Your Permission, please? Mobile permission requests explained

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    You're ready to install Skype and start chatting when suddenly you’re asked to give your permission to a whole list of things. This might seem a bit troubling, after all it’s not easy to understand exactly what you’re giving permission for. Skype is designed to take full advantage of the hardware and software on your mobile device. For example, when you’re asked for permission to access your precise location, it’s only in case you ever want to share your location with one of your Skype contacts. All permissions are optional and require consent (you can continue using Skype without granting these permissions, but certain features may not be available).

    Here’s a list of all the mobile permissions and what they mean to you:

    Permission Category



    You can sync your device contacts, this will upload your contacts to Microsoft's servers so that you can easily connect you with your friends already using Skype.

    Android, iOS


    The microphone is needed for people to hear you during audio or video calls or for recording audio messages. 

    Android, iOS


    The camera is needed for people to see you during video calls, or for you to be able to send photos captured while you’re using Skype.

    Android, iOS


    You can share your location with other users or use your location to help find relevant places near you.

    Android, iOS

    Photo library (iOS) / External Storage (Android)

    Storage is needed to be able to store photos or to share your photos with others you may chat with.

    Android, iOS


    Notifications allow you to know when messages or calls are received even when Skype is not actively being used.

    Android, iOS


    This allows Siri to make calls in Skype.



    Allow access to the calendar so that calls can be scheduled and added to your calendar.


    Motion Usage

    Motion usage allows Skype to detect when your device is rotated to orientate the camera correctly.


    Phone Allow access to your Phone in Android 12 and higher so you can make and receive Skype calls. Android
    Read Phone State Access to phone state allows you to place a call on hold when a regular phone call is in progress. Android
    System Alert Window This setting allows Skype screensharing, which requires access to all information on the screen or played on the device while you record or broadcast content. Android
    Read SMS This allows device SMS messages to be read when required for confirmation messages. Android