kiwi fruit (kiwi)
    Tomato emoticon Tomato (tomato)
    Coconut emoticon Coconut (coconut)
    Avocado love emoticon Avocado love (avocadolove)
    Eggplant emoticon Eggplant (aubergine)(eggplant)
    Potato emoticon Potato (potato)
    Carrot emoticon Carrot (carrot)
    Corn emoticon Corn (corn)
    Chili pepper emoticon Chili pepper (chilipepper)
    Cucumber emoticon Cucumber (cucumber) (gherkin)
    Lettuce emoticon Lettuce (lettuce)
    Broccoli emoticon Broccoli (broccoli)
    Garlic emoticon Garlic (garlic)
    Onion emoticon Onion (onion)
    Mushroom emoticon Mushroom (mushroom)
    Peanuts emoticon Peanuts (nuts) (peanuts)
    Chestnut emoticon Chestnut (chestnut)
    Bread emoticon Bread (bread)
    Croissant emoticon Croissant (croissant)
    Baguette emoticon Baguette (baguette)
    Pretzel emoticon Pretzel (pretzel)
    Bagel emoticon Bagel (bagel)
    Pancake emoticon Pancake (pancake)
    Waffle emoticon Waffle (waffle)
    Cheese emoticon Cheese (cheese) (stink)
    Meat on bone emoticon Meat on bone (meatonbone) (anoniku)
    Chicken leg emoticon Chicken leg (chickenleg)
    Steak emoticon Steak (steak)
    Bacon emoticon Bacon (bacon)
    Burgers emoticon Burger (burger)
    Fries emoticon Fries (fries)
    Pizza emoticon Pizza (pi) (pizza)
    Hot dog emoticon Hot dog (hotdog)
    Sandwich emoticon Sandwich (sandwich)
    Taco emoticon Taco (taco)
    Burrito emoticon Burrito (burrito)
    Pita bread emoticon Pita bread (pitabread)
    Falafel emoticon Falafel (falafel)
    Egg emoticon Egg (egg)
    Cooking emoticon Cooking (cooking) (friedegg)
    Paella emoticon Paella (paella)
    Stew emoticon Stew (stew) (casserole)
    Bowl with spoon emoticon Bowl with spoon (bowlwithspoon)
    Salad emoticon Salad (salad)
    Popcorn emoticon Popcorn (popcorn)
    Butter emoticon Butter (butter)
    Salt emoticon Salt (salt)
    Tin can emoticon Tin can (tincan) (campbell)
    Bento box emoticon Bento box (bento)
    Rice cracker emoticon Rice cracker (ricecracker)
    Rice ball emoticon Rice ball (riceball)
    Rice emoticon Rice (rice)
    Curry emoticon Curry (curry) (curryandrice)
    Noodles emoticon Noodles (noodles)
    Spaghetti emoticon Spaghetti (spaghetti)
    Sweet potato emoticon Sweet potato (sweetpotato) (batata) (yam)
    Oden emoticon Oden (oden)
    Sushi emoticon Sushi (sushi)
    Fried shrimp emoticon Fried shrimp (friedshrimp)
    Fishcake emoticon Fishcake (fishcake)
    Moon cake emoticon Moon cake (mooncake)
    Dango emoticon Dango (dango)
    Dumpling emoticon Dumpling (dumpling)
    Fortune cookie emoticon Fortune cookie (fortunecookie)
    Takeout box emoticon Takeout box (takeoutbox)
    Crab emoticon Crab (crab)
    Lobster emoticon Lobster (lobster)
    Shrimp emoticon Shrimp (shrimp)
    Squid emoticon Squid (squid)
    Oyster emoticon Oyster (oyster)
    Ice cream emoticon Soft ice cream (icecream)
    Shaved ice emoticon Shaved ice (shavedice)
    Ice cream emoticon Ice cream (sundae)
    Doughnut emoticon Doughnut (doughnut) (donut)
    Cookies emoticon Cookies (cookies)
    Cake emoticon Cake (cake)
    Cake slice emoticon Cake slice (cakeslice)
    Feeling sweet! emoticon Feeling sweet! (cupcake)
    Pie emoticon Pie (pie)
    Chocolate emoticon Chocolate (chocolate)
    Candy emoticon Candy (candy)
    Lollipop emoticon Lollipop (lollipop)
    Custard emoticon Custard (custard)
    Honey emoticon Honey (honey)
    Baby bottle emoticon Baby bottle (babybottle)
    Milk emoticon Milk (milk)
    Coffee emoticon Coffee (coffee)
    Tea emoticon Tea (chai) (tea)
    Sake emoticon Sake (sake)
    Champagne emoticon Champagne (champagne)(sparkling)
    Red wine emoticon Red wine (redwine)
    Drink emoticon Drink (drink)
    Tropical drink emoticon Tropical drink (tropicaldrink) (fruitpunch)
    Beer emoticon Beer (beer) (bricklayers)
    Beer mugs emoticon Beer mugs (beermugs) (beers)
    Cheers emoticon Cheers (cheers)
    Tumbler glass emoticon Tumbler glass (tumbler) (whiskey)
    Cup with straw emoticon Cup with straw (cupwithstraw)
    Juice box emoticon Juice box (juicebox)
    Yerba mate emoticon Yerba mate (yerbamate) (mate)
    Ice cube emoticon Ice cube (icecube)
    Chopsticks emoticon Chopsticks (chopsticks)
    Dinner emoticon Dinner (dinner)
    Cutlery emoticon Cutlery (cutlery) (forkandknife)
    Spoon emoticon Spoon (spoon)
    Kitchen knife emoticon Kitchen knife (kitchenknife)
    Amphora emoticon Amphora (amphora)

    Skype Unique
    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Great pear emoticon Great pear (greatpear)
    Pizza slice emoticon Pizza slice (pizzaslice)
    Sweet emoticon Sweet (laddu)
    Tandoori chicken emoticon Tandoori chicken (tandoori)(tandoorichicken)
    Turkey emoticon Dancing Thanksgiving turkey (turkey) (turkeydance)
    Fool emoticon Fool (dhakkan) (fool)

    Travel and Places

    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Earth globe Europe Africa emoticon Earth globe europe africa (earthglobeeuropeafrica)
    Earth globe Americas emoticon Earth globe americas (earthglobeamericas)
    Earth globe Asia Australia emoticon Earth globe asia australia (earthglobeasiaaustralia)
    Globe with meridians emoticon Globe with meridians (globewithmeridians)
    World map emoticon World map (worldmap)
    Silhouette of Japan emoticon Silhouette of japan (silhouetteofjapan)
    Compass emoticon Compass (compass)
    Snow capped mountain emoticon Snow capped mountain (snowcappedmountain)
    Mountain emoticon Mountain (mountain)
    Volcano emoticon Volcano (volcano)
    Camping emoticon Mount fuji (mountfuji)
    Beach with umbrella emoticon Beach with umbrella (beachwithumbrella)
    Desert emoticon Desert (desert)
    Island emoticon Island (island) (ip)
    National park emoticon National park (nationalpark)
