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    Why is my computer asking me if I want to download something from Skype?

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    You may wish to download content to run with Skype, such as device drivers for a webcam. When doing so you may see a pop-up window warning you that a third party device, program, or service is asking for permission to run on your computer. You will need to confirm that you wish this software to run on your computer, usually by clicking in a window that appears on-screen.


    A third party device, program, or service has at least one file or application that is not part of the Skype software nor endorsed by Skype, but uses Skype in order to run certain features.

    You should be also aware that external programs can be used to transmit viruses, spyware, and other unwanted programs into your computer; therefore, before launching any third party software, you should verify that it comes from a trusted source. Even if the third party device or software forwards or displays any text or sound which originates from Skype, please bear in mind that that text or sound may not be encrypted once it is no longer part of the Skype application.

    Only allow a third party program to access Skype if you know why the program is asking to connect to Skype, or if you know that the program is trustworthy.

    To learn more about staying safe online, visit our Security Center.

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