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What's new in Skype for Web and Skype for

Looking for the latest Skype for Web and Skype for releases? Wondering what feature changes and improvement are in each release? Check the table below for all the details on the most recent releases.


Changes and new features

Skype 1.77 for Web and

  • Stability and Performance improvements

Skype 1.76 for Web and

  • Stability and Performance improvements

Skype 1.75 for Web and

  • General fixes

Skype 1.71 for Web and

  • General fixes

Skype 1.70 for Web and

  • Users can add participants while being on a 1-1 call or in a group call without plugins

  • General fixes

Skype 1.69 for Web and

  • Users can send SMS messages

  • Landing page for new users to Skype for Web

  • General fixes

Skype 1.67 for Web and

  • Users will see their Skype ID in the profile page (or area)

  • Messaging settings now split in to two categories, IM settings and IM appearances

  • General fixes

Skype 1.65 for Web and

  • General fixes

Skype 1.64 for Web and

  • General fixes

Skype 1.62 for Web and

  • Initial release of one-to-one video calling for Skype for Web on Chrome browser for Linux or Chromebook
  • General fixes

Skype 1.61 for Web and 

  • Now pin your favorite conversations or contacts at the top of your recent conversations on Skype for Web.

  • Enable our new dark theme via Settings on Skype for Web.

  • Copy an instant message and paste in chat conversation window. It will show up as a quoted message.

  • Choose to copy text as a quote or just copy text when you highlight a message.

  • Switch conversation notifications on or off in

  • You can now disable emoticons in Settings.
  • Skype for Web now shows a timestamp as a tooltip on all messages.
  • Users have the ability to send /ME messages. For example, try typing "/me loves Skype" into a chat message and see what happens ;).

Skype 1.60 for Web and 

  • Now copy a message and send it on as a quote.

  • Switch conversation notifications on or off in Skype for Web.

  • Sound notification settings fixed in

Skype 1.59 for Web and 

  • We have made the Media bar available in narrow mode on Skype for

  • New focused view for group calls; now choose a single active speaker to be displayed on the stage.

  • Mark conversations as read, just right-click and select Mark as read.

  • @mentions beta feature has now been turned off.

Skype 1.58 for Web and 

  • New conversation marker showing the number of unread messages.

  • New group video call layout with the active speaker center-stage.

  • Searching for people on your blocked list is now supported.

  • Your profile now syncs with other Skype clients.

  • UX improvements when you have an unanswered call.

Skype 1.57 for Web and

  • You can now send other people's messages "in quotes."

  • New settings for animated and large emoticons.

  • 'Automatically add friends' feature.

  • Now pin your favorite conversations and contacts to the top of your Recents.

Skype 1.56 for Web and 

  • Improved UI for Skype voice messages.

  • All voice and video calls now start in full screen.

  • Incoming calls can be muted in Skype for

Skype 1.55 for Web and 

  • New setting to turn emoticon suggestions on or off.

Skype 1.54 for Web and

  • Improved UI for messages received as quotes.

  • Improved UI for enabling microphone and speaker permissions to make Skype calls.

  • Users can now change microphone and speaker during a call.

  • Improved notification settings; users can now choose to switch off notification sounds.

  • Improvements to message notifications.

Skype 1.52 for Web and 

  • Improved bot profiles.

  • General fixes and improvements.

Skype 1.51 for Web and 

  • Notification improvements.

Skype 1.50 for Web and 

  • Ability to preview your screen share before presenting to audience.

  • Ability to join a conversation as a Guest on using Skype for Web.

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