How can I record my Skype calls?

Skype doesn't natively support call recording; however, some of our third-party developers have created applications that plug into your Linux, Mac, and Windows Classic Skype clients to achieve this. We have listed some of these below*:

Program Name Supported OS
Website Link
amoltorecorder Windows Vista or newer Click Here
Callnote Premium Call Recorder Windows or Mac OS X Click Here
CallTrunk for Skype Any Click Here
Evaer Windows XP or newer Click Here
Evoca Call Recorder Mac OS X Click Here
G-Recorder Windows or Mac OS X Click Here
iRecorder Windows XP or newer Click Here
MP3 Skype Recorder Windows Vista or newer Click Here
Pamela Windows XP or newer Click Here
Tapur Windows and Mac OS X Click Here
Vodburner Windows and Mac OS X Click Here
Xsplit Windows XP or newer Click Here

If you're a developer of one of these applications and would like to request that we change some data in this FAQ, or you would like your application added to this list, please contact Skype Developer Support.

* Third-party applications have not been checked, verified, certified or otherwise approved or endorsed by Skype. Applications may be subject to the third party provider’s own terms and privacy policy. Skype does not control and is not responsible for the download, installation, pricing, quality, performance, availability, support or terms and conditions of purchase of third party applications.

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