How do I update Skype?

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    Select the Update Now button to download, install and sign in to the latest version of Skype.

    Update Now

    Skype for Windows 10 & 11 (version 15), to update please check for updates in the Microsoft Store
    Note: If you are an administrator of an organization with Microsoft Store updates blocked and would like to enable updates for Skype, please refer to these steps for enabling distribution of offline apps.

    When we retire older versions of Skype, if you are still using an older version, you may be signed out of Skype automatically and won’t be able to sign in again until you upgrade to the latest version.

    To update Skype on Windows 7 & 8 from within the app:

    1. Sign into Skype.
    2. Select Help.
    3. Choose Check for updates manually

      Note: If you do not see the Help option in Skype, press the ALT key and the toolbar will appear.

    To update Skype on Mac from within the app:

    1. Sign into Skype.
    2. Select Skype from the toolbar.
    3. Choose Check for updates.