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    Skype for Web is now available for all users in all countries.

    If you’re here because you’re on Skype for Web, then thank you for helping us test our new product. Your feedback helps us make improvements to Skype every single day.

    Skype for Web is the easiest way to enjoy Skype’s features without downloading the app. You can sign into Skype for Web on and get chatting straight away on instant messaging. If you want to make voice or video calls, you’ll need to use Microsoft Edge and the latest versions of Chrome.

    Skype for Web is available globally. To get started, visit and click on the link to launch Skype for Web or go to

    Skype gives you several sign in options, so you can use Skype and Microsoft services in a way that’s best for you.

    You can use a Skype name, email or phone number to sign into Skype for Web. If you don't have one, you can create a new account for Skype.

    How do I make a voice or video call?

    To enjoy Skype voice and video calls with your contacts in, you need to use Microsoft Edge and latest versions of Chrome.

    If you receive the message "Audio and video calls are not supported on your browser", be sure you are using Chrome or Edge.

    Important: If your browser doesn’t support add-ons, you can send instant messages to your contacts in but the Skype voice and video call options won’t be available. However, you can enjoy making Skype voice and video calls from the Skype app.

    How do I call mobiles and landlines using Skype for Web?

    On Skype for web you can now make calls to mobile phones and landlines. All you need is a little Skype credit or a subscription to start making affordable calls from Skype. Once you've signed in to Skype for Web, click on the call phones tab, select your destination, dial the number you would like to call and then hit the call button. Learn more about how to have a great Skype call.

    You can use Skype for Web instant messaging, voice and video calls either 1:1 or in a group - for free. You can have up to 300 people in an instant message chat, 25 people on a voice call or up to 10 people on a group video call.

    Throughout the coming weeks and months, we’ll be adding all the other features you can enjoy when using Skype on other devices. Stay tuned.

    1. When you are in a conversation, you will see the Share photos button next to the Emoticons button. 
    2. Tap the Share photos button to open your File Explorer and browse to the photo you'd like to share. 
    3. Once your photo is selected, it will be uploaded and will appear in the conversation history for all participants. 

    You can use Skype emoticons to liven up your conversation in Skype for Web by selecting the emoticon button . We also have a feature in Skype for Web of suggested emoticons. To turn this feature on, click Settings, click Messaging, and then click Emoticon suggestions. Once this feature is turned on, it will show you suggested emoticons as you type certain words.

    It will also show a list of suggested emoticons when you start typing an emoticon shortcut with "(":

    Then as you continue to type, they'll be narrowed down to the most relevant choices to the word you've typed:


    You can send one of your contact's details to another person during a conversation, so they can add them to their contact list. This makes it easy to ensure all your friends are connected on Skype.

    To send a contact's details:

    1. In the chat text box click the Send contacts button. 

    2. In the Send Contacts screen, type the name of the contact you'd like to send or you can scroll through your list of contacts and click on the contact to be sent. 
    3. Click the Send button. You'll receive an instant message confirming that the contact has been sent. The recipient can then add that person to their contact list. 

    Simply hover over the contact you wish to delete in the contacts list, right click and select Delete Contact or Block Contact. Or, select the contact and in the main window, click once on the contacts name to open their contact card, then choose Delete or Block.  When choosing to block a contact, you will also have the option to Report abuse from this person.

    To start a group conversation, audio call, or video call, you can add participants to an existing conversation or call, or create a new group.  

    To add participants to an existing conversation or call, select the Add people button.  To create a new group, click New, select the contacts you want to add to your conversation, then click Confirm. You can either start chatting or initiate a call by clicking on the audio or video call buttons in the top right corner. Learn more about how to send an instant message in Skype.

    It is not currently possible to manage your audio settings. This functionality will be delivered in coming months. Watch this space! 

    Skype for Web uses the WCAG guidelines to provide accessibility. You can, for example, move around Skype for Web without using a mouse (keyboard-only navigation). All of Skype for Web's important functional elements contain the Aria Label, which is what screen readers use to identify different elements of a page. We also support the following keyboard shortcuts:

    • Accept a call (with video): Ctrl + Alt + PgUp
    • Accept a call (with audio): Alt + PgUp
    • Reject a call: Alt + PgDn

    No emergency calls with Skype
    Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and can't be used for emergency calling