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    What is CyberPlat and how do I pay with it? [for Russian Customers]

    CyberPlat is a payment services provider that offers sales of Skype credit through their network of more than 100 partners. CyberPlat operates self-service terminals in Russia where you can buy Skype Credit, but you can also buy credit through CyberPlat online banks and at retail shops.

    How do I use CyberPlat to buy Skype Credit?

    Each retailer will have their own interface for you to buy Skype credit; however, the general process will be:

    1. Type in your Skype name.
    2. Confirm your Skype name is correct and continue.
    3. Put in the amount of money (in Russian Roubles) you wish to add to your Skype Credit. Note that your payment will automatically be converted from Roubles to the currency you have selected for your Skype account.
    4. At terminals and retail locations, you will get a printed receipt.
    5. Your Skype account will be credited the amount of money you put in.

    What if I have a problem with the payment process?

    If you encounter problems while making a Skype Credit purchase through CyberPlat, contact CyberPlat customer support.

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