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    What's new with Skype group chats?

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    Skype is working on improving group chat, using our cloud-based experience.

    To take advantage of cloud-based group chats, you and your contacts will all need to upgrade to the most recent version of Skype, then update your group chat.  Learn more.

    The cloud-based group chat system has the following benefits:

    • You can send and receive messages when your friend is offline
    • You can receive messages even when you aren’t actively using Skype
    • The messages you send when you are offline are automatically queued to send once you are back online
    • You’ll receive notifications when a new message is received and alternatively, you have the option to turn off these notifications if you prefer
    • You can see consistent chat history across multiple devices
    • Messages are synced across devices to show if a message has been read or not
    • All new moderated chats are cloud-based.  

    To learn about common commands, descriptions, and chat roles, go to What are chat commands and roles?


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