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    How to have a great Skype call

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    If you’re making a voice or video call on Skype for Windows desktop, it’s good to be prepared – especially if it’s an important call like a job interview, or a scheduled catch-up with a colleague or loved one. The following tips can help you get the most from your Skype call before you start.

    1. Check your internet connection.

      To get great call quality, you’ll need a stable connection with enough bandwidth. For best results:
      • Use a wired connection.
      • If you’re using a WiFi connection, try moving closer to the router to get a better signal.
      • Close any other programs that might be using your connection.
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    2. Check your computer.

      Your computer’s hardware and software can affect your call. For best quality:
      • Use the latest version of Skype.
      • Check that you have the minimum requirements to run Skype.
      • Make sure your computer is up-to-date and you’ve downloaded any operating system updates you need.
      • If possible, use a headset or a separate microphone and speakers.
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    3. Check your Skype settings.

      Go to Tools > Options to check your audio and video settings.
    4. Make a free test call.

      You can practice making a call and check that your speakers and microphone are working properly. Just type echo123 into the search field in Skype to get started. Learn more about how to make a test call.
    5. Make sure you can reach your friend.

      If the person you’re calling isn’t already in your contact list, add them now, and check that they’re online and available. Are you calling a landline or mobile number? If so, you’ll need enough Skype Credit or a subscription to call.
    6. Get comfortable.

      Choose a quiet, comfortable spot in a well-lit room. For best video quality, use a light-colored background and make sure you don’t have bright lights right behind you. For best audio quality, limit background noise so that your voice can be clearly heard.

    Now you’re ready to go. Remember, for best quality both you and the person you’re calling should follow these tips, so ask your friend to check them out too.

    If you’ve followed the tips above and have any problems with your Skype calls, check out our call quality guide.

    Get help with making a Skype call.

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