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    How do I add the Skype share button to my website?

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    The share button helps visitors easily and directly share content from your website to their Skype network. Sharing content is as easy as clicking the share button displayed on your site.  

    The share button is simple to integrate and supports both desktop and mobile sites. To get the share button, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the share button page

    2. Choose a button style from the drop down that best fits your website. We offer 4 ready-made styles that can be scaled to fit your site: Large share, Small share, Circle icon or Square icon. If the ready-made buttons don't suite your website style, you can choose the custom option to create a button yourself.
    3. Choose the URL that the button will share. Select Use page URL to share the page the button is displayed. Select the text box and enter the URL to share a different page.
    4. Preview your share button to test the button you've created. 
    5. Copy and paste the code that is generated. The placement instructions will be included as comments in the code.

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