How do I request a refund?

We give refunds for Skype products in accordance with the refund policy section of Skype's Terms of Use.

You can ask for a refund of your Skype Credit within 15 days from its purchase, but only if you haven’t used it.

You can ask for a refund of your subscription if you haven’t used it and it hasn’t expired. Learn more about subscription refunds.

To request a refund:

  1. Click this link. If you’re not signed in to Skype, enter your Skype Name and password, then click Sign me in.
  2. Select the help topic Payments and the related problem Refund requests, then tap Next.
  3. Select how you’d like to contact us: Email support or Text chat support.
  • If you’ve selected Text chat support, enter the required details and tap Next. To start talking to one of our support representatives, simply click Start chat.
  • If you’ve selected Email support, enter the required details and the subject of your request, then type your request in the Description field. When you’re done, click Send to submit your request. We will contact you via email as soon as possible.

Email support window with the fields to be filled to submit your request and get the email support.

If you have not received the refund you requested, first confirm this with your bank, and then contact Skype Customer Service again quoting the order number.

Need help with cancelling your subscription or cancelling Auto-recharge?

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