    Stadium emoticon Stadium (stadium)
    Classical building emoticon Classical building (classicalbuilding)
    Building construction emoticon Building construction (buildingconstruction)
    Bricks emoticon Bricks (bricks)
    House building emoticon House building (housebuildings)
    Derelict house emoticon Derelict house (derelicthouse)
    House emoticon House (house) (home)
    House with garden emoticon House with garden (housewithgarden)
    Office building emoticon Office building (officebuilding)
    Post office emoticon Post office (japanesepostoffice)
    European post office emoticon European post office (europeanpostoffice)
    Hospital emoticon Hospital (hospital)
    Bank emoticon Bank (bank)
    Hotel emoticon Hotel (hotel)
    Love hotel emoticon Love hotel (lovehotel)
    Convenience store emoticon Convenience store (conveniencestore)
    School emoticon School (school)
    Department store emoticon Department store (departmentstore)
    Factory emoticon Factory (factory)
    Castle emoticon Castle (japanesecastle)
    European castle emoticon European castle (europeancastle)
    Wedding emoticon Wedding (wedding)
    Tokyo tower emoticon Tokyo tower (tokyotower)
    Statue of liberty emoticon Statue of Liberty (statueofliberty)
    Church emoticon Church (church)
    Mosque emoticon Mosque (mosque)
    Hindu temple emoticon Hindu temple (hindutemple)
    Synagogue emoticon Synagogue (Synagogue)
    Shinto shrine emoticon Shinto shrine (shintoshrine)
    Kaaba emoticon Kaaba (kaaba)
    Fountain emoticon Fountain (fountain)
    Tent emoticon Tent (tent)
    Foggy emoticon Foggy (foggy)
    Night with stars emoticon Night with stars (nightwithstars)
    City scape emoticon City scape (cityscape)
    Sunrise over mountains emoticon Sunrise over mountains (sunriseovermountains)
    Sunrise emoticon Sunrise (sunrise)
    City scape at dusk emoticon City scape at dusk (cityscapeatdusk)
    Sunset over buildings emoticon Sunset over buildings (sunsetoverbuildings)
    Bridge at night emoticon Bridge at night (bridgeatnight)
    Hot springs emoticon Hot springs (hotsprings)
    Carousel horse emoticon Carousel horse (carouselhorse)
    Ferris wheel emoticon Ferris wheel (ferriswheel)
    Rollercoaster emoticon Rollercoaster (rollercoaster)
    Barber pole emoticon Barber pole (barberpole)
    Circus tent emoticon Circus tent (circustent)
    Steam train emoticon Steam train (steamtrain) (train)
    Railway car emoticon Railway car (railwaycar)
    High speed train emoticon High speed train (highspeedtrain)
    Bullet train emoticon Bullet train (bulletrain)
    Train emoticon Train (passengertrain)
    Light rail emoticon Light rail (lightrail)
    Station emoticon Station (station)
    Tram emoticon Tram (tram)
    Monorail emoticon Monorail (monorail)
    Mountain railway emoticon Mountain railway (mountainrailway)
    Tram car emoticon Tram car (tramcar)
    Bus emoticon Bus (bus)
    Oncoming bus emoticon Oncoming bus (oncomingbus)
    Trolley bus emoticon Trolley bus (trolleybus)
    Minibus emoticon Minibus (minibus)
    Ambulance emoticon Ambulance (ambulance)
    Fire engine emoticon Fire engine (fireengine)
    Police car emoticon Police car (policecar)
    Oncoming police car emoticon Oncoming police car (oncomingpolicecar)
    Taxi emoticon Taxi (taxi)
    Oncoming taxi emoticon Oncoming taxi (oncomingtaxi)
    Car emoticon Car (car) (au)
    Oncoming automobile emoticon Oncoming automobile (oncomingautomobile)
    Sports utility vehicle emoticon Sports utility vehicle (suv) (offroad) (recreationalvehicle)
    Truck emoticon Truck (truck)
    Articulated lorry emoticon Articulated lorry (articulatedlorry)
    Tractor emoticon Tractor (tractor)
    Racing car emoticon Racing car (racingcar)
    Man motorbike emoticon Man Motorbike (manmotorbike)
    Scooter emoticon Scooter (scooter)
    Manual wheelchair emoticon Manual wheelchair (manualwheelchair)
    Motorized wheelchair emoticon Motorized wheelchair (motorizedwheelchair)
    Push bike emoticon Push bike (pushbike)
    Skate emoticon Skate (skate)
    Bus stop emoticon Bus stop (busstop)
    Motorway emoticon Motorway (motorway)
    Railway track emoticon Railway track (railwaytrack)
    Oil drum emoticon Oil drum (oildrum)
    Fuel pump emoticon Fuel pump (fuelpump)
    Police car light emoticon Police car light (policecarsrevolvinglight)
    Horizontal traffic light emoticon Horizontal traffic light (horizontaltrafficlight)
    Vertical traffic light emoticon Vertical traffic light (verticaltrafficlight)
    Stop emoticon Stop (stop)
    Construction sign emoticon Construction sign (constructionsign)
    Anchor emoticon Anchor (anchor)
    Sailboat emoticon Sailboat (sailboat)
    Canoe emoticon Canoe (canoe)
    Speedboat emoticon Speedboat (speedboat)
    Passenger ship emoticon Passenger ship (passengership)
    Ferry emoticon Ferry (ferry)
    Motor boat emoticon Motor boat (motorboat)
    Ship emoticon Ship (ship)
    Plane emoticon Plane (plane) (ap) (airplane) (aeroplane) (aircraft) (jet) 
    Small airplane emoticon Small airplane (smallairplane)
    Airplane departure emoticon Airplane departure (airplanedeparture)
    Airplane arriving emoticon Airplane arriving (airplanearriving)
    Parachute emoticon Parachute (parachute)
    Seat emoticon Seat (seat)
    Helicopter emoticon Helicopter (helicopter)
    Suspension railway emoticon Suspension railway (suspensionrailway)
    Mountain cableway emoticon Mountain cableway (mountaincableway)
    Aerial tramway emoticon Aerial tramway (aerialtramway)
    Satellite emoticon Satellite (satellite)
    Rocket launch emoticon Rocket launch (launch) (rocket) (shuttle)
    Flying saucer emoticon Flying saucer (flyingsaucer)
    Bellhop bell emoticon Bellhop bell (bellhopbell)
    Luggage emoticon Luggage (luggage)
