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Changes to Skype video messaging

We’re always making improvements to Skype, bringing you our best call quality, performance and new features, like mobile group video calling and group video messaging. From April 27th 2016, we’re improving video messaging, so you can now save your new video messages to your device.

To be able to continue to send and receive video messages and to save them, you need to use one of the latest versions of Skype: 

  • Windows: 7.16 and above
  • Android: 6.15 and above
  • Mac: 7.21 and above
  • iOS: 6.9 and above 

Video messages are only stored in your chat history for a limited time, so make sure you save any special messages you want to keep. Visit one of these articles to learn how:

Please note that you cannot save video messages with Windows Phone or Windows RT. To save your video messages, sign in to Skype on any other supported platform or device (e.g. Windows desktop, Mac, Android, iPhone or iPad). 

Did you receive a message "This video message is no longer available" when you tried to view or save a video message? It’s because legacy (older) video messages can no longer be viewed or saved.

To avoid losing any special messages that you want to keep, we recommend saving them as soon as possible.

Make sure your system or device meets the minimum requirements to download and run the latest version of Skype. Go to Skype system requirements to learn more. 

You can still view but will no longer be able to send video messages. If you want to send a message, sign in to Skype on a platform or device that supports video messaging (e.g. Windows desktop, Mac, Android, or iOS).

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