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    How can I send my usability feedback to Skype?

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    If you’re experiencing issues and would like to report them, or you just want to share some feedback about the app, Skype has a really simple way of doing this.

    1. Open the Skype app and sign in.
    2. Select the menu button and select Settings, then select Logging.
    3. Switch Diagnostic and error reports to On, then restart the app.
    4. Select the menu button and select Send feedback. The Feedback Hub app launches.
    5. You need to be signed in to a Microsoft account to use this app. If you're not signed in yet, sign in using your Microsoft or Skype account, then go back to the Skype app and select Send feedback again.
    6. In the Feedback Hub, select the plus button or Add new feedback:

      feedback hub
    7. Fill out the details requested.
    8. Recreate the problem is optional, but if you have marked the feedback as a problem and you can consistently see and reproduce this issue, this section will help us to get specific logs to understand the root cause of the issue:
      • Select Start capture.
      • Open the Skype app and try to recreate the problem.
      • Go back to the Feedback Hub and select Stop capture.
      • Add some screenshots if you think they would be useful.
    9. Select Submit.

    With the latest version of Skype for Windows desktop, you can send us your usability feedback so that we can analyze it and take action to improve your Skype experience.

    1. Sign in to Skype.
    2. In the menu select Help > Give feedback.

      The Give feedback option selected from the menu displayed after selecting Help.
    3. In the form that opens, fill out all the information requested and select Submit.

      The Submit button selected to send your usability feedback to Skype.
    1. Open Skype and sign in.
    2. Install the Xbox Insider Hub from the Microsoft Store:

      • Select the menu xbox one controller menu button button, then select Send feedback.
      • Select Check the Xbox Insider Hub is installed on your console to open the Store app.
      • Download and install the Xbox Insider Hub app. (This does not automatically register you for the Xbox Insider Program – it’s simply the main portal to submit feedback on Xbox One.)
    3. Open Skype, then navigate to the screen you want to give feedback on.

      • For example, if you're giving feedback about an issue with missing contacts, make sure the contact list is visible. If you're reporting a call failure, try and reproduce the same issue.
    4. Press and hold the Xbox button on your controller.
    5. When you see the power menu, select Report a problem.
    6. Add a title and description for your feedback and submit it.

    A Skype customer service agent might ask you to create and submit log files to help them solve any problems you may encounter when using Skype. Learn how to create log files.

    Always remember that the more details you provide the faster we can investigate and find what could be causing your issues. Please help us help you!

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