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    How do I change my Skype settings?

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    To access your settings on Skype (version 8):

    1. Select your profile picture.
    2. Select Settings Settings button.
    3. Select a settings tab to make your changes.

    You can access your Skype settings from any platform or device, but not all settings are available to change on every platform.

    • Account & Profile
      Control your profile picture visibility and view your account information. 
    • General
      • Change your language.
      • Choose your startup and close options, Cortana settings and view available Skype Keyboard Shortcuts. (Not available in Skype for Web)
    • Appearance
      Choose your color, light or dark modes and light or dark high contrast, enable compact list mode and show user and conversation icons.
    • Audio & Video (desktop only)
      • Choose your camera settings
      • Change the sensitivity of your microphone and adjust your speaker levels. (Not available in Skype for Web)
    • Calling
      Set up caller ID, call forwarding, voice mail, and other call settings. 
    • Messaging
      • Turn read receipts on or off, change how emoticons appear, change your text size, and other IM settings.
      • Control the ability to have images available when you view a message by controling when to download it - never, using WiFi, or using WiFi and cellular data. 
      • Customize file auto-download settings. (Not available in Skype for Web)
    • Notifications
      Increase, reduce, or eliminate what events Skype alerts you to and how Do Not Disturb functions. 
    • Contacts
      Manage your blocked contacts and Privacy settings for contacts.
    • Help & Feedback
      View your current Skype version, a link to help content, current Skype Status, and how you can provide any feedback. 

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