    Hour glass done emoticon Hour glass done (hourglassdone)
    Watch emoticon Watch (watch)
    Alarm clock emoticon Alarm clock (alarmclock)
    Stop watch emoticon Stop watch (stopwatch)
    Timer clock emoticon Timer clock (timerclock)
    Mantel piece clock emoticon Mantel piece clock (mantelpiececlock)
    Twelve o'clock emoticon Twelve o'clock (twelveoclock) (clock12)
    Twelve thirty emoticon Twelve thirty (twelvethirty) (clock1230)
    One o'clock emoticon One o'clock (oneoclock) (clock1)
    One thirty emoticon One thirty (onethirty) (clock130)
    Two o'clock emoticon Two o'clock (twooclock) (clock2)
    Two thirty emoticon Two thirty (twothirty) (clock230)
    Three o'clock emoticon Three o'clock (threeoclock) (clock3)
    Three thirty emoticon Three thirty (threethirty) (clock330)
    Four o'clock emoticon Four o'clock (fouroclock) (clock4)
    Four thirty emoticon Four thirty (fourthirty) (clock430)
    Five o'clock emoticon Five o'clock (fiveoclock) (clock5)
    Five thirty emoticon Five thirty (fivethirty) (clock530)
    Six o'clock emoticon Six o'clock (sixoclock) (clock6)
    Six thirty emoticon Six thirty (sixthirty) (clock630)
    Seven o'clock emoticon Seven o'clock (sevenoclock) (clock7)
    Seven thirty emoticon Seven thirty (seventhirty) (clock730)
    Eight o'clock emoticon Eight o'clock (eightoclock) (clock8)
    Eight thirty emoticon Eight thirty (eightthirty) (clock830)
    Nine o'clock emoticon Nine o'clock (nineoclock) (clock9)
    Nine thirty emoticon Nine thirty (ninethirty) (clock930)
    Ten o'clock emoticon Ten o'clock (tenoclock) (clock10)
    Ten thirty emoticon Ten thirty (tenthirty) (clock1030)
    Eleven o'clock emoticon Eleven o'clock (elevenoclock) (clock11)
    Eleven thirty emoticon Eleven thirty (eleventhirty) (clock1130)
    New moon symbol emoticon New moon symbol (newmoonsymbol)
    Waxing crescent moon symbol emoticon Waxing crescent moon symbol (waxingcrescentmoonsymbol)
    First quarter moon symbol emoticon First quarter moon symbol (firstquartermoonsymbol)
    Waxing gibbous moon system emoticon Waxing gibbous moon system (waxinggibbousmoonsymbol)
    Full moon symbol emoticon Full moon symbol (fullmoonsymbol)
    Waning gibbous moon symbol emoticon Waning gibbous moon symbol (waninggibbousmoonsymbol)
    Last quarter moon symbol emoticon Last quarter moon symbol (lastquartermoonsymbol)
    Waning crescent moon symbol emoticon Waning crescent moon symbol (waningcrescentmoonsymbol)
    Crescent moon emoticon Crescent moon (crescentmoon)
    Thermometer emoticon Thermometer (thermometer)
    Sun with rays emoticon Sun with rays (sunwithrays)
    Ringed planet emoticon Ringed planet (saturn) (ringedplanet)
    Star emoticon Star (star) (*)
    Glowing star emoticon Glowing star (glowingstar)
    Shooting star emoticon Shooting star (shootingstar)
    Milky way emoticon Milky way (milkyway)
    Cloud emoticon Cloud (cloud)
    Sun behind cloud emoticon Sun behind cloud (sunbehindcloud)
    Cloud with lightning and rain emoticon Cloud with lightning and rain (cloudwithlightningandrain)
    Sun behind small cloud emoticon Sun behind small cloud (sunbehindsmallcloud)
    Sun behind large cloud emoticon Sun behind large cloud (sunbehindlargecloud)
    Sun behind rain cloud Sun behind rain cloud (sunbehindraincloud)
    Raining emoticon Raining (rain) (london) (st)
    Cloud with snow emoticon Cloud with snow (cloudwithsnow)
    Cloud with lightning emoticon Cloud with lightning (cloudwithlightning)
    Tornado emoticon Tornado (cloudwithtornado)
    Fog emoticon Fog (fog)
    Wind face emoticon Wind face (windblowingface)
    Cyclone emoticon Cyclone (cyclone)
    Rainbow emoticon Rainbow (rainbow)
    Closed Umbrella emoticon Closed Umbrella (closedumbrella)
    Umbrella emoticon Umbrella (2602_umbrella)
    Umbrella emoticon Umbrella (umbrella) (um)
    Beach umbrella emoticon Beach umbrella (beachumbrella)
    High voltage emoticon High voltage (highvoltage) (thunderbolt)
    Snowflake emoticon Snowflake (snowflake)
    Snegovik emoticon Snow buddie (snegovik) (snowbuddie)
    Snowman without snow emoticon Snowman without snow (snowmanwithoutsnow)
    Comet emoticon Comet (comet)
    Fire emoticon Fire (fire)
    Droplets emoticon Droplets (droplets)
    Water wave emoticon Water wave (waterwave) (waves)

    Skype Unique
    Emoticon Name  Shortcuts
    Xmas car emoticon Xmas Car (xmascar)
    Rickshaw emoticon Rickshaw (rickshaw)(rikshaw) (ricksha) 
    Millennium Falcon emoticon Millennium Falcon (millenniumfalcon)
    X-wing emoticon X-wing (xwing)
    TIE fighter emoticon TIE fighter (tiefighter)


    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Pumpkin emoticon Pumpkin (pumpkin) (halloween)
    Xmas car emoticon Xmas Car (xmascar)
    Fireworks emoticon Fireworks (fireworks)
    Sparkler emoticon Sparkler (sparkler)
    Dynamite emoticon Dynamite (dynamite) (tnt) (firecracker)
    Sparkles emoticon Sparkles (sparkles)
    Balloon emoticon Balloon (balloon)
    Party popper emoticon Party popper (partypopper)
    Confetti ball emoticon Confetti ball (confettiball)
    Tanabata tree emoticon Tanabata tree (tanabatatree)
    Pine decoration emoticon Pine decoration (pinedecoration) (kadomatsu)
    Japanese dolls emoticon Japanese dolls (japanesedolls)
    Carp steamer emoticon Carp steamer (carpsteamer) (koinobori)
    Wind chime emoticon Wind chime (windchime)
    Harvest Moon emoticon Harvest Moon (harvestmoon) (tsukimi)
    Red envelope emoticon Red envelope (redenvelope) (giftenvelope) (angpao) (hongbao)
    Ribbon emoticon Ribbon (ribbon)
    Gift emoticon Gift (gift)
    Admission tickets emoticon Admission tickets (admissiontickets)
    Ticket emoticon Ticket (ticket)
    Military medal emoticon Military medal (militarymedal)
