Can I sync my Skype instant messages across devices?

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    Yes. With the latest version of Skype for your device, your chat history, along with the message status will be synchronized across all your devices supported by Skype whenever you sign in with the same Skype account. You can also send instant messages even to those contacts that are offline. They will receive your message as soon as they get online on Skype.

    Here are some examples that will help you understand how the sync works:

    Your colleague at work sends you an instant message with his phone number. You need to call him when you get back home but can’t remember the number. Simply start Skype on your mobile phone or other device with the latest version of Skype installed and you’ll find the instant message with the phone number in your conversations.

    You’re busy at work and can’t reply to all the instant messages you receive on Skype during the day. When you’re back at home and want to check the instant messages you missed at work, simply start Skype on your home computer or another device with the latest version of Skype installed. All the instant messages you’ve received will appear the same way (read or unread) they appeared in Skype on your computer at work.

    You want to share something important with a friend that is offline. With the latest version of Skype, you simply send an instant message to that friend and they’ll receive it once they get online on Skype, regardless of your status.