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Why do I have a Skype contact in my contact list?

The Skype contact is a built-in certified Skype bot that will help you by providing tips and guidance so you can get the most from your Skype experience.

How does it work?

The Skype bot is just like a normal contact. You can customize the notification settings for the contact as you normally would from your device. You can even delete or block the contact – although if you do, you won't be able to add it back.  We suggest you keep it around so you can continue to receive tips, news, and updates from Skype.

If you're new to Skype, the Skype bot is automatically added to your contacts. We'll be rolling out this feature to our existing users too, so stay tuned!

How do I know it's the real deal?

There are a few ways you'll know this is the official certified Skype bot:

  • You will not be asked to add it; the Skype bot will be automatically added to your contacts.
  • Normal avatars are round. The Skype bot's avatar is hexagon-shaped.
  • You will see a blue tick mark next to the contact name.
  • The profile of the Skype bot will actually say Skype Certified.
  • It may show up as 28:concierge in your contact list.


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