    Trophy emoticon Trophy (trophy)
    Sports medal emoticon Sports medal (sportsmedal)
    Gold medal emoticon Gold medal (goldmedal)
    Silver medal emoticon Silver medal (silvermedal)
    Bronze medal emoticon Bronze medal (bronzemedal)
    Soccer Ball emoticon Soccer Ball (soccerball)
    Baseball emoticon Baseball (baseball)
    Softball emoticon Softball (softball)
    Basketball emoticon Basketball (basketball)
    Volley ball emoticon Volley ball (volleyball)
    American football emoticon American Football (americanfootball)
    Rugby Ball emoticon Rugby Ball (rugbyball)
    Tennis Ball emoticon Tennis Ball (tennisball)
    Frisbee emoticon Frisbee (frisbee)
    Bowling Ball emoticon Bowling Ball (bowlingball)
    Field hockey emoticon Field hockey (fieldhockeystick)
    Ice hockey emoticon Ice hockey (icehockeystick)
    Lacrosse emoticon Lacrosse (lacrosse)
    Table tennis emoticon Table tennis (tabletennisbat) (pingpongbat)
    Badminton emoticon Badminton (badminton)
    Martial arts uniform emoticon Martial arts uniform (martialartsuniform)
    Goal emoticon Goal (goal)
    Flag in hole emoticon Flag In Hole (flaginhole) (golfball)
    Ice skate emoticon Ice skate (iceskate)
    Fishing rod emoticon Fishing rod (fishingrod)
    Diving mask emoticon Diving mask (divingmask) (snorkel)
    Running shirt emoticon Running shirt (runningshirt)
    Ski and skiboot emoticon Ski and skiboot (skiandskiboot)
    Sled emoticon Sled (sled)
    Curling stone emoticon Curling stone (curlingstone)
    Target emoticon Archery (target)
    Yo-yo emoticon Yo-yo (yoyo)
    Kite emoticon Kite (kite)
    Pool Eight Ball emoticon Pool Eight Ball (eightball)
    Crystal ball emoticon Crystal ball (crystalball)
    Nazar amulet emoticon Nazar amulet (nazaramulet)
    Games emoticon Games (games) (ply) (play) (playbox)
    Joystick emoticon Joystick (joystick)
    Slot machine emoticon Slot machine (slotmachine)
    Jigsaw emoticon Jigsaw (jigsaw)
    Hug emoticon Hug (hug) (bear)
    Spades emoticon Spades (spades)
    Hearts emoticon Hearts (hearts)
    Diamonds emoticon Diamonds (diamonds)
    Clubs emoticon Clubs (clubs)
    Chess pawn emoticon Chess pawn (chesspawn)
    Joker emoticon Joker (joker)
    Mahjong emoticon Mahjong (mahjong)
    Flower playing cards emoticon Flower playing cards (flowerplayingcards) (hanafuda) (hwatu)
    Performing arts emoticon Performing arts (performingarts) (drama)
    Painting emoticon Painting (painting) (pictureframe) (ninjacatpainting)
    Artist palette emoticon Artist palette (palette) (artistpalette)
    Thread emoticon Thread (thread)
    Ball of yarn emoticon Ball of yarn (yarn) (ballofyarn)

    Skype Unique
    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    American football emoticon American football (americanfootballeyes) (americanfootballbounce)


    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Glasses emoticon Glasses (glasses)
    Sunglasses emoticon Sunglasses (sunglasses)
    Goggles emoticon Goggles (goggles)
    Labcoat emoticon Labcoat (labcoat)
    Safety vest emoticon Safety vest (safetyvest)
    Neck tie emoticon Neck tie (necktie)
    T-shirt emoticon T-shirt (tshirt)
    Jeans emoticon Jeans (jeans) (denim)
    Scarf emoticon Scarf (scarf)
    Gloves emoticon Gloves (gloves)
    Coat emoticon Coat (coat)
    Socks emoticon Socks (socks)
    Dress emoticon Dress (dress)
    Kimono emoticon Kimono (kimono)
    Sari emoticon Sari (sari)
    Swimming suit emoticon Swimming suit (swimsuit)
    Briefs emoticon Briefs (briefs)
    Shorts emoticon Shorts (shorts)
    Bikini emoticon Bikini (bikini)
    Blouse emoticon Blouse (blouse) (womansclothes)
    Purse emoticon Purse (purse)
    Handbag emoticon Handbag (handbag)
    Pouch emoticon Pouch (pouch)
    Girl shopping (shopping) (shopper)
    Backpack emoticon Backpack (backback)
    Mans shoe emoticon Mans shoe (mansshoe)
    Sneaker emoticon Sneaker (sneaker) (trainer) (athleticshoe)
    Hiking boot emoticon Hiking boot (hikingboot)
    Womans flat shoe emoticon Womans flat shoe (womansflatshoe)
    High heels emoticon High heels (stiletto) (highheels) (highheeledshoe)
    Womans sandal emoticon Womans sandal (womanssandal)
    Ballet shoes emoticon Ballet shoes (balletshoes)
    Womans boot emoticon Womans boot (womansboot)
    Crown emoticon Crown (crown)
    Womans hat emoticon Womans hat (womanshat)
    Top hat emoticon Top hat (tophat)
    Graduate emoticon Graduate (graduate) (graduationcap)
    Baseball cap emoticon Baseball cap (baseballcap)
    Rescue helmet emoticon Rescue helmet (rescuehelmet)
    Prayer beads emoticon Prayer beads (prayerbeads) (rosarybeads)
    Ring emoticon Ring (ring)
    Diamond emoticon Diamond (diamond)
    Mute emoticon Mute (mute)
    Speaker emoticon Speaker (speaker) (speakerlow)
    Medium volume emoticon Medium volume (speakermedium)
    High volume emoticon High volume (speakerhigh)
    PA loudspeaker emoticon PA loudspeaker (paloudspeaker) (pasystem)
    Megaphone emoticon Megaphone (megaphone)
    Postal horn emoticon Postal horn (postalhorn)
    Bell emoticon Bell (bell) (ghanta)
    Muted bell emoticon Muted bell (mutedbell)
    Musical score emoticon Musical score (musicalscore)
    Music emoticon Music (music)
    Multiple musical notes emoticon Multiple musical notes (multiplemusicalnotes)
    Studio microphone emoticon Studio microphone (studiomicrophone)
    Level slider emoticon Level slider (levelslider)
    Control knobs emoticon Control knobs (controlknobs)
    Microphone emoticon Microphone (microphone) (mic)
    Radio emoticon Radio (radio)
    Saxophone emoticon Saxophone (saxophone)
    Musical keyboard emoticon Musical keyboard (musicalkeyboard)
    Trumpet emoticon Trumpet (trumpet)
    Violin emoticon Violin (violin)
    Banjo emoticon Banjo (banjo)
