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    How do I find and add contacts in Skype?

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    1. Go to Contacts.

    2. Select the add contact icon or click directly in the search text box and type the name, Skype name or email of the person you want to add. Click  Search Skype.

    3. Select your friend from the search results and click Add to Contacts.

    4. Type a quick note to introduce yourself and then click Send.

    The person is added to your contact list, but will appear offline until they accept your request. After they’ve accepted your request, you can see when they’re online and make free voice and video calls with them.

    If there’s more than one matching result and you’re not sure which one is your friend, right click on one and select View Profile. It's like their Skype business card which contains all the details they've added – like a photo, city, country or phone number.

    If profile information can’t help you find your friend, ask them for their Skype Name or the email address they registered with.

    1. Go into Settings .
    2. In the Contacts section, select the option to Automatically add friends.

    Adding someone’s mobile or landline number as a Skype contact means you can call them easily even if they’re not on Skype. You’ll need a little Skype Credit or a subscription to call.

    Depending on your Skype client, you have a few options...

    • Go to Contacts and click Create a new phone number contact  . Type the number and click Save.
    • Select Call phones  > Dialer Dial pad. Type the number. Click Save phone number to add it as a contact.
    • Save a number as a contact by calling it first. Click Call phones, dial the number and click the Call button. When the call has ended, click Add to Contacts.

    Do you have a friend who's not on Skype? No worries, Skype makes it convenient to invite anyone to chat.

    1. Go to Contacts, tap the All tab, and then tap the link to Invite friends to Skype.
    2. In the Search field, start typing your contact's name. Matches will automatically display.
    3. Tap the contact you want to chat with.
    4. Choose from the contact methods listed to send the invite (phone or email address). If you send an invitation via SMS, you will be charged by your carrier at their standard outgoing SMS rates.
    5. Tap Send to send your invite.

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    No emergency calls with Skype
    Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and can't be used for emergency calling