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How can I send pictures to my contacts across platforms?

We're working on bringing a unified picture-sharing experience to all our Skype users, and we're currently upgrading our clients to make this a reality.

If you're sending pictures to contacts who are using:

  • Skype 2.21 (and above) for Windows Phone
  • Skype 6.20 (and above) for Windows desktop
  • Skype 5.2 (and above) for Android
  • Skype 5.0 (and above) for iOS
  • Skype 1.8 (and above) on Xbox One
  • Skype 7.0 (and above) for Mac

Your contacts will see the pictures in the chat window, as below, as long as you are also sending from one of the above platforms.

If you're not sending from (and your contact isn't receiving on) one of the platforms above, your pictures will appear differently in the chat.

As we continue upgrading our different mobile and desktop clients, they will appear in the list in this article, so check back to see if your platform has been added.

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