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What are the best USB headsets and webcams to use with Skype?

Most PC or Mac compatible headsets and webcams will work with Skype, although you may have problems with older models. Just make sure you have the latest drivers for your headset or webcam installed from the manufacturer's website. 

Get help setting up your headset or webcam

Need help deciding which headset or webcam to get? We've compiled a list of the top rated devices according to Skype users. These devices have received the best ratings for call quality (which we collected from feedback surveys randomly displayed after Skype calls), as well as from our own audio and video lab testing. 

So, if you're looking for a new USB headset or webcam to improve your Skype call quality, this list is a good place to start. Another good source is the catalog of Skype for Business hardware, where certified headsets and webcams are listed in the Personal Peripherals & PCs category.

This list was updated February 19, 2016.


  • HP Webcam HD-2300
  • Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920
  • Logitech HD Webcam C510
  • Logitech HD Webcam C615
  • Logitech QuickCam Orbit/Sphere AF
  • Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000
  • Logitech QuickCam S5500
  • Logitech Webcam 250
  • Logitech Webcam 500
  • Logitech Webcam C110
  • Logitech Webcam C170
  • Logitech Webcam C210
  • Logitech Webcam C270
  • Logitech Webcam C310
  • Logitech Webcam C525
  • Logitech Webcam C910
  • Logitech Webcam Pro 9000
  • Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000
  • Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000
  • Microsoft LifeCam VX-800


  • Corsair Vengeance 2100
  • FREETALK Everyman
  • Jabra GN 2000 USB
  • Jabra UC VOICE 150a
  • Logitech B530 Headset
  • Logitech ClearChat Comfort Headset
  • Logitech ClearChat Pro Headset
  • Logitech F540 Headset
  • Logitech G330 Headset
  • Logitech H360 Headset
  • Logitech H390 Headset
  • Logitech H555 Headset
  • Logitech H760 Headset
  • Logitech Premium Stereo USB Headset 350
  • Mad Catz Cyborg F.R.E.Q.7 Headset
  • Plantronics .Audio 400 DSP
  • Plantronics .Audio 478 DSP
  • Plantronics .Audio 626 DSP
  • Plantronics .Audio 646 DSP
  • Plantronics .Audio 648 DSP
  • Plantronics Blackwire C210-M
  • Plantronics Blackwire C220-M
  • Plantronics Blackwire C310
  • Plantronics Blackwire C320
  • Plantronics DA40
  • Plantronics DA45
  • SteelSeries H Wireless
  • Turtle Beach Z300

If you're a device manufacturer and want to make sure your device makes the list, follow the Skype Compatible Devices program

Note that  hardware components or software drivers of some devices may be updated during a device's lifecycle which may impact Skype performance. The above recommended devices are based on a large number of users and devices; your device performance may vary. 

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