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    What is the Western Union® Payments Service, and how do I pay with it?

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    Western Union® is a payment services provider that offers US customers the opportunity to purchase Skype Credit at Western Union® agent locations.

    How do I buy Skype Credit using Western Union® Payments Service?

    1. Find a participating Western Union® Agent location.
    2. Once in store, fill out the blue "Pay A Bill" Western Union® form. Put your Skype Name or that of a loved one in the Account # field and the amount you want to add to your Skype account.
    3. Submit the completed form to the Western Union® Agent clerk, along with the fee and the cash equivalent of the Skype Credit you want to buy (in US Dollars).
    4. The Western Union® Agent clerk will then credit your Skype account with the amount of Skype Credit.
    5. The credit will be available in your Skype account, allowing you to call mobiles and landlines worldwide.

    Note that this service is only available in the US, and only in United States Dollars. To use the Western Union® Payments service, you will need to visit a participating Western Union® Agent location (the service is not available via the Western Union® online payments service.) Skype Credit purchases are available in $10 and $25 increments and are subject to a $2 Western Union® fee (please note that this fee is at the discretion of Western Union®, and can change at any time).