    Drum emoticon Drum (drum)
    Phone emoticon Phone (mp) (ph) (phone)
    Mobile phone with arrow emoticon Mobile phone with arrow (mobilephonewitharrow)
    Telephone emoticon Telephone (telephone)
    Pager emoticon Pager (pager)
    Fax machine emoticon Fax machine (fax)
    Battery emoticon Battery (battery)
    Electric plug emoticon Electric plug (electricplug)
    Computer emoticon Computer (computer) (laptop) (personalcomputer) (co) (pc)
    Computer emoticon Computer (desktopcomputer) (desktop)
    Printer emoticon Printer (printer)
    Keyboard emoticon Keyboard (keyboard)
    Mouse emoticon Mouse (computermouse)
    Track ball emoticon Track ball (trackball)
    Mini disc emoticon Mini disc (minidisc)
    Floppy disk emoticon Floppy disk (floppy) (floppydisk)
    CD emoticon CD (cd) (opticaldisc)
    Dvd emoticon Dvd (dvd)
    Abacus emoticon Abacus (abacus)
    Movie camera emoticon Movie camera (filmcamera) (moviecamera)
    Film frames emoticon Film frames (filmframes) (movieframes)
    Film projector emoticon Film projector (filmprojector)
    Movie emoticon Movie (film) (movie)
    Television emoticon Television (television) (tv)
    Camera emoticon Camera (1f4f7_camera)
    Camera emoticon Camera (camera) (camerawithflash)
    Video camera emoticon Video camera (videocamera)
    Video cassette emoticon Video cassette (videocassette)
    Magnifying glass left emoticon Magnifying glass left (magnifyingglassleft)
    Magnifying glass right emoticon Magnifying glass right (magnifyingglassright)
    Candle emoticon Candle (candle)
    Electric light bulb emoticon Electric light bulb (bulb)
    Torch emoticon Torch (flashlight) (torch)
    Izakaya lantern emoticon Izakaya lantern (izakayalantern)
    Diya lamp emoticon Diya lamp (diyalamp)
    Decorative notebook emoticon Decorative notebook (decorativenotebook)
    Red book emoticon Red book (redbook)
    Open book emoticon Open book (openbook)
    Green book emoticon Green book (greenbook)
    Blue book emoticon Blue book (bluebook)
    Orange book emoticon Orange book (orangebook)
    Books emoticon Books (books)
    Notebook emoticon Notebook (notebook)
    Binder emoticon Binder (ledger) (binder)
    Curled page emoticon Curled page (curledpage)
    Scroll emoticon Scroll (scroll)
    Page emoticon Page (page)
    Newspaper emoticon Newspaper (newspaper)
    Rolled up newspaper emoticon Rolled up newspaper (rollednewspaper) (rolledupnewspaper)
    Bookmark tabs emoticon Bookmark tabs (bookmarktabs)
    Bookmark emoticon Bookmark (bookmark)
    Label tag emoticon Label tag (labeltag)
    moneybag emoticon Money bag (moneybag)
    Yen emoticon Yen (yen)
    Dollar emoticon Dollar (dollar)
    Euro emoticon Euro (euro)
    Pound emoticon Pound (pound) (quid)
    Flying money emoticon Flying money (flyingmoney) (moneywithwings)
    Credit card emoticon Credit card (creditcard)
    Receipt emoticon Receipt (receipt)
    Yen graph emoticon Yen graph (yengraph)
    Red envelope emoticon Red envelope (redenvelope) (giftenvelope) (angpao) (hongbao)
    Email emoticon Email (email)
    Income envelope emoticon Incoming envelope (incomingenvelope)
    Envelope with arrow emoticon Envelope with arrow (envelopewitharrow)
    Outbox emoticon Outbox (outbox)
    Inbox emoticon Inbox (inbox)
    Package emoticon Package (package) (parcel)
    Closed mailbox with flag emoticon Closed mailbox with flag (closedmailboxwithflag)
    Closed mailbox emoticon Closed mailbox (closedmailbox)
    Open mailbox with flag emoticon Open mailbox with flag (openmailboxwithflag)
    Open mailbox emoticon Open mailbox (openmailbox)
    Post box emoticon Post box (postbox)
    Ballot box emoticon Ballot box (ballotbox)
    Pencil emoticon Pencil (pencil)
    Black nib emoticon Black nib (blacknib)
    Fountain pen emoticon Fountain pen (fountainpen)
    Ball point pen emoticon Ball point pen (ballpointpen)
    Paint brush emoticon Paint brush (paintbrush)
    Crayon emoticon Crayon (crayon)
    Memo emoticon Memo (memo)
    Briefcase emoticon Briefcase (briefcase)
    Folder emoticon Folder (folder)
    Open folder emoticon Open folder (openfolder)
    Folder dividers emoticon Folder dividers (folderdividers)
    Calendar emoticon Calendar (1f4c5_calendar)
    Tear off calendar emoticon Tear off calendar (tearoffcalendar)
    Spiral notepad emoticon Spiral notepad (spiralnotepad)
    Rolodex emoticon Rolodex (rolodex)
    Positive graph emoticon Positive graph (positivegraph) (upwardstrend)
    Negative graph emoticon Negative graph (negativegraph) (downwardstrend)
    Bar chart emoticon Bar chart (barchart) (bargraph)
    Clipboard emoticon Clipboard (clipboard)
    Pin emoticon Pin (pin) (pushpin)
    Pin emoticon Pin (mappin) (roundpin) (roundpushpin)
    Paperclip emoticon Paperclip (paperclip (clippy)
    Paper clips emoticon Paper clips (paperclips)
    Ruler emoticon Ruler (rule)
    Triangular ruler emoticon Triangular ruler (triangularruler)
    Scissors emoticon Scissors (scissors)
    File box emoticon File box (filebox)
    Filing cabinet emoticon Filing cabinet (filingcabinet)
    Trash bin emoticon Trash bin (trashbin) (rubbishbin) (cage) (wastebasket)
    Locked emoticon Locked (locked) (closedlock) (closedpadlock)
    Unlocked emoticon Unlocked (unlocked) (openlock) (openpadlock)
    Locked with pen emoticon Locked with pen (lockwithpen) (lockedwithpen)
    Lock and key emoticon Lock and key (lockandkey)
    Key emoticon Key (key)
    Old key emoticon Old key (oldkey)
    Hammer emoticon Hammer (hammer)
    Axe emoticon Axe (axe)
    Pick emoticon Pick (pick)
    Hammer and pick emoticon Hammer and pick (hammerandpick)
    Hammer and wrench emoticon Hammer and wrench (hammerandwrench)
    Dagger emoticon Dagger (dagger)
    Swords emoticon Swords (swords)
