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    Why don't I see the picture my contact sent me?

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    If you don't see a picture you were sent, but instead see a link, don't worry; this is only temporary.

    As part of Skype's move to a cloud-based architecture, pictures sent via chat are now uploaded to the cloud. All of our Skype clients are currently moving to this new cloud-based architecture, and once we complete the rollout, your pictures will show (as normal) inside the conversation. For the moment, to view the picture that your contact sent, all you have to do is click the link and log in.

    If you see a message saying one of your contacts sent a picture, but the current version doesn't support it (as seen below), this means the Skype client you are using does not support P2P picture transfers. To view pictures that generate this message, you will have to check Skype from your computer or another device to see the picture. Once we complete the rollout of our cloud-based picture sharing, this message will no longer appear.

    Pictures will appear normally in the chat window, as long as you and your contacts are using one of the following platforms:

    • Skype 2.21 (and above) for Windows Phone
    • Skype 6.20 (and above) for Windows desktop
    • Skype 5.2 (and above) for Android
    • Skype 5.0 (and above) for iOS
    • Skype 1.8 (and above) on Xbox One
    • Skype 7.0 (and above) for Mac

    If you’re not sending from (and your contact isn't receiving on) one of the platforms above, your pictures will appear differently in the chat.

    Learn more about the cloud.

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