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    What do I do if my camera doesn't work with Skype on my iOS 8 device?

    When you make a video call using Skype on your iPhone or iPad device on iOS 8 for the first time, Skype will ask you for permission to access the camera.

    The camera permission is a new privacy feature on iOS 8. If you've selected Don't Allow, you won't be able to make or receive video calls (you will be downgraded to an audio call). Every time you receive and answer a video call, you'll see this message:

    To resolve this, you need to change your privacy settings:

    1. From your device's home screen, tap Settings.
    2. Scroll down in the list until you see Skype; tap it.
    3. Tap Privacy.
    4. Move the Camera slider to on (tap the slider so the slider shows green).

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