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What is Skype To Go™?

Skype To Go gives you numbers that let you call your friends, family and colleagues abroad from any mobile or landline while avoiding international calling charges.* It can be used on any mobile or landline in any supported country.

*When calling a Skype To Go number, local operator charges may apply, and all Skype To Go calls made outside of the EU will be charged based on billing address.

Find out how to set up Skype To Go.

Using Skype to Go is easy. After you sign up for a Skype To Go account, simply add a contact, give us their phone number, and we give you a local number you can call them on – this is a Skype To Go number.

Here’s how it works:

Say you live in London, and you want to use Skype To Go to call a friend who lives in Boston, USA. Add your Boston friend as your Skype To Go contact and we will give you a London phone number. When you want to call your friend, simply dial that London number from your phone, and your call will be put straight through to your friend in Boston at Skype’s low rates.

You get an international call to the USA for the price of a local call and a little Skype Credit or a subscription – simple.

You can set up one Skype To Go number for one of your Skype contacts even if you don’t have Skype Credit or a subscription.

To set up more than one Skype To Go numbers for your Skype contacts, you’ll need a little Skype Credit or a subscription. You can have up to 30 Skype To Go numbers.

The cost of a Skype To Go call is split up into two parts.

First, the operator charge – when you call a local Skype Number from your mobile or landline, you’re using either the minutes from your call plan or your phone credit. Then, from your Skype account, you only pay for a regular call to either a mobile or landline at great Skype rates.

The total cost of your call is whatever your operator charges you for the local call, and the cost of a regular call from your Skype account (plus a surcharge based on billing address for Skype To Go calls made outside of the EU).

With Skype To Go, you can also get an Access Number in supported countries. The only thing you’ll need is a verified phone number. If you have already verified your phone number, you should have received a notification via email. If not, it’s easy to verify your number.

Find out how to use Skype To Go.

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