Adding contacts (Windows desktop)

Before you can start using Skype to keep in touch with your friends and family, you need to add them to your contact list.*

It’s really easy to add contacts in Skype. You can add a single contact, or import multiple contacts from your Facebook account.

*You cannot add contacts on the Skype website. Simply download and install the Skype application first and then follow the instructions below.




When you add your contacts, you’ll learn how to make the best out of other exciting Skype features.

To add a Skype contact:


Sign in to Skype.


Select the add contacts icon The Add contacts icon..

The add contacts icon selected in the Skype toolbar.


You can search for the friend you want to add as a contact by their full name, Skype Name or email – simply enter it into the search box.


If there’s one match in the search results, and it's the person you’re looking for, click their name or profile picture.


If more than one name matches your search, find the person you’re looking for and click their name or profile picture.

If you cannot find your friend in the search results but you’re sure they’re on Skype, just ask them what their Skype Name is and add them to your contacts.

A contact selected from the list of search matches.


In the top right corner of the window, click Add to Contacts and enter some text to introduce yourself. This is important to let your friend know that you’re adding them as your Skype contact. When you’re done, just click Send.

A filled-in contact request that is to be sent to a contact.

The new contact is now added to your contact list, but you’ll only see a question mark instead of their status icon until they accept your request. When your new contact accepts your request, you can see when they are online, and make free voice and video calls with them.

If your friends are offline, you can call them on their mobiles and landlines or send them SMS messages directly from Skype. You’ll only need a little Skype Credit or a subscription.

Learn how to accept a contact request.

You can also add a mobile or landline contact in Skype. To do so:


Sign in to Skype.


Click the call phones icon The Call phones icon..

The call phones icon selected in the Skype toolbar.


Select a country from the flag menu drop-down list, then type in your contact’s phone number.

You can also enter the phone number by using the dial pad.

The dial pad with a contact’s phone number filled in and the Add to Contacts button.


Make sure the number you entered is correct, then click Add to Contacts. Enter the contact’s name and select the phone type from the menu - Mobile, Home, Office or Other. Then click Save.

alt text: The field for entering a contact’s name and the Save button.

The new contact will appear in your contact list with a phone icon next to their name.

The phone icon displayed next to a mobile or landline contact.

You'll need a little Skype Credit or a subscription to call mobiles or landlines.

With Skype for Windows desktop, you can also import contacts from Facebook, so you don’t have to worry about losing touch with your friends who are not on Skype.

And if you merge your Skype account with your Microsoft account, all your Messenger buddies will appear in your Skype contact list automatically.

Learn more about what happens to your Messenger contacts after merging the accounts.

Once you’ve added your contacts, you can rename them, add a phone number to their profile or organize them into lists.

Learn more about managing your contacts.

Make sure that you always have the latest version of Skype so you never miss new features and improvements.

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