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    How can I use Cortana with Skype? (Windows Phone)

    Cortana, the personal assistant on Windows Phone 8.1, currently only works with Skype on US-region devices. If your device is outside the US, and you wish to try it, you'll have to change your phone's region:

    1. Tap Settings on your Windows Phone.
    2. Change your Speech, Keyboard, and Language settings to English - United States.

      If you have more than one language in the list, move English - United States to the top of the list, even if it says it's currently the default.
    3. Restart the phone.
    4. After the phone restarts, you should see the Cortana app in your list of installed apps. Open it and accept the terms and conditions.
    5. Open Skype and leave it open for at least 30 seconds (this will ensure Skype will integrate with Cortana).

    Once Cortana is enabled, you can use the following commands:

    • "Skype call [contact name]" will launch a Skype audio call to the contact you want.
    • "Skype video call [contact name]" will launch a Skype video call to the contact you want.
    • "Skype find [contact name]" will open a Skype IM conversation with the contact you want.
    Learn more about Cortana.

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