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I'm having trouble signing in to Skype WiFi (iOS and Android)

Due to some improvements with the Skype WiFi mobile apps, some users might experience problems signing in. If you get an error that says you have bad credentials (even when you know you've entered the correct name and password), you are using an outdated version of the application. If you are experiencing a sign-in loop -- that is, the app seems to sign in, but switches between being unable to connect and being logged in -- you are also using an outdated version of the software.

The solution is simple, and the same for both Android and iOS devices; simply go to the app store and search for Skype WiFi, then download the latest version. Once the download completes, tap the Skype WiFi icon in your application list, and you will be able to log in as usual.

You can find the iOS app here.

You can find the Android app here.

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