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How can I manage a group video call in Skype for Windows RT?

Whether you need to make a group call with just a few friends or nine of your co-workers, making and managing a group video call is easy on Skype for Windows RT.

To start a group video call:

  1. Create the group you want to call. You can do this by creating a group chat before the call, or simply by clicking the Group icon in the top-left part of the Skype hub, then adding the people you want in the video call.
  2. Click the video call button  when you're ready to start the call.
  3. The call will connect.
  4. As people in the group answer, they will appear on the screen.
  5. The active speaker (whoever is talking) will be indicated by a blue line under that person's video. The three video windows you will see at any one time are indicated by the last active speakers; currently, there's no way to manually select which of the three live videos you will see at any given time.

Useful things you can do in a group video call

Instant Message

To respond to a new instant message that comes in when you're in a group video call, simply click or tap the orange notification, and your chat window will open to the right of the call:

You can also tap or click the right side of the screen and swipe in from the left to bring up the IM window. To close the IM window, simply swipe from the right.

View and manage participants

To view the participants in the call, tap the plus icon, then choose participants. The list of who's in the call will appear on the right side of the screen.

You can choose to hang up or drop a participant on the call by tapping on their name and choosing one of the options. You can also add people from either the plus menu or the participants list.

Join an in-progress video call

If a group you're part of is already in a call, you'll see a join call button. Tapping it will give you the option to join the call with video, or with voice only.

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