    Water pistol emoticon Water pistol (pistol) (waterpistol)
    Bow and arrow emoticon Bow and arrow (bowandarrow)
    Shield emoticon Shield (shield)
    Wrench emoticon Wrench (wrench)
    Bolt emoticon Bolt (bolt) (nutandbolt)
    Cog emoticon Cog (gear) (cog)
    Clamp emoticon Clamp (clamp)
    Scales emoticon Scales (scales)
    Probing cane emoticon Probing cane (probingcane)
    Link emoticon Link (link)
    Chains emoticon Chains (chains)
    Toolbox emoticon Toolbox (toolbox)
    Magnet emoticon Magnet (magnet)
    Alembic emoticon Alembic (alembic)
    Test tube emoticon Test tube (testtube)
    Petri dish emoticon Petri dish (petridish)
    DNA emoticon DNA (dna)
    Microscope emoticon Microscope (microscope)
    Telescope emoticon Telescope (telescope)
    Satellite antenna emoticon Satellite antenna (satelliteantenna)
    Syringe emoticon Syringe (syringe)
    Blood drop emoticon Blood drop (blooddrop)
    Pill emoticon Pill (pill)
    Plaster emoticon Plaster (plaster) (adhesivebandage)
    Stethoscope emoticon Stethoscope (stethoscope)
    Door emoticon Door (door)
    Mirror emoticon Mirror (mirror)
    Bed emoticon Bed (bed)
    Couch and lamp emoticon Couch and lamp (couchandlamp)
    Chair emoticon Chair (chair)
    Shower emoticon Shower (shower)
    Bath tub emoticon Bath tub (bathtub)
    Razor emoticon Razor (razor)
    Lotion emoticon Lotion (lotion)
    Safety pin emoticon Safety pin (safetypin)
    Broom emoticon Broom (broom)
    Laundry basket emoticon Laundry basket (basket)
    Toilet paper emoticon Toilet paper (toiletpaper)
    Soap emoticon Soap (soap)
    Sponge emoticon Sponge (sponge)
    Fire extinguisher emoticon Fire extinguisher (fireextinguisher)
    Shopping trolley emoticon Shopping trolley (trolley) (cart)
    Coffin emoticon Coffin (coffin)
    Funeral urn emoticon Funeral urn (funeralurn)
    Moyai emoticon Moyai (moyai) (easterislandstatue)

    Skype Unique
    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    BB-8 emoticon BB-8 (bb8)
    BB-9E emoticon BB-9E (bb9e)
    Xmas heart emoticon Xmas Heart (xmasheart)
    Web heart emoticon Web heart (webheart)
    Wind turbine emoticon Wind turbine (windturbine)
    Tumbleweed emoticon Tumbleweed (tumbleweed)
    You have mail emoticon You have mail (mail)
    Who's this emoticon Who's this!? (whosthis)
    Can't unsee emoticon Can't unsee that (unsee)
    Can you talk emoticon Can you talk (canyoutalk)
    Time emoticon Time (time) (clock)
    Bomb emoticon Bomb (bomb) (explosion) (explode) @=
    Confidential emoticon Confidential (confidential)
    Piggy bank emoticon Piggy bank (piggybank)
    Sparkler emoticon Sparkler (sparkler)
    Fireworks emoticon Fireworks (fireworks)
    Holi emoticon Holi (holi) (rang)
    Eid emoticon Eid (eid)
    Tealight emoticon Tealight (diwali) (diya)
    Dreidel emoticon Dreidel (dreidel)
    Hanukkah emoticon Hanukkah (hanukkah) (menorah)
    Stone wall 50 emoticon Stone wall 50 (stonewall50icon)


    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    ATM emoticon ATM (atm)
    Litter in bin emoticon Litter in bin (litterinbin) (trashinbin)
    Water tap emoticon Water tap (watertap)
    Wheelchair symbol emoticon Wheelchair symbol (wheelchairsymbol)
    Mens symbol emoticon Mens symbol (menssymbol)
    Womans symbol emoticon Womans symbol (womenssymbol)
    Restroom emoticon Restroom (restroom) (bathroom)
    Baby symbol emoticon Baby symbol (babysymbol)
    Water closet emoticon Water closet (wc) (watercloset)
    Passport control emoticon Passport control (passportcontrol)
    Customs emoticon Customs (customs)
    Baggage claim emoticon Baggage claim (baggageclaim)
    Left luggage emoticon Left luggage (leftluggage)
    Warning emoticon Warning (warning)
    Children crossing emoticon Children crossing (childrencrossing)
    No entry emoticon No entry (noentry)
    Prohibited emoticon Prohibited (banned)
    No bicycles emoticon No bicycles (nobicycles)
    No smoking emoticon No smoking (nosmoking)
    No littering emoticon No littering (nolittering)
    No water emoticon No water (nowater)
    No pedestrians emoticon No pedestrians (nopedestrians)
    No mobile phones emoticon No mobile phones (nomobile) (nophone)
    No one under eighteen emoticon No one under eighteen (noundereighteen) (nounder18)
    Radioactive emoticon Radioactive (radioactive)
    Biohazard emoticon Biohazard (biohazard)
    Up arrow emoticon Up arrow (uparrow)
    Up right arrow emoticon Up right arrow (uprightarrow) (northeastarrow)
    Right arrow emoticon Right arrow (rightarrow)
    Down right arrow emoticon Down right arrow (downrightarrow) (southeastarrow)
    Down arrow emoticon Down arrow (downarrow)
    Down left arrow emoticon Down left arrow (downleftarrow) (southwestarrow)
    Left arrow emoticon Left arrow (leftarrow)
    Up left arrow emoticon Up left arrow (upleftarrow) (northwestarrow)
    Up down arrow emoticon Up down arrow (updownarrow)
    Left right arrow emoticon Left right arrow (leftrightarrow)
    Curving left arrow emoticon Curving left arrow (curvingleftarrow)
    Curving right arrow emoticon Curving right arrow (curvingrightarrow)
    Arrow curving up emoticon Arrow curving up (arrowcurvingup)
    Arrow curving down emoticon Arrow curving down (arrowcurvingdown)
    Clockwise vertical arrows emoticon Clockwise vertical arrows (repeatverticalbutton)
    Refresh emoticon Refresh (refresh) (counterclockwisearrows)
    Back arrow emoticon Back arrow (backarrow)
    End arrow emoticon End arrow (endarrow)
    On! Arrow emoticon On! Arrow (onarrow)
    Soon arrow emoticon Soon arrow (soonarrow)
    Top arrow emoticon Top arrow (toparrow)
    Place of worship emoticon Place of worship (placeofworship)
    Atom emoticon Atom (atom)
    Om emoticon Om (om)
    Star of david emoticon Star of david (starofdavid)
