Making a group call (Windows desktop)

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Have you downloaded Skype and joined us? Then you’re ready to get calling.

You can share a group call with up to 25 people, anywhere in the world, and if everyone’s on Skype it’s completely free.

If you’re calling people who are on a mobile or landline, you’ll need a little Skype Credit or a subscription.

To call a new group


Sign in to Skype and select the Create a Group icon.

The Create a Group icon in Skype.


From the Contacts tab, click a contact you wish to add to the group call and drag it into the Empty group area.

The Empty group area where you can drag contacts and add them to the group.


Repeat this for each of the contacts you wish to add to the group call, or click the + button and select Add people. In the Add people screen, select who you want to add (Ctrl-click to select multiple people), click Select and then Add.

The Add people screen that appears after clicking the Plus button and selecting Add people in the group area.

You can add up to 24 contacts.


Click the Call group button.

The Call group button

The screen changes color, a call bar appears near the bottom of the screen and you will hear ringing until the first person answers.

The Group Call window in Skype.


If you can't hear each other, click the call quality button in the call bar and check your settings (you may have to move your mouse to make the call bar appear).

The call settings icon on the call bar.

Get more help with checking your call settings.


To drop individual people from the call, move your mouse over the person’s image and click the red icon. You’ll only be able to do this if you are the host of the group call.

To end the call completely, click End call.

The End call button on the call bar.


You can save this group in your contacts so you can call it again. At the top right, click the Save group in contacts button, enter a name for the group and click OK.

To call a saved group


On the Contacts or Recent tab, find the group you want to call and click it. If you have lots of contacts, you can use the Search box to find the group.


Click the Call group button.

The Call group button

Useful things you can do on a call

The Skype call bar with the available options.

  1. Hide or show the Recent list on the left.

  2. Send an instant message to the people on the call. When you receive an instant message, an orange dot appears on the icon.

  3. Turn your camera on or off.

  4. Mute your microphone so the other people can't hear you.

  5. Send files, send contacts, add more people to the conversation or show dial pad to dial extensions or make DTMF tones.

  6. End the call.

  7. Check your call quality settings and adjust your speaker volume.

  8. View or exit to full screen mode.

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