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    How do I pay using Alipay?

    Alipay* is an online payment method you can use to buy Skype Credit and other Skype features and products without using a credit card.

    *Skype is not responsible for the content of external sites.

    To purchase a Skype product using Alipay:

    1. Sign in to your account and select the product that you want to buy.
    2. Enter your billing name and address, then click Next.
    3. Under payment options, select Other and Alipay in the dropdown list. 
    4. Read and agree to the Terms of Service, then click Continue. You will be redirected to Alipay website.
    5. Choose your payment method, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase.

    Please note that your default currency may not be supported by Alipay directly and we may convert the cost of your order automatically at prevailing European Central Bank rates.

    Alipay cannot be used for Auto-recharge. If you buy a subscription and you use Alipay as your payment method, you will have to ensure that your Skype Credit balance is sufficiently funded via Alipay payments to pay for your subscription on the renewal date.

    All refunds are subject to Skype's refund policy.

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