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How do I add an incoming call to a call I am already on in Skype for Windows desktop?

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To add an incoming call to a call you are already on:

  1. Select Answer in the incoming call window.
  2. The Answer button selected in the incoming call window.

  3.  The call you are already on will be put on hold and the incoming call goes through.
  4. Select the show contacts button The show contacts button  in the call bar.
  5. The show contacts button selected in the call bar.

  6. The Contacts and Recent tabs will be displayed in the panel on the left with a highlighted call bar at the top of the Recent list.
  7. A highlighted call bar displayed in the Recent list.

  8. Drag and drop the highlighted call bar onto the existing call bar.

  9. Dragging and dropping a new call bar to the existing call bar.

This will add the new caller to the existing call.

 A new caller added to the existing call.

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