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What is a Skype Number?

With a Skype Number (previously known as an Online Number), people can call you from mobiles or landlines and you can pick up the call in Skype. It’s perfect if you have friends, family or colleagues who don’t use Skype. Anyone can dial your Skype Number from any mobile or landline and you simply pick up the call on Skype.

It’s a great thing to have if you plan to travel or move abroad, but want an affordable way to keep in touch with people back home. You can choose both the area code and the country code for your Skype Number when you set it up.

Say you live in London, and you plan to travel around Australia for the summer, but you want an affordable way to keep in touch with friends and family back home. All you have to do is get a Skype Number with the London area code, and your friends and family back in London can call you on that number at local rates. When they want to call you, simply sign in to Skype and answer the call when it rings – and you pay nothing to answer the call.

You’ll need to provide a proof of residence before you can set up a Skype Number for certain countries. Find out more about setting up a Skype Number for another country.

You can also set up call forwarding to your Skype Number from any phone that has the feature. Just set up call forwarding on your phone as you would normally do and enter your Skype Number as the phone number.

You can use your Skype Number as your Skype caller identification. It’s quick and easy to set up and when it’s set, your Skype Number will display each time you call a mobile or landline (as long as the phone of the person you’re calling is capable of displaying incoming caller ID) – now your friends, family and colleagues will know it’s you who’s calling.

Note that you cannot receive return SMS messages to your Skype number.

Find out how to set your Skype Number as caller ID.

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