What do I need to use Skype for PSP?

To make a call with Skype for PSP, you will need the following:

  • A PSP (PSP-2000 series)
  • A headset for the PSP system (PSP-270) and Headphone with Remote Control (PSP-S140 series) or a plug in USB Microphone (PSP-240)
  • A WiFi connection (wireless LAN or hotspot)
  • A Memory Stick Duo® with at least 1MB free memory

Unfortunately Skype is not supported on any PSP-1000 series devices. Please ensure you have a PSP-2000 series before downloading Skype.
Skype runs on your PSP, but needs additional memory to run properly (for example when you check your presence or save your history). You need at least 1MB of free memory for Skype to run properly, which is why you need a Memory Stick Duo®.

You can download Skype directly onto your PSP using the Network Update icon on the homepage. Please visit your local Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) website for more details:

North America

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