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Why was I charged a certain price for a call?

We charge a per minute rate for calls to mobiles and landlines. Calls to landlines in more than 30 countries are charged at our global rate, and include all taxes we are required to charge you.

If your call drops for any reason – like running out of credit, exceeding your subscription minutes, or the internet connection dropping – you will still be charged for any call lasting longer than 1 second.

If you believe you have been charged incorrectly for a call, please contact Skype Customer Service and outline the exact date and time of the call you made.

Occasionally, it’s possible to be charged for a call even if the call is not answered. Although we are aware of this problem it is unfortunately out of our control. We have asked the providers concerned to improve on their technical capabilities so that this problem can be resolved as quickly as possible.

A small connection fee applies to all calls to mobiles and landlines made using Skype Credit (when the call is answered and lasts longer than one second).

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