How can I delete my Skype account?


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There are two steps you should take to delete your Skype account.  First, you can remove personal information linked to your profile (full name, email and phone number) from your Skype profile to prevent people from finding you in the Skype directory based on those details.

Before you take any of the below steps, it's a good idea to set your status to offline or invisible, then sign out of Skype on all your devices.

To delete your personal details:

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Under Account Details, select Profile.
  3. In the Personal information section, click Edit.

The Edit option selected in the Personal information section.

  1. Remove your personal details by adding random characters in the fields (empty fields cannot be saved).
  2. Click Save.

Next, if you want us to remove your Skype Name from the Skype directory as well, contact Skype Customer Service. It may take up to 30 days to remove your Skype Name from the directory, during which time it will still show up in searches.

When we remove your Skype Name from the Skype directory, it will still appear in the contact lists of people who have added you as their contact. Only they can remove you from their contact list. However, even if they don’t remove you, they won’t be able to call you on Skype.

Note: If you sign into Skype with a Microsoft account, and you want to fully close your Microsoft account (that is, you don't plan to use it to access other Microsoft services like, Xbox Live, or OneDrive), follow the instructions on this page. If you just want to unlink your Microsoft and Skype accounts, follow the procedure on this page.

Be sure to use any Skype Credit or subscriptions before you close your Microsoft account; you'll lose any unused credit or subscriptions after the account is closed. When you close your Microsoft account, everything associated with your Skype account (contacts, settings, purchases, history, etc.) will be lost.

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