    Wheel of dharma emoticon Wheel of dharma (wheelofdharma) (helm)
    Yin yang emoticon Yin yang (yinyang)
    Latin cross emoticon Latin cross (latincross)
    Orthodox cross emoticon Orthodox cross (orthodoxcross)
    Star and crescent emoticon Star and crescent (starandcrescent)
    Peace emoticon Peace (peace)
    Menorah button emoticon Menorah button (menorahbutton)
    Star with dot emoticon Star with dot (starwithdot)
    Aries emoticon Aries (aries)
    Taurus emoticon Taurus (taurus)
    Gemini emoticon Gemini (gemini)
    Cancer emoticon Cancer (cancer)
    Leo emoticon Leo (leo)
    Virgo emoticon Virgo (virgo)
    Libra emoticon Libra (libra)
    Scorpio emoticon Scorpio (scorpio)
    Sagittarius emoticon Sagittarius (sagittarius)
    Capricorn emoticon Capricorn (capricorn)
    Aquarius emoticon Aquarius (aquarius)
    Pisces emoticon Pisces (pisces)
    Ophiuchus emoticon Ophiuchus (ophiuchus)
    Shuffle button emoticon Shuffle button (shuffle)
    Repeat button emoticon Repeat button (repeatbutton)
    Repeat single button emoticon Repeat single button (repeatsinglebutton)
    Play button emoticon Play button (playbutton)
    Fast forward button emoticon Fast forward button (fastforwardbutton)
    Next track button emoticon Next track button (nexttrackbutton)
    Play or pause button emoticon Play or pause button (playpause) (playpausebutton)
    Reverse button emoticon Reverse button (reversebutton)
    Rewind button emoticon Rewind button (rewindbutton)
    Last track button emoticon Last track button (lasttrackbutton)
    Up button emoticon Up button (upwardsbutton)
    Fast up button emoticon Fast up button (fastupbutton)
    Button down small emoticon Button down small (downwardsbutton)
    Fast down button emoticon Fast down button (fastdownbutton)
    Pause button emoticon Pause button (pausebutton)
    Stop button emoticon Stop button (stopbutton)
    Record button emoticon Record button (recordbutton)
    Eject button emoticon Eject button (ejectbutton)
    Cinema emoticon Cinema (cinemabutton)
    Low brightness emoticon Low brightness (lowbrightness)
    High brightness emoticon High brightness (highbrightness)
    Signal strength emoticon Signal strength (signalstrength) (mobilesignalstrength)
    Vibration mode emoticon Vibration mode (vibrationmode) (mobilevibrate)
    Mobile phone off emoticon Mobile phone off (mobileoff)
    Female sign emoticon Female sign (femalesign) (venus)
    Male sign emoticon Male sign (malesign) (mars)
    Transgender Symbol emoticon Transgender Symbol (transgendersymbol) (transgendersign)
    Multiplication sign emoticon Multiplication sign (multiplicationsign) (timessign)
    Plus sign emoticon Plus sign (plussign) (addsign)
    Minus sign emoticon Minus sign (minussign) (substractsign)
    Division sign emoticon Division sign (divisionsign) (dividesign)
    Infinity emoticon Infinity (infinity)
    Double exclamation emoticon Double exclamation (doubleexclamation) (bangbang)
    Question mark emoticon Question mark (questionmark)
    White question mark emoticon White question mark (whitequestionmark)
    White exclamation mark emoticon White exclamation mark (whiteexclamationmark)
    Exclamation mark emoticon Exclamation mark (exclamationmark)
    Wavy dash emoticon Wavy dash (wavydash)
    Currency exchange emoticon Currency exchange (currencyexchange)
    Cash emoticon Cash (cash) ($)
    Medical symbol emoticon Medical symbol (medicalsymbol)
    Recycle emoticon Recycle (recycle)
    Fleur de lis emoticon Fleur de lis (fleurdelis) (scouts)
    Trident emoticon Trident (trident)
    Name badge emoticon Name badge (namebadge) (nametag)
    Beginner emoticon Beginner (beginner) (shoshinsha)
    Red ring emoticon Red ring (redring)
    Checkmark button emoticon Checkmark button (checkmarkbutton)
    Checkbox emoticon Checkbox (checkbox)
    Checkmark emoticon Checkmark (checkmark)
    Crossmark emoticon Crossmark (crossmark)
    Cross mark button emoticon Cross mark button (crossmarkbutton)
    Curly loop emoticon Curly loop (curlyloop)
    Double curly loop emoticon Double curly loop (doublecurlyloop)
    Part alternation mark emoticon Part alternation mark (partalternationmark)
    Asterisk emoticon Asterisk (asterisk)
    Star button emoticon Star button (starbutton)
    Sparkle emoticon Sparkle (sparkle)
    Copyright emoticon Copyright (copyright)
    Registered emoticon Registered (registered)
    Trademark emoticon Trademark (trademark) (tm)
    Keycap number emoticon Keycap number (keycapnumber) (keycaphash) (keycappound) (keycapnumbersign)
    Keycap asterisk emoticon Keycap asterisk (keycapasterisk) (keycapstar) (keycapnumberasterisk)
    Keycap zero emoticon Keycap zero (keycapzero) (keycapdigitzero)
    Keycap one emoticon Keycap one (keycapone) (keycapdigitone)
    Keycap two emoticon Keycap two (keycaptwo) (keycapdigittwo)
    Keycap three emoticon Keycap three (keycapthree) (keycapdigitthree)
    Keycap four emoticon Keycap four (keycapfour) (keycapdigitfour)
    Keycap five emoticon Keycap five (keycapfive) (keycapdigitfive)
    Keycap six emoticon Keycap six (keycapsix) (keycapdigitsix)
    Keycap seven emoticon Keycap seven (keycapseven) (keycapdigitseven)
    Keycap eight emoticon Keycap eight (keycapeight) (keycapdigiteight)
    Keycap nine emoticon Keycap nine (keycapnine) (keycapdigitnine)
    Keycap ten emoticon Keycap ten (keycapten)
    Uppercase emoticon Uppercase (uppercase)
    Lowercase emoticon Lowercase (lowercase)
    Numbers emoticon Numbers (numbers)
    Symbols emoticon Symbols (symbols)
    Letters emoticon Letters (letters)
    Blood type A emoticon Blood type A (bloodtypea)
    Blood type AB emoticon Blood type AB (ab)
    Blood type B emoticon Blood type B (bloodtypeb)
    Clear emoticon Clear (clear) (cl)
