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    Frequently asked questions about using Skype for HoloLens

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    Skype for HoloLens has been retired. To continue enjoying video-calling, annotations, and file sharing in mixed reality, switch to Microsoft Dynamics Remote Assist
    Learn more about Mixed reality apps.

    Skype for HoloLens retirement

    What can I use now that Skype for HoloLens has been retired? 
    Skype for HoloLens has been retired.  To continue video-calling, annotating, and sharing files in mixed reality, HoloLens users are encouraged to try Microsoft Dynamics Remote Assist, which includes all of the capabilities of Skype for HoloLens and more.

    What is Dynamics 365 Remote Assist?
    Microsoft Dynamics Remote Assist  is a mixed reality business application that empowers technicians to solve problems faster the first time. With heads-up, hands-free video calling, annotations, and file sharing on Microsoft HoloLens, technicians can collaborate with remote experts on PC or mobile to troubleshoot issues in context1. Learn more about Mixed reality apps.

    1. Dynamics 365 Remote Assist requires Microsoft HoloLens, a valid Dynamics 365 Remote Assist license, and a valid Office 365 license including Microsoft Teams. No additional Dynamics 365 licenses are required. To make or receive calls to a Remote Assist user, remote experts must have a Windows 10 PC, iOS, or Android device, installed with the free or paid version of Teams. Additional hardware and software requirements vary for available features and content. See for a complete list of technical requirements.