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How can I download a VAT invoice in Skype Manager?

VAT invoices can be downloaded from the Skype Manager Admin dashboard for specific allocations made. VAT invoices are available for six months from date of issue, and the VAT rate prevalent in your country will be applied to allocations.
We do not charge VAT when you buy or allocate Skype Credit, so there are no VAT invoices for these transactions. Allocations of subscriptions or Skype Numbers are charged VAT, so you can download VAT invoices for these transactions.
Your members’ transactions (Skype Credit usage for calls, SMS or Wi-Fi as well as purchases made with allocated Skype Credit) will incur VAT if the registered billing address of the personal account is located in a country where VAT is applicable.
VAT invoices for members’ transactions are available in certain countries. Learn more.

To download a VAT invoice for allocations as a PDF:

  1. Sign in to Skype Manager admin.
  2. At the top-left corner of the screen, click Reports.
  3. Click Allocations.
  4. Select the period for which you require an invoice and click GO.
  5. The Allocations report is displayed. This report shows the allocations you have made within the report period selected.
  6. Click the order number to open a report for a specific allocation.
  7. Click Download invoice as PDF to save the invoice for the allocation in PDF format.

For more information on Skype Manager, there is a Quick Start Guide, a User Guide and several tutorial movies available on the Guides page of the Skype Support site.

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