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    Why am I seeing new people in my contact list?

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    When you download the newest version of Skype for Android, you will have the option to automatically add people from your address book who are also on Skype. If you chose to automatically add friends, you might notice that when you visit your contact list, and use the People or Skype filter, you'll see suggested contacts that weren’t already in your Skype contact list.

    These suggested contacts are people who are in your Android and Microsoft account address books who are also on Skype. Don't worry -- we didn't send invites to them, and you can remove them if you'd like by deleting individual contacts, using the contacts filter to show Skype contacts only, or turning the feature off in Settings.

    If you’ve automatically added friends from your address book, you can invite them to chat even if they aren’t on Skype. To learn how, go to Adding contacts in Skype for Android phones

    When you tap a suggested contact in your People or Skype list, you might see a button to Connect on Skype. This is because we haven’t confirmed that you know one another, so you’ll need to send an invite before you can chat and call on Skype. Their avatar will have a question mark displayed next to it  until they accept your request. 

    However, if you and one of your suggested contacts both know each other (the two of you share verified contact information), Skype will automatically add person as a contact. You won't even have to invite them to connect; you can call and chat with that friend immediately.

    As you add contacts to your Android address book, you'll start to see those contacts suggested in Skype. However, if you block or remove these suggested contacts, Skype won't keep suggesting you add them.

    Learn more about managing contacts.

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