    Cool emoticon Cool (coolbutton)
    Free emoticon Free (free)
    Information emoticon Information (information) (info)
    ID emoticon ID (id)
    Circled M emoticon Circled M (circledm)
    New emoticon New (new)
    NG emoticon NG (ng)
    Blood type O emoticon Blood type O (bloodtypeo)
    OK emoticon OK (okbutton)
    Parking emoticon Parking (parking)
    SOS emoticon SOS (sos)
    UP! Button emoticon UP! Button (buttonup) (upbutton)
    VS emoticon VS (vs)
    Here emoticon Here (here)
    Service charge emoticon Service charge (servicecharge)
    Monthly amount emoticon Monthly amount (monthlyamount)
    Not free of charge emoticon Not free of charge (notfreeofcharge)
    Reserved emoticon Reserved (reserved)
    Bargain emoticon Bargain (bargain)
    Discount emoticon Discount (discount)
    Free of charge emoticon Free of charge (freeofcharge)
    Prohibited emoticon Prohibited (prohibited)
    Accept emoticon Accept (accept)
    Application emoticon Application (application)
    Agreement emoticon Agreement (agreement)
    Vacancy emoticon Vacancy (vacancy)
    Congratulations emoticon Congratulations (congratulations)
    Secret emoticon Secret (secret)
    Open for business emoticon Open for business (openforbusiness)
    No vacancy emoticon No vacancy (novacancy)
    Red circle emoticon Red circle (redcircle)
    Orange circle emoticon Orange circle (orangecircle)
    Yellow circle emoticon Yellow circle (yellowcircle)
    Green circle emoticon Green circle (greencircle)
    Blue circle emoticon Blue circle (bluecircle)
    Purple circle emoticon Purple circle (purplecircle)
    Brown circle emoticon Brown circle (browncircle)
    Black circle emoticon Black circle (blackcircle)
    White circle emoticon White circle (whitecircle)
    Red square emoticon Red square (redsquare)
    Orange square emoticon Orange square (orangesquare)
    Yellow square emoticon Yellow square (yellowsquare)
    Green square emoticon Green square (greensquare)
    Blue square emoticon Blue square (bluesquare)
    Purple square emoticon Purple square (purplesquare)
    Brown square emoticon Brown square (brownsquare)
    Large black square emoticon Large black square (largeblacksquare)
    Large white square emoticon Large white square (largewhitesquare)
    Medium black square emoticon Medium black square (mediumblacksquare)
    Medium white square emoticon Medium white square (mediumwhitesquare)
    Medium small black square emoticon Medium small black square (mediumsmallblacksquare)
    Medium small white square emoticon Medium small white square (mediumsmallwhitesquare)
    Small black square emoticon Small black square (smallblacksquare)
    Small white square emoticon Small white square (smallwhitesquare)
    Large orange diamond emoticon Large orange diamond (orangediamond)
    Large blue diamond emoticon Large blue diamond (largebluediamond)
    Small orange diamond emoticon Small orange diamond (smallorangediamond)
    Small blue diamond emoticon Small blue diamond (smallbluediamond)
    Red triangle up emoticon Red triangle up (redtriangleup)
    Red triangle down emoticon Red triangle down (redtriangledown)
    Diamond flower emoticon Diamond flower (diamondflower) (kawaii)
    Radio button emoticon Radio button (radiobutton)
    White square button emoticon White square button (whitesquarebutton)
    Black square button emoticon Black square button (blacksquarebutton)
    Blue Ribbon emoticon Blue Ribbon (ribbonblue)
    Red Ribbon emoticon Red Ribbon (ribbonred)
    Black Ribbon emoticon Black Ribbon (ribbonblack)
    Pink Ribbon emoticon Pink Ribbon (ribbonpink)
    Green Ribbon emoticon Green Ribbon (ribbongreen)
    Purple Ribbon emoticon Purple Ribbon (ribbonpurple)
    Orange Ribbon emoticon Orange Ribbon (ribbonorange)

    Skype Unique
    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Pride heart emoticon Pride heart (prideheart)
    I heart you emoticon I heart you (iheartu)
    Yellow Ribbon emoticon Yellow Ribbon (ribbonyellow)
    Pride ribbon emoticon Pride ribbon (ribbonpride)
    Be right back emoticon Be right back (brb) (berightback)
    What's going on emoticon What's going on? (whatsgoingon) (!!?)
    Confusion emoticon Confusion (golmaal)
    What! emoticon What! (kya)
    Oye emoticon Oye (oye)
    Abe emoticon Abe (abe) (abey)
    Mum heart emoticon Mum heart (mumheart) (momheart)


    Emoticon Name Shortcuts
    Microsoft Access emoticon access (access)
    Bing emoticon bing (bing)
    Drunk emoticon drunk (drunk)
    Microsoft Excel emoticon excel (excel)
    Finger emoticon finger (finger)
    Groupme emoticon groupme (groupme)
    Internet Explorer emoticon internetexplorer (internetexplorer)
    chirag emoticon chirag (chirag)
    Microsoft emoticon microsoft (microsoft)
    Mooning emoticon mooning (mooning)
    Neil emoticon neil (neil)
    Oliver emoticon oliver (oliver)
    Microsoft OneDrive emoticon onedrive (onedrive)
    Microsoft OneNote emoticon onenote (onenote)
    On the loo emoticon ontheloo (ontheloo)
    Microsoft Outlook emoticon outlook (outlook)
    Pool party emoticon poolparty (poolparty)
    Poop emoticon poop (poop)
    Microsoft PowerPoint emoticon powerpoint (powerpoint)
    Microsoft Publisher emoticon publisher (publisher)
    Santa mooning emoticon santamooning (santamooning)
    SharePoint emoticon sharepoint (sharepoint)
    Sheep emoticon sheep (sheep)
    Skill emoticon Skill (peter) (skill)
    Skype emoticon skype (skype)
    Skype for Business emoticon skypebiz (skypebiz)
    Smoke emoticon smoke (smoke)
    Tauri emoticon tauri (tauri)
    Windows 10 emoticon win10 (win10)
    Microsoft Word emoticon word (word)
    WTF emoticon wtf (wtf)
    Xbox logo emoticon xbox (xbox)
    Teams emoticon Teams (Teams)
    Yammer emoticon Yammer (Yammer)