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    How do I use location sharing on Skype for Windows Phone?

    When you download the newest version of Skype for Windows Phone on your Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows Phone 8 (version 2.22 or above), you'll be able to share your location with any of your Skype contacts.

    To turn on the location feature in any of your chats, simply tap the + icon while inside the chat, then tap share location.

    Skype will then locate you via GPS. If you don't have location services enabled on your device, Skype will prompt you to do so (and link you to the settings to enable them). If you don't have location services turned on in Skype, you'll be prompted to do that, too.

    To share your location in the chat, simply tap the arrow (circled above). You can also pinch and zoom, as well as drag the map to select a new location to send, as well.

    You can pinch and zoom around the map, as above; if you have a native maps app on your phone, you can also send the location to that app to get directions.

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