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    How do I add a Skype tile to my Start screen in Windows 8 and above?

    Adding Skype to your Start screen in Windows 8 and above will ensure that you can always find and quickly launch Skype.

    Is Skype installed?

    First, check to see if Skype is installed by searching for the app:

    1. Go to the Start screen and type Skype.
    2. If Skype is installed, you will see the icon under the search bar.

    Pin Skype to Start

    To pin Skype to the Start menu:

    1. Right-click the Skype icon (or touch and hold, then release).
    2. To pin the Skype tile to the start menu, click or tap Pin to Start.



    To resize the Skype tile:

    1. If you already have a Skype tile on the Start menu, you will see the Unpin from Start option instead.
    2. Return to your Start screen and scroll to the right to find the Skype tile.
    3. When you find the Skype tile, you can resize it by right-clicking the tile (or touching and holding, then releasing).
    4. At the bottom of the start screen, you will see the option Resize; click it and select the size you want for your Skype tile.



    To move the Skype tile, simply click and drag (or touch and drag) it to the location you want.

    If Skype isn't installed on your computer, you can find it at the Microsoft Store.

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