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    How do I join a Skype conversation using the link I received?

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    If you've been invited to a Skype conversation either via a link or by email, it's easy to join, even if you don't have Skype. Simply click the link to get started.

    • If you have Skype installed on your device, it will launch and take you to the conversation.
    • If you don't have Skype installed on your computer or don't have a Skype account, the conversation will open on Skype for Web and you can join as a guest.
    • If you're joining from a mobile device, Skype will launch on your mobile. If you don't have Skype installed on your mobile, you'll need to install it before you can join a conversation and click on the conversation link again.
    • If the link you receive isn't working, check that the link was copied correctly (if you copied and pasted it) or typed correctly (if you typed it into your browser). Also keep in mind that the creator of the conversation can change the settings at any time, which might result in you not being able to join the conversation.

    Join conversations using a guest account on Skype for Web:

    • If you don't have a Skype account, you can join a conversation as a guest user. Keep in mind that your guest account will expire after 24 hours and is specific to the one conversation you've been invited to. Your guest account cannot be added to a contact list or receive one on one messages. You can create a full account to enjoy all the benefits and features of Skype.

    Joining Skype conversations using links is supported on the following platforms:

    • Skype for Windows desktop
    • Skype for Windows 10
    • Skype for Mac
    • Skype for iPhone
    • Skype for iPad
    • Skype for Android
    • Skype for Web

    No emergency calls with Skype
    Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and can't be used for emergency calling