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    Share to Skype from your iOS device

    You can share photos and websites with your friends on Skype directly from your device by enabling sharing within iOS for Skype.

    Here are the steps to enable the feature:

    1. Open Photos or Safari.
    2. Tap on the picture or go to the website you'd like to share.
    3. Tap the Share button .
    4. Swipe left in sharing options and tap More. 

    5. Enable Skype. 

    6. You can move Skype up and down the list so it appears as the first option when you want to share a photo or website. Just tap and hold the icon to the right and drag Skype to where you want it.
    7. Tap Done at the top right of the screen.
    8. Skype now appears in your list of sharing options - tap Skype to start sharing websites or your photos. 

    9. Select your Skype contact and tap Send

    Once completed, the photo or website is shared to Skype and you'll be taken back to where you were.

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