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    How do I send and receive video messages in Skype for Windows Phone 8?

    Important note: Windows phone users are able to view, but not send video messages. If you want to send a video message, sign into Skype on any other video message supported platforms or devices (Windows desktop, Mac, Android, or iOS).


    How do I watch received video messages?

    You can find all the video messages you have received under recent. Open the conversation with the received video message link and watch it in your mobile browser.

    How do I save video messages?

    There isn't a video save option with Skype for Windows Phone 8. However, you can still save your video messages by signing into Skype on any other supported platforms or devices (Windows desktop, Mac, Android, or iOS). Simply visit one of these FAQs to learn how to save your video messages: Skype for Windows desktop, Skype for MacSkype for Android, Skype for iOS

    How do I delete my video messages?

    You can’t delete the video messages you’ve already sent or received. 

    Why do I receive "This video message is no longer available"?

    Did you receive a message "This video message is no longer available" when you tried to view or save a video message? It’s because legacy (older) video messages can no longer be viewed or saved.

    To avoid losing any special messages that you want to keep, we recommend saving them as soon as possible.

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