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How do I get a Skype Number?

First, make sure that Skype Numbers are available in the country you want one for. See in which countries are Skype Numbers available for more information.

Next, buy a Skype Number subscription for your chosen country:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. In the Manage features section, select Skype Number.

    Select Skype Number
  3. Click Get a Skype Number and follow the instructions to complete the purchase.

The cost of a Skype Number subscription varies depending on which country you want the Skype Number for and how long the subscription lasts (3 or 12 months).

To check the cost:

  1. Go to the Get a Skype Number page. You'll be prompted to sign in if you're not already signed in.
  2. Select the country you want the Skype Number for.
  3. Select an area code.
  4. Choose one of the available numbers, then select Continue. The prices for a 3 month and a 12 month subscription are displayed.

You can get a discount on your Skype Number when you buy a calling subscription. Just make sure your subscription is active before you buy your Skype Number and you’ll get a 50% discount if you buy a Skype Number for a year.

How much will it cost my friends to call my Skype Number?

You can pay for a Skype Number by credit card, PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers), bank transfer or other payment methods. In most countries*, you can also pay using Skype Credit if your balance is high enough.

Skype Number subscriptions are renewed automatically at the end of the subscription period, but you can cancel it at any time. 

To make sure your subscription continues without interruption, the recurring payment is taken three days before the subscription expires. You don’t lose these three days: your Skype Number subscription is still valid for the full period that you signed up for (3 or 12 months).

If you make the initial payment by credit card, PayPal or Skype Credit, the same payment method will be used for the recurring payment.

If the initial payment is made using Skrill, bank transfer or other payment methods, the recurring payment will be taken from your Skype Credit balance.

Recurring Skype Number subscriptions aren’t available in France at the moment – we’re working to get them enabled in the near future. Meanwhile, you’ll need to extend your subscription manually each time before the expiry date. 

Find out how to update the payment method for your Skype Number subscription.

*If you live in Brazil, Germany or Switzerland, you can't buy a Skype Number using Skype Credit. If you live in Japan, you can't buy a Skype Number using Skype Credit unless you've already bought another Skype product with your credit card using your Skype ID.

You can buy a Skype Number for most countries they're available in, even if you don't live there. Find out which countries Skype Numbers are available in.

However, some countries require proof of residence, so unless you have a valid address there, you won’t be able to get a number for that country. These countries include:

  • Brazil
  • France
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • South Korea (Skype Numbers in South Korea must be purchased through our partner, Daesung.)

Verification of your registered address may vary across individual countries. The following example is for purchasing a Skype Number in Germany:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. In the Manage features section, select Skype Number, then select Get a Skype Number and follow the instructions.
  3. In the 'Information required for a Skype Number subscription' page that opens, enter your valid registered address in Germany and your email details. Then check the box to confirm that you’re a resident of Germany and to accept passing your details to a German service provider.
  4. Select Next, choose whether you want a 3-month or a 12-month Skype Number subscription, then complete the payment.
  5. Your details will be shared and verified by the service provider and you’ll receive an email to let you know when your Skype Number has been activated.

Skype Numbers from most countries activate automatically as soon as your payment is processed.

However, if you were required to provide proof of residence, this information needs to be verified by the local authorities. It usually only takes a few days, but may take up to two weeks depending on the country. After the appropriate authorities have verified your details, we can activate your Skype Number.

If your personal details could not be verified, but the payment for the Skype Number was completed, contact Skype Customer Service to request a refund.


No, you need to choose a number from our pre-selected range. You can choose your favorite number from that range, search for your preferred number using the Enter your favorite combination search box, or click Show ten new suggestions… to scroll through the available options.

You can’t select a preferred number when you buy a German Skype Number – you’ll be allocated one by our partners in Germany.

You can have up to 10 Skype Numbers attached to your account – perfect if you frequently receive calls from more than one location. You can choose a different Skype Number for each country or area code you regularly expect calls from.

If your payment fails, we’ll hold your Skype Number in reserve for you so that you can attempt the purchase again.

To purchase a Skype Number you have reserved:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. In the Manage features section, select Skype Number.
  3. Click the number you have reserved (listed near the bottom of the screen), then select your subscription length and payment options.



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