How do I manage my contacts on Skype on the 3 mobile network?

The following questions and answers will help you get started with managing your contacts on the Skype on 3 application. Select a link from the list below to learn more.

How do I add a new contact?

To add a new contact:

  1. Sign in to the Skype on 3 application.
  2. Select Options on your contact list then select Add a Contact.
  3. Enter the contact’s Skype Name and select Add a contact.
  4. A friend request is sent to the contact. Their Skype Name will have a question mark beside it until they accept your request. When they accept, you will be able to see their online status.

How do I delete a contact?

To delete a contact:

  1. Sign in to the Skype on 3 application.
  2. In your contact list, select Options > Remove contact.
  3. Select Yes to confirm. The contact is removed from your contact list.

Once you have deleted a contact from your contact list, they will no longer be able to see when you are online. However, they can still leave you offline instant messages. You can block a contact to prevent them from contacting you.

How do I block a contact?

Unfortunately, you cannot block a contact using the Skype application on your phone on the 3 mobile network. However, you can block contacts using Skype on your computer. Simply sign in to Skype on any computer using the Skype Name and password you use on your phone and follow these instructions.

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